Cannon, Nick - Gigolo Lyrics

[Intro - R. Kelly + (Nick Cannon)]
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (Oh, uh, haha)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (Kels!)
(We in the club singing this for money, ha!)

[Chorus - R. Kelly]
I'm a gigolo, spending lot's a dough
You can tell the way wide-body, sitting on four's
And how I'm shining, wit the fresh, fresh clothes
Always surrounded, by so many (HOES!)
I'm a gigolo, always on the go
Everytime I turn around, I got another show
In the club, hit about three in a row
Drop in the Six, 'cause I love them (HO!)

[Verse 1 - Nick Cannon]
Shorty I, only got one night in town, tell me baby where you down
Bushes we won't beat around, bushes we just eat 'em now
Feeling yo Masqueno blouse, seven jean, Black and Lebanese
Head to her knees, please if you ever need a bachelor remember me
Just rock to the melody, I got you in bed wit me
I thought you would never leave
You wanna name meLike A-merie
Know the chain freeze wrist be the same degrees
Tryna get lil' mami, in that thang of reese
Only getting in for free, if you came wit me
Cause I'ma grown man, not B2K
If I need a girlfriend, it won't be to-day
No, I'm NOT tryna be ya man, pimp bones in my body
Rock them body-hotty, rock them, like ladi-dadi
Me and Kels on ducati's, wanna see you drop it shawty
Oh weee, tryna leave the club, wit a groupie


[Verse 2 - Nick Cannon]
Ma I'm busy on tour, ma, you busy on the floor
Ma I'm feeling yo heels, them Christian Dior's
I'm like David Beckham, keep a mean shoe game
But like my favorite records, keep spinning new thangs
Let my hair grow, cause I was looking for a change
Shorty call me the Scare Crow, I'm looking for some brain
In "The Wiz", there it go, here it is, where the show
Cause through yo dress, I can see yo drawls
So shorty just shake it, make a round of applause
If you outta Hypnotic, 'nother round at the bar
And when we parking lot pimping, they surrounding the car
No, I'm NOT tryna be ya man, pimp bones in my body
Rock them body-hotty, rock them, like ladi-dadi
Me and Kels on ducati's, wanna see you drop it shawty
Oh weee, tryna leave the club
Wit a groupie, wit a groupie


[Verse 3 - Nick Cannon]
Mami, when we leave the club, leave wit us
You don't need ya car keys, we gon' fair in the bus
And the way you wear ya jeans, is means to cuss
So DAMN!, how you get them on, DAMN! big secrets on her
Throwback chick, hotter than Ms. Vic Damone
This the type of ... I'm on, not picking up the phone
Unless you unblock ya joint, then put on ya coat
Know when to hit, when Nick get in the booth
Come through in something new, wit the invisible roof
Oh the settings on my necklace them invisible too...
When we do what we do, we can't be visible boo
The last thing I need is lawsuits, all I did is call you
Initiated first move, shorty that was all you
I'm NOT tryna be ya man, pimp bones in my body
Rock them body-hotty, rock them, like ladi-dadi
Me and Kels on ducati's, wanna see you drop it shawty, oh weee


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Cannon, Nick Gigolo Comments
  1. Eric Cartman BRAH

    1:41 LMAO What is that Nick

  2. Ladies With Confidence

    all rappers have been dissing our queens for years. Don't just call him out because he's not famous for rapping. They have been calling us B"s and hoes for years. Now we going around saying to each other as a slang word to call our friend girls. I come from an era if you call or get called a B you are getting those hands


    Find it ironic that R Kelly would be in a song called Gigolo, maybe gigalo for underage females,..

  4. Lance Spencer

    Imagine having 3 to 4 verses on here but barely raps on the diss tracks
    *Cough Cough*

  5. marco serrano

    This isn’t rap. Does he believe this is rap

  6. Brent P

    Yeah, it looks and sounds like some garbage from 2003.

  7. No.1 Spidey-Fan

    Could someone explain why Im legitimately bumping to this?

  8. DarkNinja

    I'm here for the nostalgia of my Motorola Razr ring tone back from senior year of undergrad ✌🏿

  9. R&T M

    I never knew this was nick cannon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. taz.

