Candlebox - Come Home Lyrics

I watch you fade away
your strength in long echos
its hard to see you through these days
I just want you to know
All memories get lost
we sit and wade through thru fears
I can't remember to forget you
I watch you disappear

Oh my eyes are so sad
And I will always try to remember what you said
and I have always wanted you to be proud of
all the things I said and all I've done
And oh, my heart's so barren
come home to me now

I dreamed of you last night
we're sitting in the sand
an ocean's rushing in
we sat there holding hands
the water wrapped itself around
warmly rising over head
the graceful sunset swimming
swirling through our heads

Oh, my eyes are so sad
I will always try to remember what you said
and I have always wanted you to be proud of
all the things I've said and all I've done
and oh, my heart's so barren
come home to me now

I sat along your bedside light
for hours after you had gone
my head a mess of happiness
all colored in crayon
it's hard to say goodbye
so hard, so hard I'm sure you know
you were grace when I was stumbling
you were the strength when I let go

And every song I sung with you
the darkest to the brightest tunes
will keep you in my heart heart of hearts
as pains they come but soon depart
and oh, my eyes are so sad
oh, my eyes are so said
come home to me now

I watch you fade away
your strength in long echos

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Candlebox Come Home Comments
  1. Mary Jo McGraw

    This is my favorite Candlebox song.

  2. Steve Link

    Been listening to this since it came out so much that now my daughter loves it and learned to play it on guitar

  3. Brian Ellis

    Remember no matter how bad it is. Someone always has it worse.

  4. John Smith CEO Choke Collar Records

    All of the songs on this album had such diversity, clarity in production, and precision! Excellent!

  5. Limber che

    Candlebox ♥️

  6. Gregory Marquez

    2019 better than most songs now..

  7. Young Dinero

    My dad spoke to me through this song he passed in 98 and I was born in 97 RIP Edward Daniel Held

  8. Monty K

    This is my absolute favorite song ever!!!! As I can resent with....

  9. Paula Williams

    Love you guys 💟

  10. Johnnie's Dillinger

    I bet I'm listening to this in 2099... You never know with modern science. Hahahaha

  11. Stephanie Benen

    Amazing song, amazing voice, love it 💝

  12. Rb utube

    Who gives a thumbs down? This song is right on, homeless isn't exactly a thumbs up but not necessarily a thumb thumbs down either!!!!

  13. Michael Jenkins

    The music IS in your heart. Dont be afraid to sing it.

  14. Rb utube

    I've lived this before sadly probably will again even if ok again without being a person that wants to work! The average American is only 2 paychecks behind living same life

  15. Brian Ellis

    I need you Jesus 🙏 help me with my legal problems etc 🙏. I love you and praise the Lord Jesus Christ 🙏

  16. Laure Murkuns

    Great song to end the album with.

  17. Christopher Lipp

    I've lived a normal roll coaster ride life
    Which has made it difficult to hold onto most shit that humans care about holding on to
    But to get to the point
    In twelve years I've held on to my written words
    A bad ass trippy triangle rock some of my sanity and my beloved
    warhorse Indian blanket my grams got me
    It's my blanket that I call home

  18. Thomas Tacey

    Candlebox is now and always has been in my top three favorite bands ever!

  19. Rusell Shaw

    Candlebox put out one good album and that was it it was a hell of album but they just didn't never do nothing else successful

    Kenney Williams

    Happy pills is a really good album from them 1998 check it out if you havent

  20. Greg Alvarez

    This song is about a homeless man that they met on tour

  21. Jessica Glaspie

    Love this song touches me on so many levels "cause I wanna come home"

  22. Jennifer Thompson

    Song definitely hits home for me and my ex boyfriend....I still worry about him so much the life he lives is just about like this song😭

  23. Steve Weaver

    I think the reason they never got popular like their Seattle contemporaries was because of their record label and who it was owned by. Maverick was owned by Madonna.

    Michael Ventura

    I think it was more because Nirvana and Pearl Jam were hogging all the limelight.

