Candlemass - House Of 1000 Voices Lyrics

Inside the house that burned
No exit, no return
A place of oak and ashes
The silence of a 1000 voices

In the ruins of blackened wood
The house of orphans stood
No play, no childhood existed
You checked in, you never left

In the house of a 1000 voices
There's the hall of a 1000 devils
Broken dreams, no hopes no choices
Just a box full of evil

There's a room that no-one has seen
In the walls, a 1000 screams
Little voices, toys and laces
In the mirrors you see their faces

Stones and thrash, grass and berries
In the yard, there's something buried
There's a smell of somethings that's wrong
Something is wrong

Tiny feet and tiny shoes
In the shadows they're still running loose
Innocent to murder and death
Murder and death

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Candlemass House Of 1000 Voices Comments
  1. MassiveGat

    Candlemass fucking rocks!

  2. Chadwick Autry

    I love that tone

  3. misanthrope stefanos

    1:48 classic Candlemass refrain with sense and melody, pretty nice compination!

  4. Alison Eckiwaudah

    Lars is a guitar god

  5. Трамвайный Хам

    какая прелесть

  6. Filosofia Sobre Rodas

    Nomes ligados a Olavo de Carvalho são afastados do Ministério da Educação >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  7. Jeff Gates

    Hate to say, Lowe is best at vocals

  8. kii MII

    The best album..masterpiece in my opinion

  9. Tom Heinemann

    4 pussies dislike go to listen to justin bieber .

    Candlemass 4 ever epic.

  10. crusthammer zine pierre buquet


  11. Edson 232922ee

    killer guitar riffs , seens the apocalipse moment ! down in the fucking greve ! the band is amazing

  12. Jugolbrazowy

    I would love to dig graves for all my enemies to this song.

    Mike Kean

    Need to kill the fuckers first.

    Clinton Miller

    My back isn't strong enough. Too many graves to dig. But I would love to give it a go. Lol

    Alison Eckiwaudah

    So would i

    21st Century Muse

    I had to dig a grave recently, it’s a work out man.

  13. John Webster


  14. chuck gardner


  15. Richard Meyer

    Lars Johansson= Guitar god


    big truth mate

  16. Cecilia Jaramillo

    One of my favorites! Love Robert Lowe!

  17. carlinfan4life

    Lars Johannson is a phenomenonal guitarist. I am surprised he is so low in the best metal guitarist list of Rolling Stone magazine.

    Fatalny Wędrowiec

    Has he ever been on this list? I'm asking because i have to confess ruefully I have never seen him on any of rankings like this

    Sejuani SupportONLY

    @Fatalny Wędrowiec I goes to show how "experts" are the people compiling the lists ... Lars is amazing, considering what kind of slow rhythms he is sometimes given in order to create those solos!

  18. carlinfan4life

    Lars Johannson is a phemenonal guitarist. I am surprised he is so low in the best metal guitarist list of Rolling Stone magazine.

  19. Derangedxzombie

    Messiah had an almost operatic/soprano voice, but as great a singer as he is, this new singer is also great, matches the band well.

  20. Derangedxzombie

    This song's quality, lyrics and atmosphere too.

  21. Jerzy Dziś

    took me 7 years to realize this album is a masterpiece

    avrey The queen

    It took me 10 secounds

  22. Alastor Pendragon

    This should have been the soundtrack for Silent Hill 4 somewhere on that game.  The ending credits.

  23. Miduartt

    i love metal.. ( the doom )

  24. dj may

    one of my favorite candle mass songs

  25. Eric Brandt

    Another amazing song. \m/

  26. Child of God

    Very Sabbath-ish from like 7:15 to 7:40. Awesome part.

  27. gothic501

    briliant solo

    my love songs

    both of them!!

  28. funkadelicatelady84

    Lowe !

  29. MrThrashmetal13

    three words: DEATH.MAGIC.DOOM \m/

  30. Anorexicfatkid

    Any house you play this in immediately becomes haunted.

  31. Muzykosłuchacz

    Well... since I have heard it only once but thorougly enough I feel like I'm authorized for critisism... I must regret I like it very very much but only until 7:50 and I do not like what comes then.

  32. Muzykosłuchacz

    Stargazer brought me here and I don't regret it :)

  33. Spencer Cobb

    Messiah is definitely beast, but let's not forget who ACTUALLY is the voice of Candlemass. And that would be Johan... EDM, the album that MADE doom metal... nonetheless, both Messiah and Lowe are phenomenal singers...

  34. WarWolfeX

    Messiah is definitely the best Candlemass singer but Lowe is no slouch!! Hes at his very best with Solitude Aeturnus!! Solitude is also bad ass!!

    alex antonelli

    Lowe and Messiah are the best doom voices. Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass are the best doom bands.

    Alowicious Tool Loot suoiciwolA

    you said it brother! I CONCUR WITH ALL MY DARK HEART.

  35. Di ego

    1 word...BESTIAL.

  36. Count William Jannusch

    This album is awesome,but noone will ever replace Messiah!!He was the best singer for the band period!!This still rocks though!

  37. Ethan Moore

    I can't compare Marcolin and Lowe because their styles are so different, but equally good.

  38. purseonal2010

    For the life of me, i don't know how anyone can compare Messiah's voice to any other Candlemass vocalist IN IT'S HISTORY!!! Messiah IS Candlemass! Why did he leave the band, just when they had just reunited, i'll never know!!! Let's hope that one day in the future, both sides can put aside their differences and reunite again! i wanna hear Messiah sing every future Candlemass tune!!! He will DESTROY Rob Lowe's version, if he sang this song, I know he would!

  39. purseonal2010

    @partsas Well unfortunately, i don't think He'll ever reunite with the band. It's so sad, too! He IS the voice of Candlemass, as far as i'm concerned.

  40. Paul Revolinsky

    Messiah and Rob Lowe were both great vocalists. I don't care who sings, really. Actually, I like Lowe a little more.

  41. SPECTRE1961


    AS CANDLEMASS "HAS" House Of Thousand Voices

  42. metallicaozzyd1

    this is one of there best albums!dont ussally say that that about new albums

  43. philipst23

    this song is sad but hardcore

  44. PhantomOfTheOpera

    gonna see them on W:O:A 2010..just fuckin great *_*

  45. greatlotrfan

    doom-metal kicks ass!!!

  46. sludgedisciple

    My favorite tune from the new record... heavy, crushing doom!

  47. katensiferum

    one of the album's best songs...but the whole is AWESOME in my opinion!!!! hail Candlemass...! :)))