Candlemass - Bewitched Lyrics

Can't you see the devil in me?
Just take a look in my eyes
I will play for you this wicked melody
It's magic will reach for your soul

It burns inside, no place to hide
This strange tune possesses your mind
It comes over you, and the nightmare is true
You'll enter the realm of the dark

You are bewitched...
You are bewitched...

Bewitched by delight, you'll reach the night
Dancing and singing to my fiddle
So take my hand, and understand
That no-one will see you again

You are bewitched...
You are bewitched...

I am the master of the enchanted tune
I'll play for your joy, for your soul, for your doom
My fingers they dance upon the strings like fire
Weaving a spell of my burning desire

Sing with me, meet your destiny
Set yourself free to the magic
So come with me, my kingdom to see
Believe me you're captured my friend

You are bewitched...
You are bewitched...
You are bewitched...
You are bewitched...

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Candlemass Bewitched Comments
  1. Mike Pritzlaff

    Hard to believe that this is a 19 year old kid singing.

  2. sikk fukken kunt

    absolute possessed maniac doom from hell fukkin cheers messiah thank you for this goddamned absolute classic of doom metal nothing like a bit of epic doom especially candlemass when ur drunk. bewitched metal til death

  3. T L

    I went down a weird black metal rabbit hole that started with Loudwire, then Wikipedia on the band Mayhem and their vocalists Dead’s death, then to this song to see what Dead looks like. I was extremely bewildered to hear operatic singing instead of the usual black metal screaming.


    Lol awesome


    Rip dead

  4. spazatron 2000

  5. Conrad Phạm

    FYI the guy who made this MV went on to make MV for Madonna and Lady Gaga :(


    He also made the legendary Smack My Bitch Up video for The Prodigy.


    4:56 You could have taken that splint to record the video...

  7. Dark Matter

    Aún no supero cuando empujan a Dead jsks

  8. terra plana

    the solo is a fucking blinder

  9. Flávio Giannini


  10. brutal dead horse

    КИРКОРОВ ???? оО

  11. Zach Van Dyk

    They definitely payed that woman A LOT of money to be in this video 😂

  12. Zach Van Dyk

    I really hope people only like this for the laughs 😂😭


    Respect the metal heritage ya grom.

  13. Probably Jammin


  14. Mau Of The Dead

    I've just finally realized the guitarist isn't actually playing the solo cuz he has a cast on his left hand and his thumb is stuck upright, HAHAHAHAHAH

    I love Candlemass

  15. Joey Azhang

    Sick song funny as hell video lol

  16. ZaBaNdaS

    1:25 Metin Türkcan

    Burak OZ

    ZaBaNdaS değil


    @Burak OZ esprisine dedim zaten :)

  17. Prairie Judge


  18. Purple Pinkie Pie

    Love the raw sound, raw video is even better. God I wish were old enough to experience the golden age

  19. Arthur Challat

    This clip

    Is it a so-bad-it's-good-clip or a parodic clip ?

    Either way. This clip is legendary <3 <3

  20. C. Augustine

    The singer is clearly Sai Baba in disguise.

  21. Leonard Money

    He's 19 years old in this song, but sounds like He's 40

  22. Leonard Money

    19 years old, sounds like He's 32

  23. John Chipman

    Can't you see, the devil in me
    just take a look in my eyes
    I will play for you, this wicked melody
    it's magic will reach for your soul
    It burns inside, no place to hide
    this strange tune possesses your mind
    It comes over you, and the nightmare is true
    you'll enter the realm of the dark

    You are bewitched... [x 2]
    Bewitched be delight, you'll reach the night
    dancing and singing to my fiddle
    So take my hand, and understand
    that no-one will see you again

    You are bewitched... [x 2]
    I am the master of the enchanted tune
    I'll play for your joy, for your soul, for you doom
    My fingers they dance upon the strings like fire
    weaving a spell of my burning desire
    Sing with me, meet your destiny
    set yourself free to the magic
    So come with me, my kingdom to see
    believe me you're captured my friend
    You are bewitched... [x 4]

  24. Justin Irving

    I want someone to look at me like Messiah does to the people he says "You are Bewitched!" to

  25. Rocio Mariell Gonzalez Gutierrez

    Muy bueno 😎

  26. moresnare

    Singer sounds like Tom Jones...

