Candlemass - Witches Lyrics

Someone stole the starlight from the backside of your hand
Weak without the magic you lay passed out in the sand
With controls set for night flights when witches ruled the world
In a twinkling moment you see cockroaches and crows

Go behind the great clouds if you want to stay the same
In nothing land you'll perish when they whisper aloud your name
A window full of trauma stares you in the face
You know it's time to scream now and leave this fucking place

So drunk and misled, face down in the mindless gutter
You puked and you bled, the lifeblood of the holy mother
Lame and astray, bloated in the crimson river
Needless to say, we are here to burn and wither

Come with me, walk with me
The voice of doom and new adventures
Love with me, love with you
The endless trip is what you're after
Blinding light, burning light
From excess to bitter laughter
Happiness, loneliness
Kneel before the disaster master

The night is almost over and still there you are
Half dead, numb and shipwrecked like a shooting star
Surrounded by black witches, you don't know what to do

Weak without the magic, the madness is killing you

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Candlemass Witches Comments

    Thanks for this upload,Dude.


    stage battle with me? on pc

    Ashton Davis

    It sucks that the online be server is so empty😭


    @Ashton Davis I'm on anytime if you want to meet the Demon God wrath of almighty Diviculus

  2. Sebastian X

    People who like Johan better is not understanding. Doom metal with vocals who actually sounds good, is what makes messiah albums so unique. This small globlin looking ass singing awfully like Ozzy and all the rest is done to death! But having this big munk being able to sing like he just ascended mortality, is BADASS. Duh, i rather have gollum sing my songs gOsH!

  3. Amas

    That second breakdown tho

  4. carcaÑo restituyo

    One of my mounstrocity list

  5. Mikael Nevalainen

    Black metal, to fast to be doom metal dude!

    Russell Mcgurn

    I dont quite know if I'm understanding your comment but I surely hope your not calling this Black Metal otherwise I'll have to assume your like 14 with nary an earful of experience, metally speaking.

  6. Sause HH

    Messiah´s Marcolin was the Greatest doomemeperor!!!

  7. Ejolf


  8. Skully

    I should get hanged for saying this but 1.25x speed sounds badass

    Lewis Mazik

    yes you should be hanged XD


    @Lewis Mazik The tempo is not to be tampered with on such a masterpiece.

    Mike Usenick

    If you change the speed to 2, sounds like it could be a System Of A Down song lmao

    Sebastian X

    What about 0.75?

  9. rodney hill

    This song is so sick.

  10. Scott Fillinger

    This song my jam. Listen to it once a day. Thanks for the high quality and the lyrics

  11. Pain Killer

    Brütal Legend.

  12. Witchcult Awakes

    whoever disliked this is half dead, numb and shipwrecked like a shooting star

  13. Darryn Lee

    That outro is just sex to my ears, especially the solos

  14. B Jesse

    Tour USA, play Michigan

  15. Apostolos Chionas

    Sick !! I love every Messiah era , records

  16. Hyuzu Shokun

    my god I first heard Candlemass on David Letterman many moons ago


    They were on Letterman? For real?

    Jeffrey P

    @antoniusmetal , nah! It was Carson! 🤘🏻

  17. BOBCAT Biker_Lady

    Got to see candlemas & They are 100 times better LIVE!

  18. Peter Carlson

    Had Leif been smoking glue when he wrote these lyrics?

  19. Tim the Enchanter


  20. Nicholas Cabanillas

    Any one else think he sounds lil like jack black?lol

    Andrew Mudgett

    Nicholas Cabanillas they both have over-the-top vibratos but other than that I'd say no because their timbres & intonations are a bit different... but i can see where you're coming from.

  21. emil 355

    love this song!!

  22. Isaac Aiden


    Nick Hantzopulos

    Who would? I just got into them because a Nameless Ghoul mentioned them in a segment of Whats in My Bag and this is the first song I heard and its amazing.

  23. SkittersTractorfist

    Has anyone noticed that Messiah looks like a cross between Meatloaf and Ronnie James Dio? That's why I've nicknamed him, MeatDio. xD


    Lol Diloaf.

    Nebulous Enigma


    Dick Dangle

    I call him fat Dio lmao


    Ronnie james McLoaf


    looks more like meatloaf and Jack Black to me. But somehow I don't think people will like calling him Black Meat or Jack Meat lol

  24. Anastasia Castrovillo

    fuck yes

  25. Anastasia Castrovillo

    fuck yes

  26. MC Crit

    Hell yeah!