Candlemass - Man Of Shadows Lyrics

2 'o clock, the basement doom shift
Afternoon and you dig in the black ditch
Comatose, turned off's the light switch
Collector of grief, full scale deathwish

Everyday, a grey and sad day
I dip my love in soul pain
And still looking for things to detest
Beware of the love that you'll regret

And I'm sitting here with my arms around me, arms around me
I'm a bit surprised that you haven't found me, haven't found me

On top of mount failure, damned and ignored
I nurse the depressions... I know what I've lost
Anti-social process, with razors in the closet
On a suicidal mission, whatever the cost

The Lord of grief, relief
The Lord of grief, relief

Man of shadows
The clouds bear your name
And your thought fade to grey... With
Days in shadow
The dark is the same
But's a whole different day for the...

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