Cannon, Nick - My Rib Lyrics

Uh can I ball?
yeah can I ball?
uh can I ball?
This is to every female that's ever been in my life
Flesh of my flesh bone of my bone (I feel you playboy)
Dust to dust uh (for real)

[Verse 1]

My rib, my wiz, my dip, my boo
My chick, my sugar, my shorty all you
My dove, my dogg, my love, my rock
My love for you, my love don't stop
My life, my dream, my wife, my queen
My essence, my coach, my playa, my team
My buddy, my baby, my lovey, my lady
My shelter, my helper, my pain, I felt you
My diamond, my gold, my Zion, my soul
My spirit, my flesh, my chest, you hold
My shield, my skill, my will be still
My youngin', my pumpkin, my sweetness, my somethin'
My dumpling, my daisy, my freak you crazy
My woman, my girl, my misses, my world
My breezy, she need me, believe me be easy
My kid, my bid, we live my rib

[Chorus 2x]
You are my rib and I can't deny
Closer than my flesh and bone
And my love we share is strong

[Verse 2]

Yo style, yo smile, yo walk, yo mile
Yo dress, yo stress, you saving yo sex
You blessed, yo views, yo joys, yo boos
Yo eyes, yo moves, yo heart, no clues
Yo opinion, yo minion, over yo whole livin'
Yo home, yo givin, yo virtue, he hurt you
Yo wounds, you nurture, yo curfew, yo class
Yo curve, yo (whoa), yo glory, yo past
Yo story, yo stash, yo mercy, yo grace
Yo voice, yo face, yo pace, yo taste
Yo morals, yo goals, yo steps, yo toes
Yo sent, yo strength, yo friends, yo foes
Yo prayers, yo cares, yo tears, yo cheers
From yours to my ears, yo crown, yo frown
Yo palms, yo moms, yo kid you give
We live, we did, me and you my rib uh

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]

I hate you, I date you, I love you, I make you
I miss you, I thank you, for you I'm grateful
I need you, I am you, I stand you, I have to
I had you, I left you, but I had to, I failed you
I scared you, I dared you, compared you, I held you
I kept you, I dissed you, I helped you, I felt you
When I kiss you, I melt you, I see you, I saw you
I hear you, I call you, no answer I get you
Forget you, forgot you, I lost you, I got you
I trust you, I doubt you, I can't live without you
I feel you, I kill you, I heal you, I steal you
I stole you, I have you, I hold you, I know you
I knew you, I owed you, I groomed you, I mold you
I warn you, I scold you, how could I be so cold to you?
I owe you my life, my soul I live, that's why I believe
You are my rib

[Chorus 2x]

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Cannon, Nick My Rib Comments

    Favorite Nick Cannon track of all time.

  2. J Hargrove


  3. Me & My Personalities

    I love this song my man calls me his Rib...

  4. Jade Hargrove

    Have a lovely day💋💐💟🌹👅✌💯

  5. Jade Hargrove

    Hi to sexy Cannon💋💯💟

  6. Jade Hargrove

    💞✌😘😜😜😍i need u

  7. Jade Hargrove

    The Cannon 💞✌

  8. Jade Hargrove

    I be waiting on u for thr next 72 hours love over love

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    2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Abdurrabb Shareef

    I love u

  11. Classy Lady

    Omg Nick Cannon

  12. Powerful WomanOfGod

    Woke up this morning with this song on my mind idk why👌❤s it.

  13. Hebrew Sistah


  14. Jain Ca

    lol 🤗

  15. Avi Jenkins

    Yeah thats tha one 👏🏼👏🏼

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    still enjoy playing this in 2017 fire name nick

  17. James walker

    this the best song he ever put out. .this song brings back memories

  18. Lady In Red

    this brings back memories. its a real good song

  19. Latisha Nelson

    And I can't Denyyy!!!
    Nick Cannon had some fire hereeee!!!! Love this Get Up💋

  20. dance4life1208

    Why is this actually good though

  21. andrew2012able


  22. West Devillie

    That one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. kings atama

    shes my flesh of my flesh

  24. Tim Terry

    That's not Jagged Edge or Anthony Hamilton. It's me Tim Terry and I have some other soulful experiences on iTunes. Checkout my video Ooowee on YouTube...

    Much love,

  25. EJ Swavv

    Deff jagged edge

  26. EJ Swavv

    This song is raw tho

  27. EJ Swavv

    Thats not anthony hamilton lol

  28. TeMarkus Walker

    The featured artist is Tim Terry

  29. Jessie Kalinga-Walker

    why is this song not exposed more? My friend showed me this for the first time. wow...I love it

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    its Jagged Edge I believe

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    im actually jealous of Mariah lool.
    I always think this song aaa X

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    @sogangsta10 you must not be able to hear properly then.

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    When I was younger I played this over and over to.memorize itn rhis to my first love Red

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    Anthony hamilton is not on here

  35. Shy

    Ooh I still love this song

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    @LauriceMiriam07 You have a cheap bf.

  37. Devil's Advocake

    this is good? XD why was this crap sent to my 'recommended' list?

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    So did mines

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    Damn this song gets to me. Its amazing how life turns out...
    I love Nick for this one.<3

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    this is so great, they are SOO cute! 4 real. Makes me feel good about my guy. I hope they keep it strong.

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    not a Nick Cannon fan, but this is cute..sweet. ..Anthony Hamilton rocks though! Now he can sing!

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    coulda sworn jagged edge was on this...

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    stop lookin at me like dat baby!

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    dude should take the Jamie Foxx Route ease up on the acting and put out some albums then again he might wait a few more years or so and concentrate on his music Like Jamie did I wish Jamie did more music back in the day too his first album is banging and I liked the style too.

    and in no way am I implying their acting sux I can understand why he's waiting a tad on Stages I think he wants to promote it better then his first album. that's what this album is a victim of poor marketing

  46. Matt Owens

    What I don't get is why Nick Cannon's Album didn't score more number #1's that 03 album has kick ass duets to kick Mary J and R. Kelly Gigolo is definately bangin he's defiately as good as Mariah when it comes to picking some good ass artists to do duets with

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    realest shit nick cannon put out

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