Candlemass - The Bleeding Baroness Lyrics

Can you see her, slender and pale?
But so graceful she walks down the stairs
A perception of musk fills the air
The kiss of darkness, the baron's own heir

In the tower...shadows lurk
Full moon power...the Baroness' noble sleep
The daily escape...nature's mistake
Soon awake...ready for her nightly slay

She's so ruthless...evil, grotesque
In her glory...the Baroness...godless
Blood is delicious
Vampire white...ferociously vicious breed

Her heart is bleeding, time is fleeing
She's barely breathing,'re an ancient rest
Now in shock, surprise in stock...
You can't stop the clock...soon extinct like the pest

The Bleeding Baroness
Hours of slumber
Just before she will take you and make you wish that you've never been born

The Bleeding Baroness
Crimes of passion
She needs you and feeds you and bleeds you with the rise of the moon

The Bleeding Baroness
Hours of slumber
The spell I'm under

Can you see her, slender and pale?
But so graceful she walks down the stairs
A perception of musk fills the air
The kiss of darkness, the baron's own heir

The white queen smiles, the creature's alive
Thirsty forever, thirsty and proud
Her teeth drip of red, slowly...down her chest
Blood is life, blood is death

What is the price for your beauty?
Who dies when you shoe all the jewels?
The morning comes like the tide
You wish you could turn back the time
There is no love in the chamber of blood

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Candlemass The Bleeding Baroness Comments
  1. Endas Atos

    I love to bang my head with this kind of shit

  2. Alan Lloyd

    Sounds like Black Sabbath with Eddie vedder. No thanks

  3. Extra Spooky

    I remember buying this at HMV because there was some blowout sale on Metal Albums and you could get like 4 for 20$ This was in the selection and i dug the album art. Best random choice ive ever made.

  4. Derangedxzombie

    @Ballz Ballzo You have Johan their first singer from their only and first album epicus doomicus metallicus (listen to crystal ball) Then Messiah Marcolin probably their best singer with an operatic voice (albums nightfall and ancient dreams, listen to Bewitched to see his funny dancing) Though this newest singer is great also.

  5. SugarPop 89

    this song is true magic i love it plus the hammer of doom in fact all the songs on this album kick butt 

  6. Xhoni Shollaj

    Pure awesomeness 

  7. Brian Skala

    worst cover art ever but awesome song.

    Travis Fitzgerald

    Brian Skala what!? no no its very fitting for the music


    A drawing of a skeletal angel wielding a blade in one hand a cross in the other on an old scroll or piece of parchment paper is a fucking perfect album cover for this

  8. murderaddiction

    It certainly is.

  9. 92Vucgy

    No it isn't ...

  10. anticapitalism antiracist


    Jimmy Wells

    Fuck off commie scum.

  11. Sean Cordes

    Isole, Scald, Procession, Doomsword, and While Heaven Wept are all well worth checking out.

    FrankinChicken B

    Check out The Skull (Former Trouble members Eric Wagner & Co. ) , Below, and Trinakrius as well.

  12. The0Dark0Warrior

    Isole are one of the best at the epic doom metal scene.I love them :D

  13. ADeadHeaDz

    I'd say Solitude Aeturnus was your best bet if you like this album, as the singer is even the same. If it wasn't their first album you listened to, be sure to listen to White Ship and Mirror of Sorrow.

    Thunderstorm and Pallbearer are some of the best doom bands you can get, and they both lie on the epic doom side of the spectrum. There's also Ice Dragon if you're looking for more of a Sabbath influence.

  14. Arcturus1991

    Also, Check a band called "Altar of Oblivion". They´re a modern band but still kick ass.

  15. Arcturus1991

    Reverend Bizarre, Cathedral, Trouble, Doomsword, Dantesco (Spanish Doom Metal).

