Candlemass - Mirror, Mirror Lyrics

Mirror, mirror upon the wall
Magic demon eye
A realm of madness
Awakened by the call

Speak the ancient words of mages
Try to take control
The essence of evil,
A challenge for your soul

The battle of minds
The riddle the rhymes
Beware of the darkness behind
Usurped and enslaved
Redeemed and betrayed
The devil in the mirror, obey!

Iridescent pulsation light
Glowing in its heart
The surface is reflecting
Nightmares of your mind

Green mist swirling deep within
A dark dimension takes from
The grip of clawed hands drags you inside

The battle of minds
The riddle the rhymes
Beware of the darkness behind
Usurped and enslaved
Redeemed and betrayed
The devil in the mirror, obey!

Enchanted with powers to conquer your soul
Good or evil it won't mind
The mirror of darkness is blind

Feel the presence, the voice of the dark
Break the balance, intrudes your mind
Try to deny, oh master of fools
Captured forever, the loser learns the rules

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Candlemass Mirror, Mirror Comments
  1. John Dude

    Great tune dude love it

  2. Mike Bailey

    I just discovered this band in 2019. I got alot of catching up to do. 🤘🤘🤘

  3. Jelly Beans

    Love them. Damn,that long blonde hair back then Love the music.

  4. Thorsten Bachmann

    12 persons with an demonic eye


    First time hearing this i thought "i'm totaly going to cover this on the guitar",the riffs just bought me. Then solo came and i was like "well fuck you whoever you are mr.guitar player". 3 years later its still one of my favorite solos(and i still cant play it for shit)

  6. Scottish Warrior

    Peaceville did a great job reissuing these CD's with plenty of bonus tracks and killer booklets and formats.

  7. Frank Tiedemann

    1988 . . . und immer noch absolut zeitlose Mucke !

  8. Frank Tiedemann

    Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand . . .

  9. Mikki And jesse

    His voice is so amazing.How can he do that???THATS SO COOL.Guys I luv his voice

  10. NO BODY


  11. Edward Whatley

    One of my favorite bands

  12. Mike Messick

    Hell yeah

  13. NewSkin

    Messiah is the Pavarotti of metal.

  14. Daniel McCloskey

    Life is an the mirror

  15. Harney Rodrigues

    Heavy metal sempre!!!!! Quando o som e fudido mano, eu piro pra caralho!!

  16. Edgar Pires

    Depois de Yngwie Malmsteen, talvez o melhor que se faz por lá, si?

  17. Jake Bristow

    Saw these guys at Netherlands Deathfest last year, absolutely love this band 🤘

  18. Breaking in Vain

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall
    True hope lies beyond the coast
    You're a damned kind, can't you see
    That tomorrow bears insan-ity?


    Guardian brother

    גור רותם

    Blind guardian

  19. Cristian Lima

    Joguei muito TES OBLIVION curtindo esse som

  20. sex6cult9revolution

    Solitary and funny.

  21. Valkyria

    The Devil in the mirror!!! Will take the 4 unfortunate souls that don't Iike this!!! Thanks for the upload!

  22. Cristian Lima

    Listening to this while playing TES OBLIVION

    Welfare Crusader

    Slaying vampires with candlemass blasting is great stress relief

    Leonidas Of Sparta

    Cristian Lima you sir, know how to live life to the fullest!

  23. Psycho Machinery

    And some people think Blind Guardian's song is the original... lol. HAIL MESSIAH, THE MAN.

    Andre Felder

    Both songs are epix


    Not really sure what you are saying, those are two completely different songs that are in no way related.

  24. Cristian Lima

    I want this epic song in my funeral

  25. Blind Bosnian

    Blind Guardian has the song of the same name.And guess what:both of them are epic as hell

  26. Skeleton

    I feel like the operatic voice is easier to enjoy once you know what Messiah looks like, it's a moment of clarity. of course he's a dark aged looking executioner looking troll man with a bountiful mountain of hair.


    Of course.

    nick davis

    Not really for me. That mystery kind if caught me off guard and was kind of cool. When I firat heard mourners lament I thought he was black hahahah. He has an extremely full voice. Too bad hes definitely passed the vocal prime.

    G Delic

    When I heard his voice the first time I thought: "Man, this guy surely looks like a medieval disco king"


    Besides the epic vocals, his doom dance won me over.

  27. gaby man clasiadicto

    Una voz perfecta

  28. Joan Perez Gimenez

    I love it

  29. Dan Orozco

    I LOVE this!

  30. _Emma _

    His voice... *-*

    A Dude Who Loves Heavy Metal

    It sound like he is singing opera at some point in the song

  31. KarateBJJ 1994

    candlemass kicks ass man

  32. Agent Orange

    Hate his voice

    Some Dumbass



    what ???? he is very epic

    Darryl Cornejo

    Messiah is better than both singers that were in Candlemass. Unlike most people, as much as I highly disagree with your opinion, I'll turn the other cheek. Have a nice day.

    Psycho Machinery

    Noob detected


    That solo is fucking amazing

  34. prutnek

    spiegeltje spiegeltje aan de wand

    Jelmer van der Zaag

    Magisch demonisch oog

  35. gansaification

    meu irmão ta gordoprecisa emagrecer
    essa musica e dez

  36. Berlin Onnatop

    Too fuckin sick.  My soul is yours... take it before the darkness take it!!! 

  37. Michael Orlet

    Mmmmm.. yup! See that number next to the dislikes? That's a zero!

  38. Conde

    Witchfinder General defined the Doom Metal.

  39. Wolfram

    eh, I am Norwegian and I got a deep brutal voice, but even I cant sing like Messiah!

  40. Wolfram

    How can Messiah be so awesome? oh wait, he is scandinavian right?

  41. Louise Wik

    proud to be swedish! hail Candlemass!

  42. Alison Hell

    Dat voice.

  43. warpig616

    IDK if I'm diggin' the vibratos on this guy's vocals...

    Kodanshi Helcarver

    I totally am! As manifest and controlled as that of Natsuki from -OZ-

  44. MrMetalboy23

    This song is Doom Metal Cloass, Candlemass are the riff mysters of Doom!

  45. Andrew Anton

    riffs of niceage!

  46. NonEternal

    dat intro, oh god... beautiful and brutal at the sametime

  47. tavi921

    The best intro ever.

  48. SM Daly

    Candlemass has always been a band to play with, meaning playing their music.

  49. joshtheguy josh

    the album cover kicks so much ass!

  50. Luka rogošić

    Because: a) They're not coping black sabbath, they're just playing a genre black sabbath invented in their own original way.
    b) They're Scandinavian. Mothers there when they breastfeed feed children with metal instead of milk.

  51. PewPewPlasmagun

    HOW CAN THEY SOUND so black sabbath like and at the same time so original? scandinavians and metal have a relationship that is simply not
    of this world.

  52. PewPewPlasmagun

    phrases like

    "Lurking in the shadows
    Twisted shape of creeping terra"

    show the subtle ingenuity of candlemass.

  53. PewPewPlasmagun


    more precisily, its epic doom.

  54. Mario Loi

    @abi64328 son suecos....

  55. Panos Karavasilis