Candlebox - Breathe Me In Lyrics

You came out of nowhere, and our eyes collide
Like a wall collapsing, a crushing tide
And I saw you laughing, and I saw your smile
It made me anxious baby, it made me high
You ask I answer no, that seat's been removed
You're a deep-rooted tree, an artist's muse
I watch you listen, and I watch you share
You make me want more
And you make me scared
You're so much more than I'd ever hoped

So won't you breathe
Oh won't you breathe
Breathe me in
So I am whole

Oh won't you breathe
Oh won't you breathe
Breathe me in
So I am whole

We're miles from home, we're one another's tribe
An autumn season in a summer's time
And I watch you circle
And baby I watch you fall
You make me feel what I thought
I could never feel at all
And you're so much more
Than I'd ever hoped

So won't you breathe
Oh won't you breathe
Breathe me in
So I am whole
Oh won't you breathe
Oh won't you breathe
Breathe me in
So I am whole

Let it out, let it go, ok to breathe
Let it out, let it go, ok
So much more than
Oh, let it out let it go ok to breathe
Let it out let it go ok
So much more than

So much more than I had ever hoped
So much more than I had ever
So much more than I had ever
So much more than I had ever hoped
Oh won't you breathe me in
Oh won't you breathe me in
Oh won't you breathe me in

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Candlebox Breathe Me In Comments
  1. Andy Brack

    God damn this is a great song.

  2. Diana Garrow

    I've been to two live shows at Hampton Beach New Hampshire, absolutely awesome performances .My teenage son introduced me to their music . Can't thank him enough . CandleBox carries us through great times , good times and sad times. My second son now 20 years old was at the Hampton Beach Casino with me .At that show Kevin Martin wanted to return an envelope to me ,said no it's your song but I wouldn't go to the stage , it was left with him .

  3. Diana Garrow

    Loving CandleBox always

  4. J Harold

    Just a reminder here in 2020 - Candlebox has stood the test of time! Their music just gets better as the time rolls on bye.....

  5. Diana M

    Reminds me of No Quarter by Led Zeppelin

  6. Libros Chinaski

    Jo qué final tan apoteósico tiene esta canción!... Me encantan los Candlebox a mí desde la época de Change!...

  7. Don Makowski

    We're in our mid 60's & have been following Candlebox & various Kevin Martin projects since mid 90's. Just gets better all the time. These guys are like part of our family in music. Keep on rockin' guys <3

  8. Gloria Bonia

    Music & Lyrics that can drift you away to another world... in your mind🖤

  9. T Moody

    Those drums really breath.

  10. Paula Williams

    Love you guys 💟

  11. Kevin Day

    Sounds like No Quarter

  12. michael olvey

    most underrated of the band's from this era. Phenomenal lyrics and music

  13. ErgonomicChair

    I was looking for that "Breathe Me" by Sia, pleasantly surprised though. This is good.

  14. Jennifer Bogatay

    Breathe me in and took my fucking breath away.time and time again. Your good. Or maybe you just got lucky.....

  15. Jennifer Bogatay

    Breathe me in ......I cannot breathe when you are gone, I just say your name and all
    Fear is gone.. I Love you so much than I could ever begin to imagine. It's whimsical, mystical and magical.
    Thank you for your soul that you give without question.

  16. Ricardo Andres

    No quarter??

  17. Brandi Nicole716

    Came out of nowhere...and our eyes collide. 💫

  18. peepsk771


  19. Beto Rivera

    Sublime 💓

  20. Bert Bert

    If meaning is' then this is the MEANIN...g

  21. King Bastard

    This song is all about smoking weed🤘

  22. james underwood

    Can't help but think of my daughters mother.... Love her even if she hates me


    Dang James, what did you do to tick her off?🤨

  23. Shane Miller

    Sounds like Train or Black Crowes.

  24. Colleen Garland

    Why the heck did they cut their hair! They were so beautiful with their long hair, I used to be in love with the drummer, LOL

  25. Karen Lee Jenkins

    OMG do I love this song!!!! this band is awesome every single song that they have is just so great!!!

  26. Plain Jane

    Vastly underrated band.

  27. Michael Rosinski


    Michael Rosinski


  28. Karen lee Camacho

    This can also be to your only child to whom you have not seen for a long while my daughter the love of my life

  29. Yvette Cox

    Sexiest song ever!!!!love it

    4MiiBellies Not4Ewe

    dayuummm shhmexxay

  30. Karen Sullender

    Freak in love the music for Breathe me in

  31. Jason Dillon


  32. james underwood

    These guys always have a place in my heart... Best live band

    Kyle Hegedus

    james underwood Good to know that they’re good live because I’m seeing them on January 25th. Can’t wait!!! I love them.

    james underwood

    Kyle Hegedus few more days till its candlebox upon you

    james underwood

    Have fun

  33. Chassity Mckelvie

    First time i have felt anything in a while.. So nice to feel again

  34. Sean Collins

    My wife is gone, and this song makes me weep harder then I have ever weeped in my life, becuase I once asked her to breathe me in so I could be whole when we were 17 yrs old and we held on as tight as we could for 23 years.

