Candlemass - Destroyer Lyrics

Land of thousand needles
Land of cripple and lame
So much self indulgence
And so much shit in my brain

The people under the staircase
And all the vomit in hell
Parading here on my doorstep
I just want to get well

You walk amongst us, a majesty of wrath
Chaos and cleansing, one man world war
A mind on kill mode, expressionless face
Brain like a child, fuck the human race

There in the spotlight you grin
And the slaughter of delight begins
Oceans of limelight you drink
And society fall in a blink

You are the destroyer of the world

Destroy the destroyer
I'm plagued with disease
And soon we'll all be
Praying on our knees

I am injected, with venom and your piss
My life is hatred, I spiral down the abyss
A mind on kill mode, expressionless face
Brain like a child, Fuck the human race

And there in the spotlight I grin
Let the slaughter of delight begin
Oceans and limelight I drink
And my dreamworld fall in a blink

I am the destroyer of the world

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Candlemass Destroyer Comments
  1. Ethan Behnke

    Not as good as the original vocalist, without him it went from unique and original to mediocre.

  2. chuck gardner

    the destroyer is money in the usa

  3. Saucey

    lvling up in WoW classic in Thousand Needles listening to this

  4. Dracandros

    Love this song

  5. Игорь игоревич

    Бляяя металлика вылитая

  6. Keith Holm

    Robert Lowe and Thomas Vikstrom are two of the greatest vocalists.

  7. Andres Svarne

    Fucking Awsome

  8. Jugolbrazowy

    You don't have to like Candlemass, but you just MUST respect them for the solos. Holy shit...

  9. Thomas Greaves

    Fucking amazing.

  10. Nuclear Explosion

    This is black metal,didn't it?

    Nuclear Explosion

    Mr. Street Of Dreams Doom metal exists?

    El Emisario de R ́lyeh

    Nuclear Explosion Yes, and it's a very consolidated subgenre in metal.

    Nuclear Explosion

    Iron Priest Thank you ☺

    Russell Mcgurn

    Nuclear Explosion No it didnt LMAO!

    Patrick Mensch

    Nuclear Explosion 😆wut? No man this is pure DOOM metallll🤘🏼🤘🏼

  11. Mike Calak

    Guys voice Is up there with the best love Robert Lowe

  12. Kain Nosgoth

    The outro from around 5:40 to the end is nothing short of epic. A blend of power and melody that is truly medieval in it's sound.  Their music would be welcome in either heaven or hell..

    Ryan Hightower

    The Ending Solo is just true badass-ness anther version of this epic ending solo is on the ending of Edgar grey its almost identical  to this version but this one more epic with the guitar


    The ending to Cry from the Crypt is also pretty similar in structure.

    Kain Nosgoth

    @BOSS ROSS Yeah, but you can just FEELthe sadness in the outro to Cry From The can see this creature on it's knees, howling as it cries endlessly, with the dust of it's loved one slipping thru it's hands and onto the cold stone floor. An eternity without the one it loved..some serious emotion there.

  13. Mr Skatosakoulas

    welcome to the internet :P

  14. Thedeathqs

    need tabs

    Chekhov Belinskogo

    Thedeathqs have you ever found tabs?

  15. Aptenodytes42

    The outtro (from about 5.40) is awesome. No volume is loud enough.

    Ryan Hightower

    agreed I can deal with just a 7 minute loop of just the ending solo by itself

  16. GetYourSelfAbeer

    (it's a 'she') well thanks for the support man. Have a nice day

  17. GetYourSelfAbeer

    Which one?

    Mikael Lindmark

    Probably they mean messiah

  18. C7Zerotoxins

    what ever the fuck he said ^

  19. SerenityMetal

    I hear you Doom metal not Thrash.

  20. Mr Skatosakoulas

    k omws :D :/

  21. Mr Skatosakoulas

    kai to vlepw 8 mhnes meta xaxaxaxaxaxaxa :P den tsantisthka apla phga na ton trolarw alla sta paparia tou nomizw me egra4e :)


    ποιος να' ξερε ότι έχουμε και ελληνάρες σε αυτά τα σοκάκια του youtube

  22. PrettyGoodBand

    everyone likes em some thrash tho


    PrettyGoodBand this is Doom. Basically the opposite of Thrash.

  23. GetYourSelfAbeer

    @MrSkatosakoulas Μην μου εξάπτεσαι Mr Σκατοσακούλα.Ξέρω, ήταν τραγικό το λάθος αν και δεν φαίνεται να τον νοιάζει και πολύ το τύπο. Chill man...

  24. Mr Skatosakoulas

    it's fucking doom metal man!put i in the tags.not even close to thrash and death metal!