  24. Jesse James

    G strd op HGH ™€=×€•`
    Sb uxx,vc. M k kmv&&,,&"+8:47%+ zmhhaggcom


  25. Ian Martinez

    This album takes me to the mountains snowing away from everyone 3 season elk hunting

  26. Ian Martinez

    My dad finds all our music great taste pops

  27. Keven Decker

    rock on

  28. Derrick Snipes

    So sad but so true great jam

  29. Rachel Modras

    cool god bless the home last

    Bryan Hall

    the best song ever in some situations

  30. ty mead

    bad ass song

  31. Juan Francisco

    I see him everyday
    In that blanket that he calls home
    I wonder does he know
    That his family they're left alone
    He says brother can you spare
    Can you spare a dime
    See i'm down to my last dollar
    And this life of mine
    Said this life of mine
    It gets rough at times
    And i wonder does he know
    Does he even care
    That his family's safe at home and they wonder where
    As he wanders through his life ever searchin' for
    A warm blanket on warm fields and he wanders on
    And i wonder is he safe from the cold
    Well i see he left the other day
    Took his blanket that he called home
    I wonder did he go for good
    Or did he pass away
    Well i wonder does he know
    Now i'm down to my last dollar
    And this life of mine
    It gets rough at times
    It gets rough at times
    And i wonder does he know
    Does he even care
    That times
    It gets rough at times
    And i wonder does he know
    Does he even care
    That my family's safe at home
    And i wonder where
    As i wander through my life
    Ever searchin' for
    My warm blanket on fields as i wander on
    And i wonder
    Will i always be helped along i said i
    I'll never know
    Because i
    I'll never go and yes, i
    I wonder why
    Because i
    I'll never go home
    I'll never come home
    Oh won't you let me come home

    Robert Pickett

    Juan Francisco 😢👤💔

    Lynda Keith

    I will always be held alone

  32. Peg Bowen

    candlebox is by far one of my all time favorites there will never be another band to even come close to rythem and sounds that this band makes its gets you in just the right spots i can turn it up close my eyes and feel the music ,its so southing ,it makes me have a sence of piece a easy feeling i cant really explain ......i love it

    david hodges

    Well put

    Brian Wilson

    That's how I ride this album every time I listen to it! But... I've got to sing it at the top of my lungs!

  33. Seb Jao

    If this band and this album came out in 1969, believe me they would've been as big as Led Zeppelin.


    I doesn't matter where the world my place them, all that matters is where you place them.

    C Williams

    Led Zeppelin wasn't that great to me. Jimmy Page has robbed a bunch of old blues players that most white people had never heard of at that time and the average guy dug Zeppelin because it was something different but it wasn't original. " Squeeze my lemon til the juice runs down my leg " is Robert Johnson isn't it? I've never gotten tired of this album and I only own 1 Led Zeppelin album these days along with Jimmy and Robert's solo stuff and both Firm albums. I will admit that Zeppelin's first album is a kickass good time and I don't care if I ever hear Stairway to Heaven again. In music its all been done but if I could only own 5 albums I would have this album...but no Zeppelin.

  34. Josh Maschmidt

    big 90's concert here in st.Louis in July. Stir, Candlebox, 311, Fuel, Local H, Eve 6, Alien Ant Farm and a couple tribute bands.

    Chester Rockwell

    Josh Maschmidt local h!

  35. Tammy Hauck

    So freaking good, These guys are in my favs list.

  36. Beningo Trevino

    Brother Can You Spare A Dime, Cause I'm Down To My Last Dollar...Awesome Song! Candlebox Kicks Ass

  37. nicole felippe

    love, love, love it. I MISS THE 90'S....

    Bryan Hall

    nicole felippe me to they don't make music like this anymore

    Bryan Hall

    they just don't make music like this anymore



    Island Jake

    nicole felippe 80s too sweetness.. E-4 Corpral Leather Neck Jake... Keep rockn Sister... !! 😁

  38. melee king

    and this life of mine it gets rough at times.....I'm never coming home .....she took it all from me.thanks mom

    VH 5150

    Stacy Edwards
    Oh man, what happened? I mean, what’s the story if you don’t mind me asking. I hope things are good for you.
    I’m an 80’s person but 90’s has good stuff like this. Another great tune comes to mind, it’s from the 80’s, is House of Pain by the band FasterPussycat. Sad.

    Lynda Keith

    @VH 5150 yup

  39. J.r. Major

    best shit ever

  40. Chris Shocka

    Always one of my personal favorites


    Chris Shocka mine too

  41. Lake1771

    these guys are like the 'nickleback' of the early 90's.        that said.    nickleback is cool too.

    Hells Bells

    This band is 100x better than nickleback.........this band obviously has more talent even though they arent as commercially popular


    No, they're not.


    No, they're not.


    Damn troll!