    Had to come listen to this , so I could remember wtf song nick cannon had . 😂😂😂

  11. Gabbernaut Go

    The beat is a kids effin beat

  12. Mano Phillips

    Sucks cannon had to mess this song up too

  13. Chris Rosado

    all i see is the character he played from after he got that shon jonnnn

  14. Daniel Flores

    His music is not that bad

  15. Wolf Man

    I always hated the early 2000’s sound.

    Paul Ez

    It's better than traveling mumble rap clown


    Kelly gave this fool a hit!

  17. Mack302

    Even r kelly back in the day could save Nicks rap career 😂😂

  18. Dregen1

    I see Nick Cannon has always kept great company...

  19. Mr.J Jr

    Nick:”He been disrespecting our queens for years”

    Me:Remember Gigalo

  20. JLH

    R Kelly was always surrounded by them kids now we know

  21. X Fletcher

    Dis man just said bushes we don’t shave em down bushes we just eat em out

  22. Silent Is Good

    Meh..Stupid song..





  25. Khaos by Key

    I'm a gigoloooo!! Mood ALL 2020

  26. Summer

    This song not even bad he needa come out with more music

  27. YourMammas AssCrack 9000

    I remember being a lil kid thinking "this fuckin song wack as fuck"

  28. Brian Mendoza

    Just here to watch kat 😂😂😂

  29. Queen Nads

    It’s not that bad

  30. Alex Ortiz

    Didnt no Nick cannon made a song with the sexual predator.

  31. myron boyle

    That's st Louie sound. Get your own soft ass dude

  32. Colombianbusiness

    “He been disrespecting our queens for years” lmao

  33. Ken Ken

    I’m here because of law twinz

  34. Rare Moon

    Dam he knew katt williams back then??

  35. Zaire Christian

    Big ups to DJ D-Wreck for the cameo at 2:35.. see ya playboy 😅

  36. Starr Company

    Man who dont give a fuck what he did and still banging his music in 2020?😎

  37. aina ko

    so Nick at his best sounds like a very poor imitation of a Chingy-Fabulous type? sounds accurate.....

  38. Redondowarrior

    Here after the Vlad Interview

  39. Latisha Simmons

    Yep 😎😎😎😎

  40. Caszr

    Who Here after vlad weak ass interview

  41. ExtraOrdinary MUSIC

    Vladtv got me here 😁

  42. Liv Parker

    So he says Em disrespects women, but Nick has done a song with R Kelly in the past?

    Stonewall Jackson

    Many people have done songs with R.Kelly in the past.
    Just like movie stars who have worked on the set with molesters and rapist but the other stars just doing their jobs.
    Nick is amazing individual regardless 🤷‍♂️

    Liv Parker

    Stonewall Jackson ......... is he though?

    Stonewall Jackson

    @Liv Parker what u think 🤷‍♂️

  43. Skyy Stowe

    “Go on wit nick den go onnnn”😂

  44. Arjan Tv

    Man that generation had the worst clothing style hahaha all these mfs look like a bunch of basketball players hahaha.

  45. Storm

    People can hate on Nick all they want but dude is making money and mainstream media loves him but continue hating.

  46. Sir Malachi

    2:35 IS THAT DJ D-WREK 🤣 they should’ve paid you wayyyy more

  47. Isaiah Dismuke


  48. Chance Da Trapper

    Let’s all be honest we’re only here because of the horrible diss track

  49. Moalong Walling

    This is good compared to 2019 🤦‍♂️

  50. Miriam Cash

    Ok that phone at the beginning

  51. Willie Tyson

    This isn’t even bad💀

  52. Demetria McClendon

    Nick's a giggle-O, and he gotta go cause he ain't gon diss Eminem no mo'😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Hypnawtic

    2020 anybody?

  54. Raul Vidales

    I would box nick cannon in a ring 5 rounds

  55. Raul Vidales

    Nick cannon sucks!!!!!!!! he anit got nothing on[ eminem ] em will smash him and put him down bad he anit on eminem level

    We Da Oppz TV & Podcast

    Raul Vidales so u came here just to hate 😂😂

  56. Jonte Stevenson

    Anyone here 2020

  57. Jose Chavez

    Who ever would have though that this guy would be trying to diss eminem in the future

  58. Joakim H

    Nick a Racism Cannon

  59. Cocoa Femme

    January 1, 2020!!!!

