Cannibal Corpse - Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead Lyrics

Why can't I breathe
Still I see
Dead on the table
Try to move, I'm not able to

They said I have died
I still felt alive
I won't believe their lies
I can still see through these

Help me I'm not dead
Wake me from this hell
Tell me I'm alive

Knives cutting into me
Scalpels rip me
Screaming into deaf ears
Now they stop and see my

Help me I'm not dead
Wake me from this hell
Tell me I'm alive

I can't stop the visions
Stop the premonitions

My soul can't escape
The boundary of my flesh
My heart does not beat
My spirit does not rest

[Solo - Jack]

[Solo - Rob]

[Solo - Jack]

[Solo - Rob]

They said I have died
I still felt alive
I won't believe their lies
I can still see through these

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Cannibal Corpse Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead Comments
  1. Fabrício Assis MG

    It's the first video from the band and was the first time than i saw on a 'Brazilian Headbangers Ball' called 'Furia Metal' on MTV in 1994 and i thought at the point: "Holy Shit, it's so much brutal than Sepultura and Slayer!"... lol
    I was 16 years and i still fuckin' love it!

  2. tibnb

    That happend to me with my husband ,o


    every married man is going like this sometimes...

  3. Виллиан TheShobbz

    LEGEN... Wait for this... DARY!!!

  4. Robot 13

    This is pure gold. Classic old school Cc. Still kicks ASS 🤘💀🤘

  5. ThunderHorse 555

    0:39 Dead on the toilet, Trying to poo, I'm not able to DOODOO!!! 💩

  6. olivier Leroux

    Goodvibe lovemusic amigo bravo eternal congratulations thanks

  7. George Doughly

    One of my favorite Cannibal Corpse songs! It’s Perfect!

  8. Типичный Блэкушник

    Пацаны, вы восхитительны! Респект вам!

  9. Romchitos Podrochitos

    тут ещё Крис Барнс...

  10. Joshua Ortiz

    “Staring through my eyes cause they’re red”

  11. Trevor Philips

    Video funny as fuck

  12. Wilson Tovano

    This song is freaking heavy.

  13. RedDevil's

    Chris Barnes top!!!!!

  14. David Blumberg

    Cannibal corpse has always been good I met them at Blackwood a full circle record in the early 90s it was the bleeding tour I believe and that and I just love you give me hear the music yeah now it’s a it’s loud in it and it’s really brutal but I love it I’ve been listening to it and I was young and I don’t want to kill anybody and I disapprove of killing people that’s wrong I mean any asshole that would listen to the lyrics and then go do it you’re a fool

  15. Patty Aryse

    Retrrrro Rulezzz Papa 😉MEOW 🤘👊

  16. Adrian Oviedo


  17. Timothy Pate

    An oldie but goodie.

  18. That_One_Dude

    133 Millenials who were NEVER starved from METAL by MTV in the 90's.......Headbangers Ball was PROOF there was a DEVIL!
    GOD of EMPITNESS, RAPTURE, PLAGUE RAGES, HEARTWORK, SEASONS IN THE ABYSS..... they don't make vids like they used to!!!

  19. Shazbat Agatha

    Fuck this Shit is slamming!!

  20. klumpos

    This video is great. Death metal videos nowadays are a load of shite, cringey bald actors with black contact lenses puking up at the camera and shit

  21. Vinicius Buani

    R u listening in 2019?
    Fuck you

  22. Jonny Hughes

    Beavis and butthead

  23. Son of gorgoroth

    Good music like this hardly exists anymore now it’s all stupid core music

  24. Sergey Kosarev

    С Крисом все альбомы лучше чем после него...

  25. somatl nergal momo


  26. Mo G

    Fuck yeah!

  27. Юрий Чистяков

    Отличная тема!

  28. Melvin Splash

    True story: I once handled security for this band at a shitty little dive bar in nashville TN and was paid in was pabst too.

  29. Shaxuul

    "Staring Through the Fucking Camera"

  30. Dáblio Vê

    Please... At 0:24 we are able to see some kind of sticker on the guitar... It seems to be a face or something... Would anyone here please tell if it is related to some band in special? Would it belong to some band? Thank You!

  31. xristos matsoukas

    one death metal version ?

  32. cmm98

    Alex Webster is one of my favorite death metal bass players ever next to David Vincent Derek Boyer Glenn Benton

    Professor Djent

    All great but Alex knocks them out of the water, well Derek stacks up well, but yeah, those two are far ahead of Dave and Glenn

  33. Oscar Santiago Vanegas Perez

    Jajaja YouTube me lo recomendó tres años después 🤘🤘😂

  34. King Greed

    Barnes is very low and sings from the throat while George sings from the gut

  35. Claudine Lampson

    This is what comes on jason vorhees alarm when he wakes up. The guitar heavy af

  36. Derek Killane

    Chris totally looks like a xenomorph at the very end when he screams “eyes” lmao

  37. Kohlenstoffisotop12

    Staring through the Eyes of the Dead is what i do almost every Day, and so they become ghosts.

  38. Darth Vader

    One more subscribe!