    Karen lee Camacho

    Sean Collins sorry about the loss of your wife I to lost my husband 9years ago it feels like the other day. Chin up God has someone picked just for you keep the faith be strong keep rocking

    kelliann byrnes

    We must grow from the deepest loses of our lives!! And for music has always been the most amazing way for me to heal!

    kelliann byrnes

    For me*

    maryanne m huffman

    My heart is breaking for your loss...Huggs and Comforting tears

    Shannon Royal Kaleb Owens

    Sean Collins sorry for your loss man. No words can ever erase a pain so deep but I hope you find the right ones to ease it and I wish you luck on this journey of life. Just remember what they would want for us. To keep on going and not give up. Man I can't imagine but I hope you get anything you want and need to help you through it. You deserve the best life can give you and anybody with that kind of loss does as well.

  35. Tony Sidwell

    This song is a masterpiece!!!

  36. Jordan Stuteville

    All I Keep Hearing Is How Eddie Vedder Is The Last Singer Of Grunge Left. Well Don't Forget About The Genius Kevin Martin!!!

    Shane Miller

    Jordan Stuteville This is not grunge by any means.

    Caio Cesar

    This is post-grunge, but I would say it's a high quality post-grunge, it's the grungiest post-grunge, btw they are from Seatle aswell.

    Lita Wells


  37. John

    Listen to the Led Zeppelin No Quarter influence

    Don Makowski

    Yes indeed

  38. Pearl Willbunfineward

    I asked the man I love for something beautiful to listen to.. and he led me here... it's like this song encompassed my soul and everything I feel for him and us...

    Bert Bert

    Pearl Willbunfineward thanks for tha

    metropolitano dinamo

    lucky girl :-)

  39. Kasper E

    Simply just Amazing.. that's how you do it!

  40. Sal Vanuto

    they been gone so long that I didn't know that they came out with new one

  41. Sal Vanuto

    they been gone so long that I didn't know that they came out with new one

  42. Hugh Eden


  43. Hugh Eden


  44. Rebecca McBride

    its his best song

    funkus amongus

    Rebecca McBride

    Rockin Angel

    Rebecca McBride Depends on your life & circumstances

  45. Lorraine Smith

    I still love so much

  46. Rome Hatch

    no quarter

  47. Amber Yates

    thanks to my boyfriend. I love you baby with my all forever an always

  48. rocktoberdl

    Just saw them last night in a very small venue and in between the intro and Breathe Me In they did an awesome version of "Comfortably Numb"! Awesome show!

    Cass Jackson

    I saw that too! Loved it!

  49. Shannon Snyder

    best friggin jam I've heard in a while

    4MiiBellies Not4Ewe

    true very true

  50. Isiah Doran

    The lyrics "You're so much more than I ever hoped" is what makes me think why am I supposed to be on this planet. What makes me special. Only God knows ig. It also makes me wonder why she would leave without saying anything

  51. conner allen

    kinda reminds me of pink floyd

  52. Jacob Davis

    I fucking hate my life.

    Destinee Mayhew

    +Dustin Wright thank you Mr. Wright

    Angel ofDarkness

    +Destinee Mayhew even though some of us are just here for subbing to our favorite youtubers I figured you deserve one though :) if I could figure out how to record on phone I could start trying to make videos too :)

    Lynn Ski

    Jacob Davis hang in there its all part of the ride the good times come

    Sonja Smith

    Jacob Davis why

  53. Samuel Albertson

    breathing in the woman's air is beautiful

  54. Putu Indrayana

    i breathe my weed in..

    Victor Sanchez

    Ok we get it, you smoke weed.

  55. A. Gray

    Thoughts of you dance in my head

  56. Sandra Ganis

    I love this! Such a dep emotional song! How do I share to facebook?

    Chat Noir

    +Sandra Ganis Hello Sandra, just copy the link here and past on FB on your site, it´s easy...

    Sherry Kelly

    tap on the arrow that angles to the right at the top of the screen

  57. Emily Davis

    love it

  58. Bradley Kellum

    its puts purity

  59. Bradley Kellum

    it pure purity

  60. camille sigrist

    cette chanson est tout simplement grandiose !!

  61. Bryan Lise

    thx for the upload....i forgot how much i loved these guys!!❤

  62. D. Truth Raven

    good one on one focus time tune here now Folks, grab the one you love and Breathe Them in...

  63. Shannon McCarthy

    my favorite...

