Cantrell, Jerry - Gone Lyrics

All dreams have died, along the way
I coughed up the price, I bought a cage
I've had a hell of a time since I went away
Don't know when I died, or where to lay down

Gone, gone away
Yeah gone, gone away

God knows I've tried, I'm dyed in pain
Strong yet simple drive, the freedom to say
I've had a hell of a time since I went away
Homing on traces of light, that distance fades

Yeah I'm gone, gone away
Yeah I'm gone, gone away

So they say with time, we slowly heal
I caught a flash of your smile, through the fog of a dream
I'll have a hell of a time, I clearly see
I can't be by your side, I'll see you when I sleep

Now you're gone...gone away
Yeah you're gone...gone away

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Cantrell, Jerry Gone Comments
  1. James

    This is sappy

  2. Kenny Kimble II

    Awesome song, awesome dude! Simple as that, hope to hear from this guy for years to come.

  3. Maru Frusciante

    I need Jerry to make more acoustic/country music

  4. dkc166

    There is a lot I could say …. I've been a fan of AIC and Jerry Cantrell as a musician and song writer since 90' when AIC came to my home town.... Grew up with AIC, Jerry and layne every since that day, Provided the soundtrack to my life..... AIC gets famous, the whole world now knows the the essence and importance of their music..... on and on and on.... My question is this. How does this song not have more views? Where are the AIC followers? Jerry Cantrell, IMO, is one of the GREATEST songwriters/Musician of our generation.... This song and his other solo work needs and deserves sooooo much more attention ….

  5. Jeri Rhea

    This is so much better than anything that Alice has put out with the void of Layne being so prolific. I'm s firm believer that the choice of Duvall was a huge mistake that ruined the band. I am not saying that Alice couldn't or shouldn't have continued as a band, although the name and founder of the band was Layne and in some ways the name continuing on without him is in itself wrong. But aside from an opinion that isn't important really I just think that Jerry should have continued on without Duvall or picked someone who could at least in some way sound even somewhat like the band should have sounded. There can never be a replacement for Layne but there are people with the vocal ability to sound similar with the deep and powerful range necessary to sing the songs that Layne wrote with or without Jerry, with the a similar projectiry. I happened to be personal friends with Layne and I don't say this because I'm biased but because he was truly uniquely talented and Duvall was the worst possible substitute to fill that void. This song is very good. This is the direction Jerry should have taken the band even though it's more mellow than much of the music they put out. He could have taken that vibe and went harder while still putting out songs that align with what we just heard here as well. It's too bad. It's really touching to hear Jerry speak so kindly and with love towards Layne. There's another interview with him being similar in his memories of love and friendship and it is healing to hear. Many criticisms and negative comments were coming from Jerry before and even right after Layne's passing and because of that it was difficult to have anything but bad feelings about Jerry, because he had an arrogance about him at those times that felt disrespectful of Layne. That's the personal side of what I didn't like about the way things went after Layne passed. If it weren't for Layne after all there wouldn't be an Alice in Chains. Kudos to you Jerry for putting any animosity aside and showing love and compassion for Layne finally rather than pressure and negativity that is irrelevant now that he is forever lost to those who loved him dearly, including Jerry himself.

  6. Johnny Borg

    Fuck yeah Jerry thanks

  7. Rae Lewis

    I love Jerry Cantrell 💖💖

  8. Allen Pennington

    awesome Jerry awesome

  9. aMulliganStew

    Need to add Chris.

  10. Gail Hapke

    Sounds like Marc Lanegan singing with him

    One Mucky Pup

    Can anyone confirm who is singing with Jerry? Thanks!

  11. Maru Frusciante

    I love Jerry's country songs

  12. Elizabeth

    Why does the comment section on every single one of Jerry’s songs have to turn into a “RIP Layne” and “this is about Layne!” shitshow? He was amazing–we KNOW–but everything isn’t about him. Jerry wrote about his own feelings and experiences, not Layne’s. Just shut up and appreciate Jerry for himself.

  13. Anomis123

    Am I the only one that hears Eddie Vedder's baritone at 1:35 and throughout the song?! Couldn't find any info on who contributed vocals here though :-(

    Elisa _

    It's Jerry's voice


    It’s Jerry, his range is just that impressive.

