Campbell, Tevin - I'm Ready Lyrics

Yeah, baby
Uh huh, c'mon

Baby, it was uncool to love me
And then leave me standing here now without a goodbye
And maybe I am the fool you call me
'Cause I'll be here standing, waiting, to hear you say to me

I'm ready (you know I'm ready) to love you (to love) forever (forever)
Hey love
Come and love me forever more

Sometimes when I'm alone I feel sad
I know you'll leave me once again and take my pride
And maybe I am the fool you call me
'Cause I'll be here standing, waiting, to hear you say to me


And once again I'll be right here
Waiting to share your love
But I hope this time for once
We'll forever mean it, oh


I'm ready, yeah, to love you

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Campbell, Tevin I'm Ready Comments
  1. Tony Readus

    One of the best of my time and I'm a 80 baby. One of the best voice ever😎

  2. Kristina Hall

    Man I'm so ready... I just love the hook

  3. Tony Draco

    This gon be my wedding song facts

  4. Ojo Young

    I always love the this song...even the songs of the 90 are always my favourite to listening to,

  5. Isabella Lopez

    My memory time capsule brought me here!


    Babyface o maior produtor de todos os tempos ❤

  7. Cabello Bebe

    The music is so bad now we have to go back for 90s memories. Even teens rather listen our music.

  8. Donna Mason

    Never gets old

  9. Julie Nguyen

    Its 1.10am right now in Sydney Australia and I couldn't sleep so.. here I am, binging on my favorite 90s music videos.. I'm 36 years old so yes, I'm a 90s baby, will be to the day I die

  10. Tru 10 Love key

    2020 Happy Year everyone TN 🔑 Las Vegas

  11. Rob Uk

    Tevin didn't just make a hit of out this sweet song, but he made sweet memories too.

  12. Prince Du Jour

    Who in 2020 only now realised who this guy was


    This was the classic love jam

  14. Joseph Mthethwa

    My girlfriend used to love this song, every time time I play this song, I miss her may her soul rest peace, Sphiwe Petronella Nhlabathi

  15. Neal Henry

    Tevin was such a great vocalists man, he needed some more of that babyface magic. Man I miss New Jack Swing

  16. Renata das duas Miranda

    Simplesmente amo 💞 e não canso de ouvir. 🎼🎵🎶🇧🇷

  17. Anita Leonard

    So much memory ❤❤❤

  18. Nicolas Rosario

    27 yr old male.
    I never had a girlfriend or know what it feel likes to be loved by a woman . But i still like listen to music like this.

  19. Laray

    Texas still holding

  20. $uzy

    2020 ❤

  21. Denisha Jordan

    2020 still here

  22. Dulrizh Cajote

    I love this song..coz' my partner telling me this song..that's why I like it..😍😍😍

  23. Rayshad Greene

    2020 who's listening..I'm still here

  24. Seon L

    2020 and this is still a beautiful song💯❤

  25. Sabrina McClarin

    Who’s listening still yr 2020❗️This song could never leave my heart coming from a 90’s baby 😩❤️

  26. A.A TaYo

    Happy New Year 2020, who is still listening to this?

  27. First Lady J

    2019 Has Retired How About 2020❤️🦋🦋🦋

  28. Bre Bre

    I love this song ❤️❤️ who’s still listening in 2020?? Hit the like button ‼️

  29. Jay Bandit

    I was 5 when this came out damn I’m old 🤣🤣🤣🔥

  30. Melissa Morados

    I grew up on this music. 2020 and the music was so much better during my childhood

  31. Christina LT

    Hope 90s R&B comes back in 2020. The world needs love.

  32. Nats Wongsue

    January 3, 2020 and I'm listening this right from Jamaica😊😊

    Seon L

    I'm from Trinidad

  33. lorraine kamanga

    2020 am here🎶🎵💃

  34. living sensei

    2020 anyone ??? I ❤ this song!

  35. Charlene Fulton

    THIS was R&B! I so miss the 90's❤

  36. aman budi Manduro

    2020 and i'm still love this song, reminds me when i was teenager back then

  37. Brandon Thomas

    Who's jamming with ya boy in 2020?😎the ending is so passionate..tevin was letting her have it word for word

  38. babygurl32 hill

    2020 young jeezy brought me here, for his girl birthday

  39. Chriss Ramsey

    I still love this song... Tevin was my favorite back in the day

  40. gaming With The best


  41. CiCi Tv

    2020...I'm ready!🤗🥂

  42. Damian Azaryahu Cockrell

    Who's Listening in 2020?

