Canon - Work Lyrics

Ok, been up on my grind
You know I ain't chilling tho
You can check my eyelids, 6 am is when I doze off
I'm in my zone, and don't you wake me ever, it's all good but I need cheddar
So I gotta go

I'm working when I'm gone and I get it in when I'm home

It's full time up in this industry
Music is my girlfriend so I let my lady speak
And she talking best believe she make my cheddar cheese
Some of us gotta live up off these shows so this ain't no make believe
No sir no fairy tale
I gotta do this very well
If don't work then ain't no songs
No paper trail
It ain't bout money but I got bills
I had it up to here
I Ain't tryna roll up in the deep cuz I ain't Adele
Oh, this is how we living man
And I don't need 100 grand to stay 100 hundred man
It's a reality that I am
So I gotta work until the final end

I'm working when I'm gone and I get it in when I'm home

Now oooo
Now this is how we do it
I been in this for a long time
They been looking clueless
Cuz they done think I lost my mind
No, it ain't bout money nope
Bank roll
Every body every body out go
Working hard gotta work that job
Cause you cannot have a brother live without dough
Whether, working at a part time
Or a 9 to 5
This right here is my 9 to 5
Every show, every track
Gotta come up with the product that a make you vibe
Ay yai yai
We hustle hard
Tryna kill the track, so eat my bars
Eat my bars?
Coming with adrenaline hitting and killing instrumentals all for God
No arrogance I just can't settle wit, me not being relevant I'm
Peddling straight to my success
Higher than I ever been
I'm adamant bout making sure my messages stay adaquate
This how I'm living, cause I don't get no salary
This ministry plus industry
I works from my home, so while I'm up till 6 am
Don't you disturb when I'm in my zone cause you know I

I'm working when I'm gone and I get it in when I'm home

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Canon Work Comments
  1. Allen Hunter

    Still bangin this 2019 and line 2:15


    Glory to God🏃 💪

  3. ElMundoDeRonie


  4. White Trash

    That hat tho 👀

  5. Lois Phlegar

    I Don't need 100 grand to stay 100 man

  6. NC K.

    Still FIRE in 2018!!!! Love the work you doing bro for God! GOD BLESS YOU!

  7. KJ-Stray

    LIIIIIITT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ths beat is FIRE! luv it bro! keep it up!

  8. Nicolas Mellott

    Good song nice hat 👌

  9. Eren Bakır

    Shit,this is awesome 🤤

  10. Hannah Glenn

    AYE MY GUY A STEELERS FAN! keep fighting the fight for God my brother! Share his word! Dont be quiet!

  11. Big Sauce

    anyone watching in 2018?

  12. Chibi Snake

    2018 ? 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Baconface McGee

    I keep coming back!!

  14. Allen Hunter

    2017 n 2018 still listening

  15. shingangali

    ohhh this song still lit in 2017

    Please enter your name Here

    shingangali yes!

    Mason Daughtrey

    now it's lit in 2018


    and in 2018 bro!

  16. SandyBeats

    What you're doing is dope man! You mind if I ask you for collaboration? Do you charge for them?

  17. Hezekiah Williams

    Bro, I was valedictorian of my class, and I'm in college now. I play this song anytime I need that late night motivation. With all honesty, bro, it is really, really good to see someone else putting in work. Thank you, bro for all your music. God bless you. Please dont listen to the haters, we all grow from a Faith to Faith and one level of a a Glory to the next level of Glory.

  18. Shay Bell


  19. thatotherdude

    Gospel Rap fans and Church Folks whine too much. And you wonder why our artists start leaning towards other fan bases?

  20. mathewparrett -


  21. Child of God Jesus is Lord

    Great Song Canon

  22. Jacob123 Kile123

    dope rap bro$$$

  23. Shana Pearson

    I like this song

  24. Hoback

    love it! Nashville is my home

  25. myron perkins

    my amp song for work

  26. Chibi Snake

    I listen WORK when i work :-)

  27. thegurldhdh

    steelers nation baby!!

  28. Anderson Felipe

    i love the song

  29. Othole Mukama

    hope one day you come to the 254. KENYA. BLESS U

  30. Christian Ochoa

    Nice song and I like the steelers to .nice hat

    Clorox Bleach

    Lol u tryna get likes? 😂

  31. eleazar mckinney

    was this guy saging

    Will Moore

    its OK to sag a little bit. as long as your underwear isn't showing. Lecrae even sags sometimes.

