Candi Staton - Sweet Feeling Lyrics

You picked me up
Oh, yes you did
When nobody else would
I know you did

And you did things
For me, my baby
That nobody else could
I know you did

You gave me your heart
But I couldn't be true
But I still got that
Same sweet feeling for you
Sweet baby, mmm

We had a love
Oh, yes, we did
Beyond compare
I know we did

And when I needed you
Oh, Lordy
You were always there
I know you were

I had my chance
But I couldn't come through
Now I still got that
Same sweet feeling for you
Sweet baby, oh, yeah

I got that feeling
When I hear your name
That old lonesome feeling
Keep coming back again

I get that feeling
And I cry out in the night
I need you, baby, oh, darling
To say everything's all right

Come back, baby, oh, yeah
Where you belong
I hope you will

Please forgive me
Oh, darling
For doing you wrong
I hope you will

I'm so sorry for all
The pain I put you through
But I still got that
Same sweet feeling for you
Sweet baby, mmm

I got that feeling
Everything I do
I get that feeling
For nobody but you

Sometime in the midnight hour
I get so lonesome
I need you, baby
I need you, baby

I need you, baby
To stay right here by my side
I need you, baby...

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Candi Staton Sweet Feeling Comments
  1. Delores Willis

    Oh... My my goodness. 1973...i played this 45 single too DEATH.. Mmmyyyyy...memories. my goodness

  2. Innocent Sikhakhane

    Wow, just got this piece,didn’t know it, the best ever, still listening to u candi

  3. K Moore

    Ohhhh how I remember this!!!!!

  4. Ethel Smith

    My first love he married with grown children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and so do I but I still have that same sweet feeling for him

  5. Luis Ferreiro

    Simply put, she is fantastic!

  6. Neversmeltit

    Where can we buy this early stuff?

  7. Anderson Hilliard

    Same sweet feeling 4 u,long time,can,t shake u loose,comeback

  8. Anderson Hilliard


  9. Liliana Cossolino

    Cand staton tem uma voz sensacional ...canta todos os ritmos de forma extraordinária da discoteca ao soul...👏👏👏

  10. Lloyd Norwood

    Candi does it for me each and every time.

  11. David Eisler



    pure soul origine :gospel voice ,top !!

  13. Elaine Davies

    Oh yeh ......please forgive me xxxx

  14. Elaine Davies

    Sweet baby xxxxx

  15. Elaine Davies

    Oh lordy XX.

  16. Muziekgenot

    This kinda music we need most

  17. Emmanuelle Demory

    La meilleure pour moi Candi for ever

  18. Angelica Zamora

    I'm in love with this song. It is sweeet soul music. God bless Candi Station ❤

  19. strictlynorton

    Deep southern soul... Candi's a Queen!!!

  20. Secured LLC

    He had his chance, but failed. Sweet Baby..HA HA


    This song brings so many memories. I was a teenager in high school listening to my radio on New Orleans radio WYLD-AM 940. I lived in a small town just 30 miles out of the city. It made the hair stand up on my head then and still does now. It sounds so fresh.
    I knew this was special even though I had never experienced love and heartbreak....yet. I've been in love with her ever since......and I still am. You GOTTA feel it to appreciate MUSCLE SHOALS SOUND.

  22. Andi Hall

    medicine for the soul😘😘😘

  23. Steve Sewall

    very great song

  24. eyvonne2006

    After hearing this what man cannot resist these words

  25. Willman Musicman

    Muscle Shoals rules!!!

  26. Dave Howls


  27. claire cauchi

    I didn't know this artist !!! A discovering for me !!! ONE WORD : WOW !!!!!!

  28. emmie williams

    I agree totally

  29. Belfastsoul

    Soul pure Soul nuf said!!!!

  30. forever mine

    song bring back a many glorious memories (thank you ms.staton)😊😊😊😊

  31. forever mine

    song bring back a many glorious memories (thank you ms.staton)😊😊😊😊

  32. Charles Campbell

    What a super voice

    Christopher Siguenza Rosa

    Paul brown jazz

    Christopher Siguenza Rosa


  33. sharon orso

    love you Candi your music will lasted forever

  34. Patricia Lane


  35. Patricia Lane

    Ture Soul

  36. Anderson Hilliard

    yes,yes,she have a voice,that a man come home early,n work hard all day.wop,said it.


    Anderson Hilliard Preach.... now that's a woman!!!

  37. Jack Elliott

    Oh hell fucking yeah.


    Now that's how a voice should sound!

  39. Marjorie Hamilton

    Share on my TimeLine ..thank you for Candi Staton .

  40. Coops88

    Goddam. Gives me shivers..


    bei tempi per la musica mondiale

  42. funnytoo tootoofunny



    funnytoo tootoofunny Ann peebles is great too ;)

  43. Elieja101

    had my feet moving

  44. Mowtowny

    Fantastic voice, what a choon x

    von b