  60. KeNnY ForeVer

    Mr Nick , why ?

  61. Jason Gevatosky

    Feat. R Kelly. Really who 'disrespects' their queens worse than him🤮 Remember EMs verse .."Redbull it's an incredible energy drink...its given me wings. I believe I can fly...When I pee on a girl you wont catch me CSI" --Eminem "Old Times Sake" off Relapse.

  62. Ashskell

    Two pedoph!les on the same terrible song..🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮

  63. Fernando Lopez

    1:58?? Is that Kat Williams?

    TK Kirkland

    That's Kevin Hart

  64. Jay 10k

    Court : 69 what did rkelly do in the closet

    69 : he peed on me

    TK Kirkland

    You got the whole squad laughing 😐

  65. Noah Morales

    He said, not tryna have no lawsuits, all I did was call you, initiated first move shawty that was all you

  66. O K

    Wonder how many books he got for people to read about code of conduct and not making deals with pedophiles, since little nick wants to act like he’s well read and full of wisdom.

  67. Adriana the Doll

    Best part of the entire song was 2:17 where the girls tits go up and down like crazy 😂

  68. Adriana the Doll

    When someone ask me who I think is the worst rapper I show them this and every one agrees

  69. Adam Cairns

    I actually like that Nick songs that's how you know I'm a Corny ass mf lol

  70. Milez Tanner

    was he trying to be like nelly or chingy back then?

  71. Odilon

    This is actually one of my favorite songs from the early 2000’s

  72. Macaroni Guru

    do yall know what gigolo means? no shit hes gunna rap like that

  73. Macaroni Guru

    r kelly need a backpack cus hes carrying too much

  74. anthony cheesman

    Why was 2000s song beats so repetitive lol

  75. anthony cheesman

    What was r kelly thinking working with nick cannon lol

  76. Deven Blake

    Rip nick

  77. Stephen Last name

    Damn this was the last time Nick made a decent song

  78. Tracy Chevalier

    Pretty disrespectful towards your black queens Eunick.... portraying them all as Ho's 😒 Something wrong with a so called man referring to himself as a pimp while performing with a sexually deviant child molester. GTFOH 🖕🖕 🖕


    Exactly, he's a hypocrite

  79. Mckennly Johnson

    Nick not bad

  80. Sharissa Davision

    When Indian hiphop beats were popular mainly because of R.Kelly

  81. Todd Jones

    Does anyone else remember BET access granted show and r kelly came up saying damn how many girls we got here?

  82. sergiomorfo

    You have been disrespecting your queens for years.

  83. kathleen blake

    This song was better when I didn't know Nick Cannon and R. Kelly made it

  84. Dante Williams

    Nick respect his queens so well on here

  85. dennis fieldman

    Only song to make top 10 nothing else he put out didn't go anywhere 🤣🤣🤣

  86. dennis fieldman

    Nick can't rap worth a fuck this is his best song are you kidding me 🤣🤣🤣🤣



  87. Jim Webb

    What? What you say, Nick?

  88. Shabbih Waiz

    Dressed as a pimp ? Good to see nick treating his queens with respect 👏

  89. Franklin Clinton

    Yeah Nick tell’em how to treat these black Queens 😂

  90. Marq G

    Who else thinks that rkelly looks like a creep now. I used to think he was fine in this area but now he just look like a predator to me!!!

  91. Immortal Music

    these 2... its like..... night and day one of them likes old chicks... and the other one like under age Ironic.

  92. Marcos Vinicius

    did a song with R. Kelly and want to talk about Eminem, what the fuck is this?

  93. Joseph Hernandez

    I actually like this one me and my cousin were jamming out with this one

  94. Alan Grg

    Where is that Book in these video Nick ?

  95. Kevin Vang

    Nick already lost to em..but imagine Eminem bring this gigolo shit up hahaha aahhahahha

  96. Ej Mallari

    I see why Dj d Werk was his number two since day one

  97. Anthony Egee

    This is trash

    Anthony Egee

    Drum line and wildin out sucks