Candlebox - Lover Come Back To Me Lyrics

D'you ever see yourself in my eyes?
Did you ever think that maybe I'd be lost without you?
D'you ever think that I was alright
You knew it all along

D'ya ever try to sing to my songs?
Did you ever take a walk is wasn't walking with you, yea?
Did you love me just to be loved?
I knew it all along, I didn't try.

Sometimes I like to be alone.
Sometimes I try to telephone...

Lover, come back to me,
Lover, come back to me,
In your arms is where I need to be
I am alone
I am alone
A raging sea.

I want to taste your bronze skin's delights.
Did you ever want to be the sun that browns me?
D'ya ever think that I might decide?
To ask you to stay, baby put up a fight.

Sometimes I like to be alone.
Sometimes I try to telephone...

Lover, you
Lover, come back to me,
Lover, come back to me,
'Cause in your arms is where I need to be.
I'm alone
I am alone
Raging sea, yea

Lover you
Lover, come back to me
Lover, come back to me, yea
Lover, come back to me , yea
In your arms is where I need to be
I am alone
I am alone
in this raging sea, yea

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Candlebox Lover Come Back To Me Comments
  1. Mikenkfalls P

    In 2020 I still love the song and the band.......

  2. Swagata Howlader

    2019 anyone ?

  3. Tom Claxton

    Lover... tom claxton... may I never be too far away from you that I need to ask you come back to me.

  4. Tom Claxton

    Tom claxton...hope you never leave long enough to make me play this for's to you.

  5. Todd Mcfarland

    God I miss you Nikki😢😭

  6. Melissa Schaefer

    Idk if Candlebox songs always making me cry is a good thing or a bad thing.. lol, I can't stop listening though.😢😭

  7. C. S. G

    Candlebox takes me back to 9th grade!

  8. Mike Hatchett

    Vonda come back to me...... 💏💔

  9. Amy Morrison


  10. Johnny Utah

    This band is criminally underrated!

    David DeMeuse


  11. Jypsy Jen

    This song gets more beautiful every time I listen to it.

  12. Jaygne Doughy

    I love this song! It makes me cry hard
    and smile inside ...

  13. Ray Durant

    The only love of my life introduced me to candlebox and Johnny Laing ! I hate to love them still because he ain't around

  14. Ram Red Bud

    Reminds me of another place in time. Space continuum. . Yeah. .

  15. Sarah Bauguess

    Cj I love you

  16. Robert Jackson III

    My wife used to sing these songs to me from Candlebox and that's how she talk to me lots of times, unfortunately I didn't really understand The lyrics at the time, until she died in a car accident December 94. So if your love of your life sing to you don't make the mistake I made. She or he is trying to tell you something that they can't put in their own words. I still love her so much she was a brilliant woman. I will see her again in heaven, for she was a born-again Christian, I thank God for that. Dedicated to Denise Jackson!!!

    T Shay

    I’m so sorry for your loss... music is a great way to express your feelings and this is a beautiful song. May you find peace and stay strong sweetie. My prayers are with you... 🙏🏻🌹

    Steven Bailey

    i must be cutting onions....cause i got some tears....


    Robert Jackson III thank you, to know a man could love a woman that deeply gives me hope and when the time comes I hope she is waiting right next to you. So you two can go on your next adventure together.

    John Wayne

    This song came out in 2008 ? She died in 94 ? How did she sing these lyrics to you ? I'm confused

    K Marks

    God bless you sir! God is good. I was Born Again/Saved in 06. Seems so hard, but it's really as simple as when we hurt someone, we Should ask for forgiveness from them. No different with God. And in a blink of an eye he comes in like a flood. I know how to Love now, because of Jesus! Love you brother. All the best to you and your family

  17. Elaine Carnivores

    Kevin, this song is so good. I love it!

  18. Eric Little

    Tabs and chords would be nice, I know somebody knows!!!

  19. Sergio Guerra

    Grande candlebox lo mejor.

  20. Dark Knight

    still is 2/16

  21. Shannon McCarthy

    this song is everything right now!!!


    +Elizabeth McCarthy The "raging sea"......

    I know that, RAGING SEA.... :-(

  22. Lefty K

    I just seen them Live @ The St.Clair River Fest 7/25/15 - St.Clair,Mi. I took my now wife to a Candlebox Concert,on our first date back in 1994.We were REALLY looking forward to this show for a few month's only to be let down. There was probably about 8,000 people there and half of the crowd left halfway through their Set.They only played 4 - 5 songs from the first 2 LP's. Boring show and a waste of time.


    +Lefty K Wow! I saw them at the old Emerald Theater in Mount Clemens in 2012 and they were absolutely brilliant from start to finish.

    Daniel Gallegos

    just see them in Denver 9/12 and they brought the house down. awesome show.

    Todd McFarland

    Lefty K seen them the last 2 yrs in a row at the city winery in Chicago acoustic show sooooo AMAZING🙃🤓🙃🤓

    Melissa Schaefer

    Well I hope that doesn't give u a real taste of Candlebox bc I have seen them at least a half a dozen and they were always amazing.. My thought to u would be(if u care) try again.... n u saw them once so obviously u know they are amazing still!!!!

    Melissa Schaefer

    Have to add that Kevin(actually all of them) but my favorite is Kevin, lol, are so freaking awesome about signing autographs n taking pics!😁

  23. Shy Love

    Lover come back to me.....

  24. Jeremy Cormier

    I'm so in love with this song. it hits home for me big time. I've been fighting with my guitar and piano trying to find the perfect love song for my lady and I came across this and I was like damn somebody already wrote the song I've been dying to write they just say it so you guys please keep rockin!!!


    sweet goose bumps

  26. realgenius76

    I've posted some lyric videos of the new Candlebox album, check'em out. Great songs!

  27. fsiano21

    Haunting is spot on....Lost love not fun or easy, yet described so well, love this song...

  28. luvanariff

    I really love this song !!!

  29. Coco Nas

    nice one .......

  30. Donna Martin

    Great lyrics, haunting this!