  16. Spencer Cobb

    Anyone know any bands like Candlemass? I've been suggested Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard, and Solitude Aeturnus and have listened to them all and frankly, they just don't compare... A band with slow, powerful riffs, obviously doom, and a voice of liquid fire, with operatic range...?

  17. Spencer Cobb

    Really? Messiah Marcolin's voice... painful? His range is just sick. I'll admit though, he needed/needs to stop eating...

  18. Spencer Cobb

    I'm sorry... DMD is really good, but nothing beats Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.

  19. JoshTAnderson36

    Cheers mate!

  20. JoshTAnderson36

    Just discovered this band. How have I not heard them before? This is mindblowingly good.

  21. Avatar Korra

    Epicus Doomicus Metallicus was a masterpiece, but I couldn't stand the singer they had afterwards, his voice was painful.

  22. Tyler Steward

    It sounds nothing like it dude

  23. CannibaLouiST

    Has anyone noticed that the intro sounds like D12's My Band in slow motion?

  24. Paris Stamatiadis

    well i dont know them very well. Can someone tell wgo sings here ???

  25. Tyler Steward

    got a full back tattoo of the death angel today. Sweetest looking thing ever!

  26. Schwarzkald

    Just incomparableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ha blaaaaaa.

  27. winter1235

    Candlemass will be sorely missed.

  28. damianomc

    10 people are assholes....... and retarded

  29. damianomc

    HELL YEAH!!!! Vocals remind me of old-school Ozzy in early Sabbath stages.

  30. murderaddiction

    This is "Stairway to Heaven" played backwards...

  31. Aardolar

    stoner metal FOREVER!!!!

  32. bluehavencd

    This may not have Messiah, but it's not half bad. I can still feel the Candlemass magic.

  33. jwatson626

    @RE8978RETURN HAHAHA!!!!

  34. potbelly8

    @OxidaneProductions That would be awesome, and guitar preferably. Bass if not.
    Someone one or two riffs, but no solo ):
    Very much appreciated if you could do it :]

  35. popas7

    Somebody employ Messiah soon!

  36. Avatar Korra

    Never took interest in Candlemass after Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, but this sounds rather good.

    Load Game

    What?? Everything from 1980s Candlemass is perfect. Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, Nightfall, Ancient Dreams and Tales Of Creation are just perfect. Even Chapter VI is good!

  37. potbelly8

    Could anyone be awesome and tab this for me? Would be very much appreciated.

  38. Christian Vestergaard Hornshøj

    @23Solo High Hopes is actually a Pink Floyd song they covered... Besides that Pink Floyd is a great band too.

  39. dionysios1991

    @bogmih who said that?

  40. TheLegionsOfMetal

    Robert Lowe RULES!

  41. Secruss Ssurces

    @Dufkut What?

  42. stranger

    As much as I like the album, I like cover. It fits perfectly to the music.

  43. ballz ballzo

    I can't believe I never heard of these guys. This is seriously one of not only the best metal songs but best songs I've heard in a long time. I see that some of the die hard fans on here think the other singers were better but this guy is pretty f'n good!!

  44. Ramk0core

    Wow....Robert Lowe sounds so much better here than in Solitude Aeturnus. I like them both but Candlemass more and it was mostly because of Lowe, but he sounds so good in this album...

  45. MSGDK

    candlemass is the metal band that changed my music life forever.

  46. IcedEarth426

    Happy Halloween!!

  47. 23Solo

    wow the chorus remember me of high hopes by nightwish

  48. antoniusmetal

    I've always been such a fan of both Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus...
    This record is truly remarkable.

  49. mongo426

    i like this sounds great

  50. caergian

    Candlemass is like fine wine; the older it gets, the better it becomes.

  51. Moa991

    dude there is a serious problem: you have to sop baning if you want to drink your beer but you cant because this is so awesome.... im actually banging my head as i write this.

  52. mongo426

    they still kick ass wish they would play in the usa more.

  53. Pete Durgen

    I must say that I'm an old school Candlemass fan and I think this material could actually carry on the respect that they have earned from their past accomplishments. They're on the right track.