  32. Sherelle Willis

    I love this song

    Katrina Sky Carpenter

    I love your song

  33. Maverick Wells

    bruh best song ever

  34. Joao Gabriel

    BR Aki😹😹

    Hugo Maceda

    +Joao Gabriel legal legal (: vc ama hiphop (:

    Odilene Borges

    kkk eeh BR \o/

  35. Bradon Teague

    I like how he talks about God

  36. Gil Ramirez

    this is dope

  37. Aja Enyi

    3:50 Reminds me of KB at concerts.

  38. Duckfancomedy

    Best rapper ever

  39. cool bian

    2:49 DICKS

    Harrison Koonts

    the restaurant

  40. Evil Dawn

    Nice steelers hate

  41. OG Faz

    ayee didn't dis nigga start rapping with kendrick in 7th grade.

  42. Mike Laurentus


  43. Stephanie Brunger

    nice "work" on tat song

  44. WeezFree

    that was pretty tight, took me FARRR too long to get around to hearing that!!!

  45. Ethankas11

    rockin dat steelers hat

  46. john wallace

    like this!!!

  47. Nathan Flade

    canon is awesome

  48. AmbitionZ

    I like how he isnt afaid to be happy of his possessions, nothing wrong will being fresh and enjoying things. his lyrics speak for what he believes in.


    So if you look at this video you don't see flesh? Cause I sure do he pulling up in his Buick all slow and pants sagging.... What message is this really sending....Smh Romans 12:1-2 #CLONEMusic #TheGREATCOMPROMISE

    thatotherdude's a Buick. How is that showing off? It's not a Bentley or a Christians have to walk to work or they aren't saved? His witness isn't real? What is this? A pharisee parking ticket?

    Vincent Hoffman

    He is sagging and has a car, whippee. Y'know.. Some people just have their own style and a lot of people drive cars... At least he has a long shirt

    Vincent Hoffman

    Y'know... I've also been thinking... At least dude ain't naked

    Chris Andre

    Judge and you'll be judged twices worst

    David Porcenat

    (TYP) JOVAN STONE I know he may not be your shepard or fav artist. But you have to look at the fruit . those who are in Christ Jesus has no condemnation. Sin !!! We were all born in sin. Don't judge the appearance. Its all about what comes out of a men. Don't be religious group worried down people with fear.

  50. Ashleigh Fox

    Canon! pull your pants up!!!!!

    Ty Roy

    He black not white

    Joseph Miller

    The inside matters more

  51. wendy Queen

    Hey guys i love Canon's music and infact he reminds me of this guy Jon The Revalaytor' i've seen him live and think if they ever met they would do great music as a team up or somthing...anyways great music God bless you! JTR-MUSIC-

  52. Iron Fist

    So Canon and Dj Don Canon are different people?


    yeah. Don Canon is a producer. I think Canon does some producing as well...not sure tho.

    Iron Fist

    ...and then there is Kanin too

  53. Jack Russel

    40 people don't know how to work

  54. GlorybetoGOD7

    Represent. Jesus.

  55. LennShadow

    That backflip tho

    Spiral Gaming

    His freaking hat fell of the be decides to launch it across da hood houses


    it was lit boi!

  56. jtugali

    Morning JAM!!!!....before you go to work!! (=^_^=)

  57. Jerem11ah

    Nice song, but i don't like the hat

    Michael Reid



    @Michael Reid Naw, bruh. Forget yall! Where my Ravens at?!?!

    Michael Reid

    That's , my little brother's team.

    Anton Vitullo

    Go Browns :D but that was the first thing i noticed i almost fainted lolol



  58. Perla Douglas

    The world needs to hear this type of music with a positive message! Canon da bomb (pun intended)

    Clorox Bleach

    Ohhhhh I get it

  59. RMFT1985

    haha I love Canon, but real talk he was about to bust his face at the beginning of the song bol!!! Thanks for keeping it in the vid!

  60. Kylah Owo

    #Christian. listen to the lyrics..

  61. Alex Mitchell

    5D Mark iii?

  62. PotatoStrafesHD

    at 0:47

    you here the sound of a beep

    like a msg on ur gtalk chat and your not actually on the tab the message is at lol

    i think its out of place

  63. J Ziggy

    This guy rapped with Kendrick years back.