  42. timothy shufelt

    Simply amazing

  43. TheShive

    Always loved this tune!

  44. Stinker Catt

    Candlebox is the epitome of UNDERRATED 90's alternative bands.  I listen to this tape until it wore out in my walkman.  I wish I had a time machine.....I would relive 1993-97!

    Steve Link

    Stinker Catt very underrated , great band

    Mary Upton

    I bought this disc when it first came out and would play it in my car all the time. friends, family, everyone had no idea who I was listening to. They all loved it. The entire album is awesome!


    Love this, me too

    Laure Murkuns

    I love this album too. But in my opinion, it was their only good album. I had high hopes for them too.

    Mac Hugo

    I prefer 1986-1997 it was punk, then grunge, Britpop, then alternative rock

  45. steel finley

    This song is awesome i love the meaning of it. My grandpa lost his brother and this is one of his favorite song he cried the first time he showed it to me.

    David Barker

    Nobody and i mean fucking nobody cares

    Lynda Keith

    @David Barker sad and unfortunately true..sorry for your loss god bless

  46. William Marmie

    Hawgknot , I can relate I've had a opiate addiction for years it will take everything from you eventually your life

    Shawn Vandenabeele

    I also was addicted clean 13 yrs good for you hope an pray ykur.clean I have a brother 26 fighting the addiction demon


    William Marmie I'm right there with you

    Kenny Amo

    same used ten years three months clean

    Lynda Keith

    W or without it will or can take it ..greed is the Real reason for senseless losses..hate it w all of me..somethings are and always be out of your hands just pure coldblooded nonsense..wish I had the Power to make a change a life well as my own

  47. srta sambo

    LOOOOOVE CANDLEBOX!! One of my fav bands ever

  48. DubbleJ

    DC sent me!

  49. Heather Schlueter

    Love of their best!!

  50. Bearded Gamer

    Love it

  51. Amanda Maltez

    ♥ Si la escuché tres veces hoy todavía es muy poco.. Esta banda es una de mis favoritas hace mucho y jamás me aburrián.

  52. Rolando Hernandez

    This is a awesome [email protected]

  53. Thomas Johnson

    Fack! This is a good song!!!!

  54. Vinnyedwards1964

    We have 4 Justin bieber fans

    Rivers Tonelete

    Make it 21

    PyRoOWL 1995

    Rivers Tonelete make it 91 now.

  55. Kevin Hetchler

    Heart "N" Soul baby...

  56. Tammie Downard

    This is one of the best songs ever but I love all their songs cover me and another great song to think too

    VH 5150

    Tammie Downard
    Happy Pills album I thought was great!!! Blinders, It’s Alright are just a few great songs from that album. Underrated album by them I think

    Lynda Keith

    Sad homelessness very hard too

  57. Kevin Neely

    absolutely love that song

  58. nirant subba

    one of the best song..!!

  59. Hawgknot

    If my brother would get his head out of the rap shit he's into and give this a listen, a full on meaningful listen...I'm sure he could completely relate to this. It's so wonderful to have my brother back and off that shit he was doing. It almost took his life...his car and his life is the only thing that shit didn't take from him. The pills cant have my brother, we fought to keep him, he's ours, and he's too young to go out like that, thank god and rehab for my brother's recovery, I love ya bro!

    Caleb George

    Hawgknot i listened to rap and shit like that and i got introduced to this song and it changed my life alot


    I went through the same thing saving my little brother's ass from himself. Glad to hear you beat the pills bro.

    Tyler Jones

    Hawgknot I agree RAP is SHIT!!!!!!!

  60. philip clute

    i am a addict also sober 1 year friday 18 of may thank you jesus

    Wendy Wimberly

    Still sober?

    Tyler Jones

    philip clute am your a quiter!!!

  61. philip clute

    love this song,told my wife about me bing homeless in fl in 1998,i was in a bad place

  62. Mainrollman

    Going to see these guys 4/13/12 in Charlotte NC and can't wait. Kevin and Peter are absolutely amazing live. I've seen them 5 times and they have never played this song. Would love to see them crank this out live.



  64. ninjadarklotus

    damn good song to listen to when your tryin to figure out your life if you agree thumbs up

    Phillip Reahl

    great good soul music

    brandon long

    ninjadarklotus just thinking that as i read this nice ! Lol

  65. Caio Caos

    brother can you spare? can you spare dime?

  66. nintendoneil

    great song!....

    and its really easy to learn on guitar if you are just starting out....