Candlemass - Hammer Of Doom Lyrics

In the evening rain, I was standing outside...the hell opera
I've been there before, a while ago...with Nosferatu
Saw the execution of my tomorrow...saw it and bowed
In the theater, of hellfire...the inferno is now!

I am lost again, I lean against...the purgatory gates
To ease my suffering, you're unlock my fate
The black rhapsody, I cannot breathe...inside my tomb
The devil's centurion, my world goes boom...The Hammer of Doom

The Hammer of Doom

Ain't no sunshine where I go
I stand where no roses grow
Desperate in the Typhoon
Swinging the Hammer of Doom

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Candlemass Hammer Of Doom Comments
  1. Nabucodonosor

    Perfectly creepy song

  2. unknown

    Good song - good band

  3. güiro bong-o

    Great , i love this album new shit good shit. I like solitude aerternus singer s voice.