Canon - The Warm Up Lyrics

Pushing buttons tryna play games
But you can't I gotta a character to maintain
Tryna manipulate what you can't change
I been running with the wild since the 5th grade
Ain't no telling what Ima do when they throw shade
"Hit em with a word of repellant" but that's as no gain
Hold up
You're a shooter a with a low aim, I ain't coming down to nobody level with no shame
I'm gone speak my mind I gotta free brain
Cuz I ain't chicken with mine, I gotta free range
If I'm scared to point out what I see wrong
Then I don't trust the right One for He reigns
I don't need hov and I don't need Ye
I gotta consigner bigger than Ya Djs
My platform was inherited my intelligence came from the Godhead separated three ways
I'ma drag em till its on I'm a trip wire
I'm a dragon with a cold tryna spit fire
Now respect, Ima T rex in a V Neck
With an ill state of mind for an empire
They living sweet in the dark for the lime light
Lower level living perpetrating for the high life
When the, son rise in the night life
I can see em shine upon the shadows like its daylight, and they like roaches when the light hit em
The neck froze with a neck rope that's hopeless
A chain and a million dollar name ain't a thang when the game gotta hundred fifty ways to promote it
I pray to God he don't pass me by
Look, God alone is my alibi
Every tongue will confess to the crown
Bend down
Hit a chop at the knees like a samurai
I'm on a team winning can't lose
I gotta coach with a heel that you can't bruise
I gotta clique that a gone act crazy my squad so lit, we can trip, yeah we can coon
I gotta chick off the market you can't choose
I hoola hooped a ring up on her but that's old news
I'm a youngin with the veterans, living legend intelligent gentlemen swinging pendulum sick of me telling em
But I'm active take a look at the tactics
I can be a prick when on point, I'm a cactus
But I'd rather be be sick with the pen when I'm rapping I'm committing to flipping and rippin em with gymnastics
Now look at the pen I'm pendulum swinging attracting gimme the eyes and the ears appealing the crowd, what happened
Titanium flowing off of the cranium vocal out of the trachea taking nothing for granted what's cracking, blood with it whats bracking
You don't wanna be around me lately, life got flipped and did a whole 180
Gotta take pills on the regular like
123 I'm in the zone errbody go crazy
Staying up super high with the hawk flow
I cut em up, how high can a hawk go
Not a new thang call me Liu Kang
I been kicking with the style come around yo

Turn up with it
Turn up with it
Let me, let me see you how you turn up with it
Turn up with it
Turn up with it
Turn up with it
Let me, let me see you how you turn up with it
Turn up with it aye!
Turn up with it
Turn up with it
Let me, let me see you how you turn up with it
Turn up with it
Turn up with it
Turn up with it
Let me, let me see you how you turn up with it
Turn up with it
Turn up with it
Turn up with it
Let me, let me see you how you turn up with it
Turn up with it

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Canon The Warm Up Comments
  1. Caleb White

    Zoo weee mama

  2. tarter brownjr

    Good Lawd

  3. Jenny Luv

    🤯 🔥

  4. J Rey



    Verses are fire!!!!!!!! ☺

  6. Colin Boyden

    Canon is so good at writing and rapping, too bad is beats aren't the best

  7. Hezekiah Williams

    Turn Up! 2018?








    Hotter than water VAPOR STARTER 🔥🌧


    Canon keep cuttin the Chicken

  13. S D

    U name it!!

  14. alex nelson

    Canon always spit 🔥🔥 no matter what!!

  15. TheDauenskens

    Can someone explain me what is he talking about. I'm from spain I speak English but I don't have that level xd. And i'd like to understand someone who i've been listening to for a while

  16. MAD3


  17. theone withecamera

    this dude is fire

  18. David G

    Hey What? Huh?  Have you pulled up the lyrics?  He is going pretty fast"I'm on a Team that can't lose..I gotta Coach with a Heel that you can't bruise--my intelligence came from the God-Head separated 3 ways.  He ReignsHit em with the Word..Etc"  Some of ya'll gotta realize that the artists that Jesus Christ is using the most: Lecrae-Trip Lee-Flame-Ambassador-Andy Mineo-KB-116 Clique-Derek Minor-NF-Canon-Tedashii...the list goes on...sometimes they will be more subtle with the Gospel in one song than they will in another.  Go listen to what Andy MIneo says in Wild Things---I talk about Jesus Christians love me..I walk like Jesus..going and being around sinners they wanna stone me like the Pharisees.  He plainly says in the song that he doesn't participate in their sins but that if they won't come to church we gotta bring the church to them.  I am in ministry and it so easy for us to stay in our CHristian bubble and never impact the world at all with the Gospel.  Many so called believers are just as lost as the Pharisees were and its easy to pick up on that Pharisee mindset.  I'm just talking about things I have seen. Attitudes about some of these artists who are truly doing God's work and having to deflect the stones from the Pharisees and they honestly don't care.  "THESE SONGS AINT FOR THE CHAPEL..TRY TO BUILD WITH OTHERS  YOUR OWN ATTACK YOUTHEYRE BLOWIN THE MATCH U LIT..CANT USE A SHOTGUN TO CATCH A FISH!!!"Satan didn't create ANYTHING but evil.  What makes a song Christian or not is the lyrical content..not the sound.  People are always trying to put their preference in music as being God's preference. Many many Christians are going to be surprised at the worship in Heaven one day.  Edify and stop tearing down other Christians.  We all know who the author of discord is.  Trust in Christ's Righteousness Alone

  19. RIOT Bailey

    If this the warm up what going to happen when he gets heated?