    Nacho Garcia

    +Shannon McCarthy x2

  64. Olen Bean

    Strong lyrics.

  65. Jennie Bogatay

    Breathe me in. Anytime. Candlebox

  66. Lorraine Smith

    Every time I listen to this I wanna get married,its a first in 47 yr...
    Lol u are out there somewhere I'm sure ✌ I have feeling we meant to die alone these days ...hope everyone finds what there looking for ….🎶

    Jerry Thomas

    Lorraine Smith don’t do it. Just get a hooker.

  67. Audrey Patterson

    One of the most underrated bands imo. So much awesome too many seem to overlook. At least in my circle that is. But then again. Im 23 and surrounded by closeminded music listeners lol

    Lully LuLz

    Audrey Patterson I know how that goes. I always caught shit for listening to Pearl jam and candlebox. you can't deny good music regardless of genre.

    ZombieChrist X

    Audrey Patterson Your smart, def one of greatest bands ever and wayyyy underrated

    Colleen Garland been around for ages and never got the attention they deserve.

  68. Nacho Garcia

    Deberian subtitular esta cancion en español ademas:(

  69. Varun Sharma

    This song grabs hold of desire and transforms it into something so much more sweeter. It takes the painful affliction of wanting a woman, and turns it into a celebration of our human condition. It makes the animal in me feel more like a pegasus. Right out of the 90s, for all the crap people listen to nowadays.   

    Nichole Brower

    Well said. I happened upon this by accident. Coming to believe that there are NO accidents.


    Varun Sharma. well said, Bullseye!!

  70. darren cates

    I love this song...  great  tune for sure :)

  71. Abe6345789

    feels so much like a Journey tune

  72. Nous

    What is he saying in the first 20 seconds? Thanks for the upload!


    He's saying "breathe me in", but it's played backwards.

  73. Alec B. Williams

    Just Breathe 

  74. sarah jayne lee

    words escape me

  75. dragondeeluv

    .☠.❤.☠.Breathe Me In.☠.❤.☠

  76. deckert618

    Plan to play this at my wedding...45 yrs old and this is our song

    Josh Justice

    deckert618 rock on dude!

  77. Chandra Wheeler

    Omg I love love love this song!!!

    4MiiBellies Not4Ewe

    i know right?

  78. Douglas Miller

    Bad ass

  79. sweetnessisamber


  80. James Holcomb

    Viciousjerm, Nothing Zep about this ?? Come man the whole intro has the "No Quarter" feel to it.  Not saying it is Zep it's Candlebox and a cool tune but go listen to No Quarter and tell me it's not in the same vein.

    Simon MItchell

    C'box unlike a lot of 90's bands always gave props to their Classic Rock heroes. I always felt they deliberately added riffs from The Who, Zep, Sabbath etc in their songs

    Ray Pratt

    James Holcomb agreed definitely a ZEP feel to it,awesome tho reminds me why I love music so much!!

  81. sincitydrummer

    seen them here in vegas  this past july 25 th at the hardrock to meet them....real good people,awesum fucking band!! keep on keepin' on! 

  82. Amber Harrell

    this was their song:(

  83. mellisaemerson33

    Alive in Seattle is awesome. I seen them live in south bend Indiana at landing and it was awesome...I've loved them since I was a teen when they first came on the scene...

  84. Ashlynn S

    Candlebox is playing at the new daisy theater in Memphis,Tennessee October the 20th

    Cory Sutton

    I was there!

  85. Allen Cooper

    My wife and I have seen them live several times. if you haven't seen them live - and are a fan - you are truly missing out, y, thats kevin right there in my profile pic :)

  86. Raven McDaniel

    Puts you in one of those states of mind where you pick yourself back up and move on and up, in search of the next best thing.

  87. viciousjerm

    Nothing zepp about this song more like it could of been the starting song to the sopranos

  88. permanentgrin

    Cool Zeppelin kind of vibe on this tune. glad someone special turned me onto this.. Also glad I rediscovered this band! Alive In Seattle is off the hook.. They just slay it on Arrow,.

  89. erostopholia

    6:06 - 7:30 Best part of song.

    Jennifer Bogatay

    Like CPR Life then it fly's away. I was almost dead then you breathe the breath of love and life,that's when my veins started to pump.much love and O2 pumping shear LIFE though me. Thank you baby........

  90. james rice

    fuck! this is great!

  91. Tammy Ann

    Captivating ..

  92. Omni Phonx

    Not liking a genre or an artist is not being dumbass, its having its own taste in music!

  93. brandi lanier

    what you wrote has been me since I can remeber I wish you the best and when you give up and believe its not for you or not possible BAM u get it right in your ... heart n soul keep ur head up girl

  94. brandi lanier

    my fiance just sent this too me and the lrics! I am the luckiest woman alive!!!!!