  27. ale loba f 13

    Amo el guitarrista de este grupo yo quiero un novio así como el guitarrista de este grupo o deep o chester b

  28. ale loba f 13

    Ami me gusta la musica y vídeo y mas que sale alguien digno de admirar y seguir deep

  29. Otto Metzger

    I saw the thumbnail for this and thought that it was a Melvins video. I never heard of these guys before, but damn, that's some tough sounding jams. I doubt it, but it sounds like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden could have been influenced by this.

  30. Jason

    I had no idea Jeff Ross could sing like that.

  31. bigthereal

    Candlemass rocks

  32. Metal Blood

    4:27 Per Yngve Ohlin Dead..!!!! 😮

    Linn Algeti

    Ты правда здесь был?!))

    вася х

    Обычный говнарь прославившийся только благодаря своей отстрелянной бошке))

    Bartosz Biniek

    Even there he looks creepier than everybody else around.


    hauuu haaaaa. refrescante

  34. Glock 19

    Jack Black is singing his ass off

  35. George Aek

    omg this voice is getting inside me


    This is your pribate lufe i didnt want to know that


    I am apparently deunk or tired ... back to sleep

    In my coffin

  36. jaaaaa aaaaaa

    that solo kicks ass

  37. Adar Tzivion

    I think that is the first time I notice that on the grave there's is Messiah name on it

  38. El Emisario de R ́lyeh

    I'm Bewitched!

  39. Бизнес Non-Stop

    Это навека !!!

  40. Joyce Wambui

    and they said I can't dance to metal.In your face!

  41. Joe Lachiana

    sounds better at 1.5x

  42. JayWrecks

    Is it really THAT easy to bewitch people? Just point & yell "YOU ARE BEWIIII-IIITCHED" ?

    Also, this is clearly Jack Black in a Claudio Sanchez wig.

    the shaman of enterprise

    Underrated comment...

    Fairy Seraphim

    It's that easy for Messiah Marcolin, yes.

    Joseph Singleton

    I guess your kind of right but it's not like you could do any better 😏

  43. Stephane Guitare

    super solo de guitare !!!!

  44. Udo Martens Hello everybody, I'm a big fan of Candlemass and I play guitar myself, maybe someone likes to listen to one of my songs !?

  45. Angel Juarez

    dont buy milk 2% lol laugh out loud 1992s

  46. Ana Gruber

    The stomping headbang is epic!

    Wizard Guy


    Zach Van Dyk

    Epically funny lmao

  47. Ephemeral Eiswer

    Dead Was Dead, But Before His Dead Bewitched By Messiah Marcolin !!!

  48. Ephemeral Eiswer

    Bewiitched By Lies, You'll Reach The Noise? No...
    Bewitched By Delight, You'll Reach The Night....

  49. vasgial

    Messiah is inreplaceable

  50. Александр Гигель

    Looks like Cubrick's film)0

  51. Ruan Carneiro

    dunno you guys but it feel to me a little like black metal except for the beat


    It's doom metal.

  52. Anzony Jiménez

    Nacho Libre?

    Icirbaf Sevet


  53. hampus bjorklund

    Messhia is the next D.I.O

  54. Sebastian X

    that hair... my god....
    but i wish i had his voice!! fucking epic as fuck!!!

  55. behemoth b

    30 ppl got Bewitched!!!!

  56. Carlo Jacobo

    That aspect ratio!

  57. Zaynoun Sunna'a

    he is like the love child of Ozzy and meatloaf

    Blood Eagle 88

    Marcolin always remined me of a doom metal Paul Baloff.