  14. Turissss

    This song is dark as fuck, incredible dark. Is impressing once you start digging deeper into the lyrics, because the melody itself is so... charming, but the lyrics. Only Jerry and a few others can do this, but I'm pretty sure that he's one of the best on it.

  15. Donna Franklin

    So many influences enbedde in his style music playing while maintaining a unique sound in voice and gutiar skills just can't go wrong with Jerry Cantrell!🔥🎸🤘 with a💋!!

  16. Marv Luse

    Can anyone identify the 4 dead rockers at the end? I recognize Kurt Cobain and Layne Stayle, but am drawing a blank on the other two.

    Marv Luse

    Never mind, finally opened the op's comments, and their it was.

  17. ctp Mark

    Jerry is a Legend! Great Guitarist, Great Vocalist and a Excellent Songwriter!
    He is Simply Awesome! Thanks Bro!!

  18. heathenbreathinfire

    Also forgot to mention Lemmy from Motorhead.

  19. heathenbreathinfire

    And now we also have lost: Wayne Static(2014), Scott Weiland(2014), Mike Starr (2011), Chris Cornell (2017), Vinnie Paul (2018). RIP Grunge, Metal seems to be on it's way out too. Sigh. It's sad I can say I miss the 90's more as time goes on rather than less. The whole social fabric which existed alongside things like the internet is gone, but so is the cultural scene in mainstream music, most shows, etc and yet it also seems the more totally dependent on the advancing tech we become the more helpless and distantly isolated we are...what a strange world we live in.

    Roop Bahadur

    Also Prince, Michael Jackson, Chester Bennington, Dimebag Darrell ♠

  20. Bladed Misfit

    Seeing Vinnie in here. Thank you from a loyal Texan. And to all we’ve lost in the fold. I tip my hat.

  21. Jodi Ross

    This song is amazing. So beautiful!

  22. JoE G

    A humble honor to his friends. It's awesome.

  23. Broadwell Randall

    Very underrated ! Awesome love it!!!

  24. Melanie C

    He's a babe.. ♡

  25. Manuel Ruiz

    I'm so proud I grown-up with this music of that generation of great musicians ....Rest in peace to all those talented guys...90's music rules and always will..😊

    jason Rader

    Manuel Ruiz so true man. I was in high school when grunge exploded. I remember the first time I listened to facelift. I was instantly hooked. Love chains, n 90s music. Sucks we lost so many from that era.

  26. utah wanderlust700

    Now you can update your list with Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell, and Tom Petty. All lost before their time. R.i.p.

  27. RODIA

    Scott Weiland (1967 - 2015) Chris Cornell (1964 - 2017) =(


    Joel Hernandez and Chester Bennington (1976-2017) = :(((((

    Niomi Elston

    Andrew Wood 1966-1990,
    Kurt Cobain 1967-1994,
    Shannon Hoon 1967-1995,
    Layne Staley 1967-2002,
    Mike Starr 1966-2011,
    Scott Weiland 1967-2015,
    Chris Cornell 1964-2017, Chester Bennington 1976-2017

    Viola Bertani

    Niomi Elston Layne passed away in 2002, not in 1994

    Niomi Elston

    Viola Bertani
    Yes he sure did; I'm sorry i messd that 1 up!
    Thanx 4 pointing that out, i don't knw how i got it confused?
    It's bn corrected!


    Darrell Abbott 1966-2004
    Mike Starr 1966-2011
    Vinnie Paul 1964-2018

  28. Redd Alchemy

    I think I will play this when I go to visit Chris Cornell's grave. So so sad and tragic. All the greats seem to go too soon. Jerry is the best!

  29. thefryguy

    man, this song hits you hard.

  30. Josh Amidon

    I dedicate to my friend Bobby who just passed on the 10th of April. I'll miss our conversations bro. I love you.

  31. lemmyrocks

    Great song, great lyrics. I personally dedicate this song to my nephew Joe and my brother, Joe's father. Joe was tragically taken from us in January 2017. The last verse is very powerful. R.I.P. Joe. You're forever loved and remembered.

  32. Sue. yes Simmons

    love this so deep.💔


    That Dirt record man, I can't stop thinking of my mom when I listen to that record, same with Above by Mad Season - really sums up my life with her

  34. OF LIMBO

    This is rad!

  35. lucrese1

    I love Jerry Cantrell! One of the bests!!!

  36. david chuck

    This guy deserves more credit!!