  39. waxstatic !

    Still sounds good today! Classic!

  40. RED RED


  41. Вадим 638

    Россия с вами. Вас ебёт . Вы же боитесь. Чмырьё гейропейское

  42. Kevin Scarborough

    This sounds like that one band. I can't think of their name. But, this sounds like them.

  43. Hugg Niceman

    Barnes really should have let the other guys write lyrics.

  44. Soul Collector

    I've been listening to them since 1993 or 1994. My 1st album I bought was The Bleeding in 96 it became my favorite album. I also bought Butchered at Birth from that badass album cover, Tomb of the Mutilated and Vile along with the DVD. I was blown away from Cannibal Corpse and Chris Barnes, I thought he was the most brutal vocalist EVER and the band was definitely the most hardcore and most brutal band I've ever heard of, especially at that time in the 90s

  45. GonzA ThrasheR

    Aguante Cannibal tremendo disco este de lo mejor de su discografía

  46. Shaxuul

    *Staring Through The Cameras of the Dead, by Cannibal Camera -- written by Camera Barnes

  47. Mick Thomas

    Fisher just never did it for me.

  48. Владимир Морозов

    Это самый богоугодный альбом!!!


    Who loves both singers ✊✊✊

  50. Marcos Donely


  51. Anemoia

    Metallica's One on steroids

    Wind 2000

    Sentenced To Burn = Ride The Lightning on steroids

  52. ́ελιος

    the bleeding owns really cool riffs

  53. the Absurdistic Freedom

    Still see behind blue eyes

  54. andrei ifrim

    godfathers of death metal

  55. krazyreddhead jackson

    I knew there was 2 different frontmen lead singing over the years

  56. S K G

    If you listen closely you can hear a kpop song

  57. Anton Ladan

    One of the few songs where its easier to hear the bass than the guitar

  58. mickey boy

    They should definitely get Barnes sounded better with him......

  59. snake plissken1984

    Classical !!

  60. Ima Pullya


  61. Viva Trump

    This is the closest cannibal corpse came to selling out....

  62. Ramiro Villalobos


  63. Yevhen Tsyhankov


  64. Ryan Bugden

    Most overrated “Death Metal” band of all time. 👎🏼


    Suck a big fat cock

  65. Stephan Raynald

    Fuckin beast !! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  66. Sir Swiftus W. Funkellwerk

    Drove to work on this...
    Headbang'd soon as i walked thru tha door

  67. the bolt thrower

    when you step on a lego 3:25

  68. Little Scootaloo

    3:35 that awkward moment when you’re waiting for “Fucked with the knife”

    metal max

    Little Scootaloo fuck yes lol

  69. Alex Hernandez

    Uuuuuu...Barnes !!!!!

  70. Dugi Devet

    He is to tall for Cannibal Corspe xD

  71. John Apple

    That bass tone creates earthquakes

  72. Trevor Philips

    Death Metal saves me life mostly

  73. Erick Ferreira

    Perfect guitar tone, proeminent bass, sick gutturals, brutal lyrics... This album is a masterpiece

  74. Emilio Moreno

    Still love ❤️ for over 20 years

  75. dissmab


  76. Леонид Роговой

    Who is on the guitar? Except Rob Barret. Don't looks like Jack Owen

  77. Zen

    Nice ASMR

  78. nordstorma

    The real Cannibal Corpse!

  79. Glam Americano El Retorno

    Esta wea la encontraba muy interesante cuando pendejo porque era una novedad en mi vida pero ahora en la actualidad con mi madurez musical encuentro fome la wea comparado con un grupo mamón como poison por ejemplo

  80. Karbonof0431

    sounds like early metllica


    This was my first CC album as soon it was released.

  82. Nathan Jones

    2019 anyone?

  83. Ja i Muzyka

    How funny that after so brutal album which Tomb was they slowed down a bit!

  84. Ja i Muzyka

    Better vocals than on Tomb

  85. Gil Vander

    State of art at this moment....Creators of "brutal death metal"...its not a joke, brutal death is a real musik ((je déplore tous les trucs reliés a satan ect...C'est inutile

  86. Rebecca Forbes

    No offence to people who like these but I think I still like the emo punk and nu metal to this lol this is just noise to me.. But rock on cannibal corpse 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    George Ricketts

    Rebecca Forbes well, for me, whether it’s Alt./Nü Metal, Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, Death Metal, Industrial Metal, Classic Metal, or Prog. Metal, it’s all metal to me and I love all of it equally. Not a fan of Emo punk myself, but hey, if you like it, who am I to stop you.

  87. Marcelo


  88. ghostVENOM BC

    Classic Barnes is still more brutal than any other ...

  89. Michael Bryant

    Their music is pretty.

  90. Bloodwork Studios

    That bass tone is awful.

  91. Lava Leviathan

    I’m here from 666 A.B ( after Barnes)

  92. Let It Be Known

    George is great, but sometimes i miss Chris

  93. Johnatan Ramos

    could anybody warn to Barnes that Satan wants his voice back?

  94. alon oliveira alves

    Cannibal corpse forever