  64. Marlon Puckett

    Canon has the right team hat on

  65. joel onguene

    The backflip though

  66. Klark Waterman

    ok u people r making waaaaay to much of big deal out of this. cannon has style and he raps a little like secular artist... k? that just the way he dresses and raps. the Bible says to do everything to the Lord. Not do everything to the Lord unless u look like unchristian 

  67. Sean Petties

    Goodsong im workin til I'm gone

  68. Abigael B

    The judgement on here unbelievable you judge according to what you see but God judges the heart and i dont think God said hes going to save by those who dress Godly even i understand but jesus died for all of us Rapper, Thugs, muslims, buddhists.... and so on he will inherit the kingdom of God by accepting christ and following him so i dont see nothing wrong with this just sharing the gospel

  69. Sane Chuk

    @1:11 that pit was bout to take a BITE of some canon....  lol

  70. TheUnited41


  71. reeseytay

    I love listening to his music, however, I am disappointed with the image portrayed in this video.  I expected to see a greater representation of a confident and godly man, based upon his lyrics and music.  If I had the music turned down and was just looking at the video without hearing the lyrics, I would think this was a "worldly" song/video.  Image/lifestyle is just as important as the lyrics, for we are living epistles known and read by all.

    Caleb Tuinstra

    Shhhh it's gonna be ok shhh. Go listen to some Impending Doom or something its good Christian Metal.


    Consider what I say, may the Lord give you understanding  pertaining to your questions.  For there are questions that we have pertaining to godliness that God Himself has to give us understanding on.


    The reason he is dressed like that is to show he is like everyone else the common church image is a person all dressed up that image is not the most appealing in the curent world we live in and you should know this its the same reason lecrae and flame dress like they do

    David Jin

    Well, I guess Canon should stop making music until he can film a video in heaven and not on Earth...psh


    It is amazing how easily out of character we, the "children of God" become when someone disagrees with them.  The bible instructs us to speak the truth in love, so how is it when this is done, people of the same faith become so angry and defensive.  I would expect acceptance of the truth and not ridicule, but I can only assume this response should be anticipated from one who accepts and walks in a "watered down" version of truth.  We all are called to possess our vessels as becoming of holiness, and to dress in moderate apparel.  Acts declares even the people of Thessalonica searched the scriptures to see if there was any truth to the information being presented to them: How come we no longer believe this to be unnecessary?

  72. Mike gonzalez

    great beats awesome song, dudes pretty funny enjoyed the vid homie. Christ over all

  73. Seth Peacock

    Rockin dem steelers!! Luv it!!

  74. Zach Brunotte

    Canon is always amped! No way u can be tempted while listening to this dude!!

  75. Smokey Weed

    he works when hes gone

  76. Jeremy Mitchell

    I finally saw him with his hat off lol :p

  77. Dakentae Jones

    that dude almost got played by canon after he gave him the money

  78. barelyjusgoldie

    i was bumpin this song wit my mom and my bros to the tobymac concert and f.y.i tobymac is amazing in concert

  79. Justin Wilton

    I was bangin this song as i came 2 school this morning

    Tonie Reeves

    @Ben Forg you can have style and still spread the Word of God. doesn't mean hes caught up in the world brother, just means he likes to dress a certain way.

    Justin Wilton

    @***** Jesus will save them if its his will

    Adarius Wells

    I agree

    Justin Wilton

    yeah i hear ya homie @Maurice Scott. i know from experience that we as christians want to say "if its god's will" (as i said a couple weeks ago), but i think thats where we go wrong. God has given us His will for us to know it, so that we would follow what his will is

  80. Jermaine Jordan

    i really like that song it goes hard

  81. Brandon Kennedy

    Favorite Song List

  82. aideh okoloise

    Love it

  83. aideh okoloise

    This guy just has fun man.

  84. aideh okoloise

    Lol bruh canon, we know you dont play the guitar. Lol tough song though

  85. Samuel Givens

    Nice rapping let's go to work

  86. Brandon Secrest

    the guy at 2:53 looks so confused as to what Canon's doing XD

  87. Evan Hinds

    You almost left the man hanging

  88. Polo Boy

    Seriously? Take that on somewhere. Dude's reppin Christ, take that thirsty mess somewhere else.

  89. Will

    Canon is a BEAST

  90. Felicity Morgan


  91. Felicity Morgan

    This song is AWESOMEEE

  92. Swaggzz MaxxedOut

    Proof rap doesn't need cussing to be good.

  93. Tevin Green

    There's levels to this.

  94. Jacob Butler

    I think you are wrong. It is not our job to judge! However, you need to stepdown off of your soapbox and just listen to the lyrics. I know that a lot of people bash on Lecrae, and the rest of the 116. But I just feel like that is because they are Christian and are being oppressed. I thank God every day for the music that Lecrae and the others produce and it's all for the glory of God. It's this music that makes me believe that anything is still possible in the eyes of a Christian Have a good day

  95. phillip phillips

    Do you guys know Canon on a personal level? Who are you to say that he doesn't 'look' Christian. Some of you way to superficial. You don't know this man's heart. God looks on the inside like someone mentioned before. As long as Canon's heart is right with God then that's all that matters.

  96. Broseph

    Canon is sick. Such good flow.