    Alicita Encadenada

    take it easy mijo, regards

    Danny U

    david chuck Cantrells True fans are all Jerry Needs

    marv pelly

    david chuck fuckyeah

    Sheridan Isashitstain

    david chuck . Life is a teacher, but time loves a hero. Been so scared of losing another great...I haven’t paid attention to this one who’s left with us all. RIP Layne, Mike...ROCK on Jerry!

  37. ryan roberts

    Very deep , very meaningful on so many levels.

  38. Loretta Baca

    What about Mike Starr?


    Loretta Baca meh

    Lee Torry

    I think this was made before he died, and why the "meh"?


    Loretta Baca fuck him...junkie

    Roderick Sloth

    this video was made 2 months before Mike Starr death tho

    Music Lover

    @mikeisagodd2012 Obviously you've never been an addict or been close to one or had a friend or family struggling. Nice judgement, man

  39. Mark Maloney

    Very cool, love aic, jerry solo. Quality music, they were grunge. Period. No one was better. Perfect balance of angst, passion and talent.

  40. Kuraca Figueroa

    LS MS ♥

  41. bestathlete13

    i love this

  42. Furd Terguson

    Either Mark Lanegan or Jerry backing with a deep deep voice

  43. AlistinaLayne

    Nah, you're the man for bringing it all up to our attention! ;)

  44. Flynn Taylor

    Beautifully done and perfect for my Layne's tribute show- thank you.

  45. tyronehuff

    this is a killer album, and Jerry's one of my favorite musicians. seems like a genuinely good guy too. the line "they say with time, we slowly heal. I caught a flash of your smile, through the fog of a dream" and the entire "Black Gives Way To Blue" song reminds me of my mom who died 2 years ago yesterday. I had to stop listening to that AIC album because I couldn't get through it without thinking of her.


    tyronehuff the music isn't good unless it makes your grown ass cry or want to pump some iron brother 💪✊🏻


    tyronehuff its good to cry bro..shows you remember and ❤

  46. Ray Wellman

    @gemainchains Agreed

  47. AlistinaLayne

    @howardec Nah, you're the Wonder Bread Man! :) Can't sing it enough, can't play it enough, can't say enough, can't thank you enough for exposing more of J. Cantrell's music! :)

  48. howardec

    @AlistinaLayne Your welcome... just the middle man!

  49. AlistinaLayne

    This music haunts my wakes me up; I hear it wherever I go...
    Love to Dad....I know you're here....

  50. AlistinaLayne

    Love that harmony...Thanks Howardec for the music! :)

  51. AlistinaLayne

    Cannot get enough...of Jerry..... Damn....Good stuff...playing it over and over...

  52. temporarytraveller

    4:03 and forward HOLY SHIT is that Eddie Vedder in the background!?

    Tomas Muñoz

    Mark lanegan


    Tomas Muñoz It’s not Lanegan, it’s Jerry. He did his own backing tracks for the album. His range is just that great.

    One Mucky Pup

    I thought it sounded like Eddie Vedder. If it's Jerry he does have a great range!

  53. BeadBoczer

    this will surely bring back memories, thanks

  54. robert1268

    Rip departed bros and sis's

  55. hershysquirts187

    and jeff buckley

  56. gemainchains

    @howardec so do i..even more so when you can relate to it.

  57. howardec

    @gemainchains I absolutely love that line.

  58. gemainchains

    i can't be by your side, i'll see you when i sleep...

  59. hershysquirts187

    @howardec and brad nowell

  60. howardec

    @hershysquirts187, of course. I was just going with a few singers & the music that was created to help me along with life...

  61. hershysquirts187

    you got to add dimebag darrel, paul grey, and of course mike starr

  62. hershysquirts187

    someone finelly put this song on here. great tune.

  63. Sophie Louise Wood

    clearly about layne. made me cry.


    Sophie Louise Wood if I'm not mistaking degradation trip was released when layne was alive . I want to say when the album was being released he had some notes added to the inside cd booklet about laynes passing . Unless he recorded this directly after laynes passing and had it added before the album released which is possible .

    Teresa Homan

    Got nothing to do with Layne

    Rotten Apple

    The album was recorded before Layne passed away but released a week after Layne's death. So this song isn't about Layne.


    It’s not about Layne, it’s about Jerry. He was probably talking about his feelings on his split with Courtney Clarke, like he does in a couple of other songs on the album.