Candlemass - Soothe Me Into Oblivion Lyrics

Trading thoughts with the moon
Do you know about infinity?
And with a broken spoon
I bless the ones without clarity
I see through these walls
The godlike urge, feverish fireworks
So when reality calls
I'm back inside my wonderworld

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Candlemass Soothe Me Into Oblivion Comments
  1. MINOTAUR Official

    "Thunder breaks the silence
    in the dead of night
    once among the living
    now watch them slowly
    die all around us
    no guiding beam of light
    voices stops by suffer
    before they'd rape the light!"⛧🤘

  2. Lucifer Metalhead

    totally sounds like kreator!!! which means they jam

    MINOTAUR Official

    In good company, brother. Thanks for your words! New album in production. Keep in contact! The Slaughter Continues..⛧🤘

  3. TheArchDemon


    MINOTAUR Official

    Thanks for the sick words, brother! Be with the TAUR!!!⛧🤘

  4. SCamc

    Fuckng Pure Blackened Thrash :D this is Great!!!

  5. GatesOBabylon

    i wish we had more metal like this in america

    MINOTAUR Official

    I know what you mean! Until then.. You always have TAUR's back catalog.⛧🤘

  6. Eurynomus

    @ThetrueSpalter No its not, but the vocals sound a lil "blackmetalish"
    Dunno I liek em

    MINOTAUR Official

    Good! New album in production. More information about that soon! Keep in contact! Thanks for the support!⛧🤘

  7. Belthal


    MINOTAUR Official

    Full frontal assault!!!⛧🤘

  8. Paulo Pereira

    I'm a Minotaur fan since demo days. I never understood why they aren't at the same level than most of German speed/thrash acts...

    MINOTAUR Official

    I support you Paulo! Thank you for the Dedication!!! Your words ring like an Iron Bell! Some paths are easier for others. Some are instead treacherous and bloody. And so it is for TAUR! Not for the faint of heart! The Slaughter Continues..⛧🤘

  9. winterplaag

    for blackened trash try desroyer666 witchaven or Flagellator

  10. DixiyFlatline

    yeah this band rocks

    MINOTAUR Official

    Of course.  Be with the TAUR! \m/