Candice Night - Robin Red Breast Lyrics

Robin red breast, looked down from her nest
And saw the world
from a different point of view
She saw signs of spring, flowers and everything
Looked beautiful, golden and brand new
But hidden somewhere in the tall, green grass
Were sharp and shiny shards of broken glass
And she wondered about what she thought she knew

Blue bird flying high, almost touched the sky
He sang a song as perfect as the day
Dancing through the breeze, over tops of trees
He left his cares long ago and far away

But white and fluffy clouds turned into black
I lost him in between the old smoke stacks
And I wonder is he ever coming back?

Just like you I dream of brighter days
But it all seems to vanish in the haze
In my mind I'm free and I can fly
And I won't give up my wings or stop trying

Starling, black as night, loved to take to flight
And feel the rays of the coming summer sun
Feeling light as air, never had a care
And every dawn was like the world had just begun
But summer sun turned into winter rain
The grey in every day seemed just the same
And I wonder if I'll see him once again

Robin red breast
Robin red breast
Robin red breast
Robin red breast

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Candice Night Robin Red Breast Comments
  1. Zeph

    Looking out for Jenny Wren! xxx

  2. bill seaberry

    Candice this is truly beautifully phenomenal. Your music and voice lift spirits.

  3. trebor 22

    GENIA!!!! una de las mejores voces femeninas.

  4. K j grooves

    beautiful Balanced... by the way, ritchie Blackmore`s rainbow "Ariel" (wich you co written) is one of my fav. tune...