Candlebox - Baby Love Me Lyrics

You glance away and my heart misfires
Something is burning inside me, it's taking me higher
I stand to break, from bending so far
I've gone from rooted to maybe, I don't want to restart
Why can't I speak? Why can't I relate?
You've got me spinning and spinning and spinning
My knees giving way
So you

[Chorus x2:]
So you said I was the one you'd wait a lifetime for
You held your breathe, you bet your life but somehow still unsure
Come on baby love me
Come on baby love me
Come on baby love me
Like I wanna love you

I held your hand through all your rainy days
Somehow lover, I'm still standing in your rain
And when your days get shorter, and your mind it wanders,
And when your breath gets weaker, I'm still gonna love you
Why can't I speak, why can't I just say
You've got me turning and turning and turning, so lost in your ways.


Like I wanna touch you.

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Candlebox Baby Love Me Comments
  1. Shytowngrl Me

    I miss your face 😔

  2. Brandi Nicole716

    CaNdLeBoX RoCkS! 💟✨

  3. Karen lee Camacho

    The best bands ever

  4. Karen lee Camacho

    Candelbox is better now than ever before the songs hit home for me my memory is short but i do remember them being a more metle band in +94

  5. Karen lee Camacho

    I love the band seen em 1994

  6. Andrea Melgar_Medina

    2017 who misses showering with the one you love

  7. Shy Love

    I can relate to this song... I love music....

  8. Damon Brown

    every song is a winner from Candlebox heartfelt

  9. Andrea Cross

    Like this song By Cavonda

  10. Donna Martin

    Some wonderful ballads on this album....thanks for uploading...

    Karen lee Camacho

    I can't stop playing candlebox rocks the house

  11. Jairo Contreras

    Temazo!! Vuelvan pronto a Chile viejo!!

  12. realgenius76

    Yeah, I seem to relate to quite a few Candlebox songs, lol.