Candlebox - Them Eyes Lyrics

Pour yourself on me, baby come on
Pain me with them smokey eyes
I've been drunk on you for what seems a lifetime
I' hung up on love
I'm surely lost, but I don't even care
Lay your head on me babe
Lay your head on me
My heart a fool to be made aware

And as I lay here by your pillow side
An uncovered lover, I simply can't deny
Until it's over now
Until it's over now
Don't say goodbye, no
Don't say goodbye

I can't remember ever wanting anything more
No memory at all
Just blindly walking through your door
Lay your hands on me babe
Lay your hands on me
My love is true
I'm surely unaware

And as I lay here by your pillow side
An uncovered lover, I simply can't deny
Don't say it's over now
Don' say it's over now
I can't say goodbye, love
I can't say goodbye, no

I'll never love another the way I loved and cared for you
You said, "it's something simple baby"
But I don't know what to do, no
So scared to let you in so I chased you out the door
You caught me smoking baby so I smoked more
You can't believe how much I hurt baby
Did I hurt you?
My jealous heart was poisoned, lover
Did it poison you?

Don't say it's over now,
Don't say it's over now
I'll crumble, lover

Oh, as I lay here tonight passed out on your floor
I can see it all
I can see what you were waiting for
I can see them eyes was wanting love
Calling me to the shore
It's all so clear to me now you are the reward

Don't say it's over now, oh
Don't say it's over now oh

And as I lay here by your pillow side
I see the sun in you, I simply can't deny
Don't say it's over now, oh
Don't say it's over now
You gimme one last try
Don't say it's over now [x4]

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Candlebox Them Eyes Comments
  1. Chris Franklin

    To the 31 of you tasteless asshats that gave this a thumbs down, eat shit. You obviously have terrible taste

  2. Bryanbighatbear l

    Awesome.. stonesish

  3. HTX Original

    Takes me back to when I was so in love with a girl named Shandy that I couldn't stand being away from her for a single minute.

  4. paul obermeyer

    such a beautiful tune , luv it , great lyrics

  5. Paul Schwinghammer

    Candlebox is extremely underrated.

  6. Thea Lyden


  7. Kevin Whiting

    Underrated asf... A mix of blind melon & PJ imo, purely Cbox...

  8. giovanni rocco

    They are a great band and kool, down to the earth dudes. I met them here in vegas and they're like guys ive known all my life. Truely grounded for how great they are!

  9. Panther Nation

    They keep on putting out great music, not many bands from the 90's can say that

    giovanni rocco

    Gianni Stone its becuz theyre all dead....
    Shame to say.....


    Red Hot Chili Peppers are so doing good

  10. Shelly Kitsinger



    Shelly Kitsinger their older stuff is better

    Paul Schwinghammer

    Great song.. reminds me of a past lover

  11. Dupree Johnson

    i got this of the best for 2012

  12. Abel Christian

    Next thing candlebox will sing about is the things of doubt and faith and some other heart or meaning if they grew as my heart did and able to sing the things in future that none other lived though. I have my doubt this band will live so long as the way my feelings grow in life. but if they do. they are the next best thing. If there truly is one god this band is immortal.

  13. Abel Christian


  14. Russ Becker

    2:06 - 3:25..... awesome!!!

  15. realgenius76

    You're welcome. I highly encourage it. They certainly have some amazing songs:)

  16. realgenius76

    Thanks. Straight from the CD I bought yesterday:)