  20. BigJeff S

    love this song

  21. One Way Ministry

    "Christian music sucks" lol sure

    Daniel Lopez

    hold up i kow this dude didn't say this music suck these critics now days

    Daniel Lopez

    oh never mind this dude was pretending to be a critic

    One Way Ministry

    +Daniel Lopez lol yeah I love Christian music

  22. R a j a Y u z u k i

    I love this songgggg 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Jacob Maikish

    Thanks for supporting us bro. This means a lot.


    Thank you guys for the great music. Blessings!

    Leon Isaacs

    do you follow chh anymore, i dont see you in the comments.

  24. Jesse Montoya

    That's a sick track!!

  25. Jesse Montoya

    That's a sick track!!

  26. Joshua M.

    Lol I don't need Hov and I don't need Ye. Let em know Canon. Lolol T Rex in a V Neck! Come on man!!!

  27. Studio Nine

    I'm sorry I wasn't on board with him from the start

    Caleb Gorham

    *squints* I wasn't on board from the would think if you wasn't on board you'd get off and wouldn't know this song would be out. You know, cause you're not on board. Why are you listening/commenting if you're not on board LOL I'm in tears, man.

    Studio Nine

    +Caleb Gorham What are you even talking about?

  28. Jaron Lewis

    i want feature this

  29. Josh Dugan

    this song is hard Canon is always spotting fire

    Dave and Dennis

    Josh Dugan um

  30. Daniel Misgana

    Put it at 2x the speed lol

  31. Thelilantjr

    he went off

  32. Janeth Jackson



    Jacob.. act your race


    Jacob.. act your race


    Jacob.. act your race


    This shit is F🔥re asf. 💯 i could vibe this all day ,

  37. Del Fujinaka

    SO DOPE This song gave me some serious chills

  38. kerrington shorter

    my favorite song by Canon

  39. Steriling Mason

    Oh my Gawd! This song...This beat!

  40. Dr Cocoa Cookie

    I wish there was more of a drop at the change at 1:20. The start of the song has a deeper feel than the second half, where it gets a bit more preppy.

  41. Scott Miller

    canon v futuristic ??

    Onix Strick

    +Scott Miller

  42. onebrightmind


  43. Daniel Cockrell

    😲 omg 116

  44. Daniel Cockrell

    omg yo this goes hard man

  45. Dantevius Mcbride

    canon one word 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉


    That's a bunch of words..

  46. Yahia Milton

    Fire!!!! Never disappoints.

  47. Bold Noize Muzic

    Could you hit me up with the instrumental somehow bro?

  48. RobArmy

    Canon is as good as anyone

  49. RobArmy

    hottest song out

  50. Max Bushmich

    this is hot, whos the producer?

  51. RIFICA777

    I subbed to help you get to 5000


    +RIFICA777 Thank you brother!

  52. RIFICA777

    He going in. As usual. This sounds like a Timberland beat. Especially when that guitar riff comes in. Glad you wel now Cannon.

  53. Addison Coleman

    this is fire

  54. Alan Marks

    Gospel music is going to take over! No exception!

    ASU Thunder [GD]

    yes it will lol and good bless you!


    The battle was already won God was waiting for us to come around

    Caiden Holder

    rawdeale I 100% agree the battle is won

    Duke_omarieo Levy

    Amen brother just can't wait get use to rapping to rap the Christian songs to ppl to show how GOD WORKS in different ways

  55. Kyre Baldwin

    does anybody know where I could download this for free


    Thats good! Well thats why people stream it on youtube and soundcloud so you can listen to it free until you come across the ends to purchase it.

    Lucas Reynolds

    +De'Andre Baldwin You wouldn't pirate a Cheeseburger from McDonald's. Spend the dollar on an even better song!

    Kyre Baldwin

    +Lucas Reynolds I don't eat fast food it's bad for us and the last thing I would want is to be sick and can't play football

    Kyre Baldwin

    +Lucas Reynolds and I definitely won't eat McDonald's or OFC those two places are gross

    King James The Great.

    +Lucas Reynolds 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  56. Anton Vitullo

    Hell yeah!!

  57. Rodney Cambridge

    canon!!! kill em