    Tony LV

    I loved Candlemass from the day I discovered them, they were being played on the "Metal Shop", "the only show with teeth", back in the mid 80's. Messiah Marcolin is my favorite vocalist in their line-up.

  58. Roy Mertinez

    best doom song!!!

  59. rodoxxs

    Modern metal i dont give a fuck

  60. jessy herron

    I play this while raiding in ark ;)

  61. ale hunting

    the solo rules!

  62. MexicanMercy916

    La música es lo mejor, pero el vídeo me da pena :'''v

  63. ericssonero1234 ericssonero1234

    go blood is life is deith rock n roll

  64. justin

    Dead from Mayhems shoe

  65. HarrisPaok Thira4

    Put speed on 1.25 ....sounds just like in their live :p

  66. Abyssum Invocad

    So fucking heavy!

  67. Carlos Espinoza

    Messiah Marcolin is so underrated, dude.

  68. HeronMarkBlade

    awesome tune. just awesome.

  69. John Dee

    whats wrong with her nose???


    Darude Sandstorm

  70. Chrt_nd

    A ghoul brought me hereee

  71. Andrzej Tarnowski

    1:42 ślepia Kaczyńskiego... hehe

  72. 7catstied2gether

    His voice is fuckin'...


    *guitar solos*

    Khai Gautreaux

    7catstied2gether *head explodes* oh sorry

  73. Dragos Cornea

    3:27 sums up my life

  74. LORDGOAT1976

    This video is cutting edge technology.

  75. Noah Bailis

    Love it

  76. adar tzivion

    Great song and I really like the video.

  77. Rob Erickson

    A Ghoule brought me here

    millie cevallos

    Rob Erickson me too

  78. Salata

    What is that black guitar?

  79. rubber band

    turn speed to 0.25 for heavier sound..

    Emmanuel Goldstein

    try 1.25

    Red Pyro

    Emmanuel Goldstein yeah

  80. Lord

    4k UHD

  81. Aaron Smith

    Too much metal! Amazing.

  82. Billyshead133

    Opie and Anthony brought me here!!!!!!

  83. יואב פונק

    6:14 - zombie attack?

  84. Juan Arosemena

    Michael Jackson's thriller dance metal version jajajaj

  85. S. M.

    The singer's hilarious xD


    S. M. from 3:10 to 3:20 is like a Jack Black version

    S. M.

    lol exactly

  86. The Spanish Inquisition

    holy fuck best music video ever

  87. Siebe G

    that hair tough

  88. Alvin Thrashssacre 666

    Doomaniacs :p

  89. Sterile

    I see my hero, Dead. <3
    Good song though.

  90. Jeffrey Whiting Jr.

    Dead from Mayhem was in this music video

    Sushovan Shakya

    Euronymous was there.

    Jeffrey Whiting Jr.

    @Sushovan Shakya where?

    Zodiac Diabolicum

    @Sushovan Shakya No, here was just me)

    sikk fukken kunt

    i wonder what other gnarly fukkers from the old school swedish scene were at the shoot for this video maybe dudes from merciless or nihilist or something who fukkin knows. cool shit to think about

  91. Evelyn Tindle

    That hair tho

  92. Anthony P. Simard

    So fucking good!

  93. Gaelan Baird Tracy

    it's little Jack Black from the pick of destiny

  94. Gadsden 2.0

    Best lap dance I ever got was to this song. Finest stripper ever!!!!

    Nouman fastbowler

    +Gadsden 2.0 how doom would have been that dance haahahahahahahahh

    The Rocker

    Gadsden 2.0 guess the dance included the Messiah- style of headbanging😂

  95. xbowmanx

    Every time the "my fiddle" part happens I die laughing.

  96. Luis Ortiz

    Doom metal guitar riffs are the best.



    Nvm just as good

    anton fredricson

    @Reedy_ and black metal riffs

  97. damian prudnik

    Messiah Marcolin nr 1

  98. Steven Andrews

    this is awesome song never deal with the the old stuff