Candlebox - Steel And Glass Lyrics

There you stand
With your L.A. tan
And your New York walk
And your New York talk
Your mother left you when you were small
But you're gonna wish
you wasn't born at all
Steel and Glass
Steel and Glass

Your phone don't ring
No one answers your call
How does it feel to be off the wall
Your mouthpiece squawks as he spreads
Your lies
But you can't pull strings if your hands
Are tied
Your teeth are clean but your mind
Is capped
You leave your smell like and alley cat
Steel and Glass
Steel and Glass

There you stand with
your toilet scent
And your Mickey duck
and your Donald fuck
Your Daddy left when you were small
But you're gonna wish
you wasn't born at all
Steel and Glass
Steel and Glass
Steel and Glass

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Candlebox Steel And Glass Comments
  1. David Aguilar

    One of the most underrated vocalist & band ever!! 2019 BABY!!

  2. Dawn Wagner

    Incredible! Love Kevin ! 👍❤💯🎤

  3. TylerDurden43

    Sometimes you see the picture of a band and you know the music will be awesome...

  4. Lorraine Smith

    Omg I think next to Chris Cornell....he b so real...

  5. Clif Barsky

    I love this band and the way their songs connect to your soul.

  6. shannon morton

    Beautiful and rare cover. Very Nice!

  7. Esther Abrams

    I love them.

  8. Mark Scholfield

    That voice! Just connects in the BRAIN!

  9. Luga Lugosa

    I love this cover!

  10. amassaic

    Man, Kevin Martin just has an such an incredible vocal delivery.  This was the best cover from WCH compilation and that says alot with amazing covers from Blues Traveler, Mad Season, and Cheap Trick

    Luga Lugosa

    +amassaic I totally agree;it's a great album but this is by far the best cover!

  11. Henriette Rasmussen


  12. IviBam

    I don´t think so ;)

  13. czifrik68

    you obviously don't know real music if you think they only made one good album. Commercially YES.. you would be correct. BUT.. Musically they were better than critics hailed them as. Unfortunately they were lumped in with "grunge" and, they were the farthest thing from it..!!! :/

  14. luigisoma


    Richard F

    I respectfully disagree. While 'Lucy' wasn't (seemingly) that well received, I think each album brilliantly stands on its own. Have you heard their last few albums?

  15. smallville51

    Candlebox is by far one of the most underrated bands ever in my opinion. the steel and glass comes from the CD Working_Class_Hero_-_A_Tribute_To_John_Lennon

    Might wanna check out the Airheads soundtrack for more rare candlebox songs.

  16. MrDpaquette

    How the hell can I get my hands on this? Where?

  17. Rupert Wolfe Murray

    An incredible tribute to an incredible artis

  18. 40kedge

    Matojams.. You are so right.. This Is such a badass song.. Kevin's voice was perfect for this.

  19. noconviction

    huge john lennon fan/\.... still my favorite version

  20. Unshackled Spirit

    WUNDERBAR! Always dug it ...

  21. Mainrollman

    Kevin Martin sings this so well. His voice is so honest, pure and REAL. One of the most underated singers ever. Thanks for posting.