  54. scumimpaler

    De gustibus non est disputandum. I don't depreciate his skills - one cannot. I just cannot enjoy this Music w/ his kind of voice.

  55. scumimpaler

    The music - Great. The singer - Great mistake.

  56. Earf

    guys whats the Candlemass song in a vid called <>?

  57. -isaara-

    @jango239 Lol yeah only corpse paint for black metal people because it can look cool sometimes

  58. -isaara-

    @jango239 Ahhh shit you're right. But we can find a way around that if we try.

  59. -isaara-

    Damn subgenres... People align themselves too much with one subgenre or only a few. Everything should be known as metal, and that way, people can support metal and it can overtake this terrible music that is popular nowadays!!

  60. Michał Mursztyn

    pure fucking doom metal \,,/ salve Candlemass!

  61. LetsPlayMineSweeper

    @partsas where did you hear that?

  62. Paul Revolinsky

    Holy shit! I didn't know Candlemass was still around and as heavy as ever. Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus got me into doom metal at the same time. It's awesome that Rob Lowe now sings for Candlemass!

  63. SpaceCat

    death metal is nothing.... THIS IS REAL MUSIC!!!

  64. Johan Lundkvist

    Leif Edling is Candlemass, he writes everything. They doing just great without messiah. Just listen to to this record It's fucking awesome!

  65. KIZSuperfan

    I think candelmass is just candlemass without messiah^^

  66. bearlooter

    Fuck thats crushing .......

  67. boobsmaster

    fuck you and you overcomplicated genre categorization.

  68. presidentenssm

    candlemass isn´t candlemass without messiah marcolin.. sorry but so it is.

  69. boobsmaster

    fool , candlemass IS doom. my dying bride just play piano

  70. bogmih

    There's no such thing as too heavy for doom. This is great.

  71. tank OVER

    hehe why that offense ?

  72. tank OVER

    my opinion : they are too heavy for doom . i prefer My Dying Bride . but they are also ok :)

  73. PhantomOfTheOpera

    wacken 2010! *_*

  74. Gotaar

    gona see them at the Hellfest in 2010 !!! yeah !!!!

  75. Patrick Mensch


  76. MarkitanTKY

    Fucking Great. Amazing. Must GET.

  77. güiro bong-o

    Where did you see them+

    I hate u

  78. Dimis

    i saw them yesterday in athens they where amazing!

  79. vacantplanet

    Looking forward to the gig tomorrow

  80. sludgedisciple

    Lowe is finally meshing with the band. I will always be a Messiah Marcolin fan, but this record is epid candlemass!


  81. Omar Faisal

    the riffs are just AMAZING!


    I can see what you mean, Im a big fan of power metal too, so I love the extreme vocal limits.


    Can you explain a bit more what you mean by that?


    Marcolin was a legacy in himself.

  85. topografer

    both singers are very very good. And this band is great

  86. Anjohl

    Fucking EPIC.

  87. Brynhi1d

    This guys voice isn't as great as Messiah Marcolin's. I miss him and his kick-ass dance. :P

  88. Anjohl

    This song is fucking epic.

  89. Omar Faisal

    fucking beautiful

  90. DMfan1994

    Dammit why don't I have any Candlemass in my music library yet?

  91. AFMacker

    good voice too!!!

  92. Horor Rabit

    sounds as good as black sabbaths headless cross

  93. fiernocht

    nintendo is awesome... but other video game companies are better.

  94. zaxceXXX

    If you think this song is good listen to if i ever die (same album)

  95. quehannaband

    No, he is third best. That's final. Again. :)

  96. ANALVOMIT666


  97. therealsauce

    Simply brilliant. And the album is worth avery single cent, trust me.

  98. rbm1918

    Even after all of these years these guys are still creative and brilliant! How many other bands are creative even after just four albums? They still rule, with or without Messiah. This song destroys.