  43. Kristine Rivera

    2020 who still listening??

  44. Nandi Marchan

    2020 like my comment

  45. trinni nation

    2020 and im listening🔥🔥🔥

  46. princess j

    2020 still one of my favorite 😊🤗

  47. Trey Slaton

    2020 shit is like a movie can close my eyes n listen

  48. Mae Sams

    One of THE BEST!!

  49. Prolific

    Happy new year 2020
    Anyone else?

  50. dpunk88

    Listening in Jan 2020

  51. AdamRadz Sinclair

    I’m ready!! Happy New Year 2020.. Still listening?

  52. msdeshabangbang


  53. Felipe Davi Marquezan

    Who’s watching in 2020??!

  54. Ashley Barlowe

    Still listening on January 1, 2020!!!

  55. Jaclene Barnes

    2020 is here , but I’m still sittin pretty listening to my 90s slow jams and always will ❤️


    I was like 15 when this came out... still a great song

    Dale Santos

    Good song to listen to when your on the beach cuddling 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Mark keon

    Use to listen to him when I younger. Great memories. Use to have our timberland boots on with our baggy blue denims.

  56. Vanyce Holmes

    Who in 2020 listening to this classic ?!

    elaine gomillion

    I'm right there with you in 2020 still listening. Lol


    here at 38 likes

    Kibirrah Webb

    Me! On a regular

    Dvaid Perez

    Bjjhhhhhffgf so far the only one that ok with you guys and then to on this one so I'll let you have I can see if you have to on the phone so ffffggyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuujjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjuujjjjjjjjj

  57. FrootLoops

    happy new year world. may 2020 bring you all more love and blessings

  58. Bryan kasoma

    Am the fast one listening to this beautiful song 2020💪🇺🇬 someone else join me

  59. G Taylor

    This was one of my wedding songs and after 25 years of Marriage we are still listen to this song .... oh the happy memories... Yes sing the song!!

  60. Lila Barney

    This song makes me feel young again.

  61. Shandra Smith

    Real R&B is eternal!👏It's warms the heart and soul!!This young man was gifted!!🎤

  62. Jodabro 05

    Listening on last night of 2019.

  63. S M

    Such a tune...happy new year to all for 2020

  64. Franklin Titus

    Are u with me ?2020 ready or not here we come..

  65. Nelson W. Osiemo

    Listening today waiting to usher in the new year

  66. A1 SauCe

    2020!! LiT

  67. Liv

    Love the winter ❄️ but love ❤️ it more watching this video 🎤🎤🔥🔥

  68. E. S.

    2020 & Beyond.... 😍❣💋

  69. Stranger That Wayy

    Ending 2019 with this song.

    Adrianne Thomas

    starting 2020 with this song

  70. Andrea Foxx

    Come back my teen idol

  71. Laura Lopez

    I’m ready to love ... forever ❤️🤍

  72. Fanny Lako

    29 Dec 2019😊. Come at me 2020😘... Am ready😍

  73. Ellusive Gaming

    Still listening in Dec. 2019 classics never get forgotten

  74. era hymne

    Sing it Tevin

  75. alpine play

    Wish I can go back in time

  76. Yoofi Crentsil


  77. Yeoal Blog

    It's December 2019 and this song is still my jam......who else is listening?

  78. Jerome S

    Written by Babyface

  79. Debra Wright

    Why did i wake up @ 3:38 in the morning playing this lol.

  80. Kevin Richards

    Taking a rest from relationship it's too complicated its better not to love so u won't feel hurt

  81. Dre

    Who Bringing in 2020 with this Energy¿¿💚

  82. Seven

    Vine porque vi su actuación en el príncipe del rap y los busqué en internet :v

  83. Cartoon Love

    First love

  84. ntabadde sarah

    December 2019.

  85. Keyanah Woodberry

    I LOOOOVE this song ! ❤️

  86. Abang'a Abang'a

    This one was for a puppy love back in the days lol

  87. Dan Jackson

    Sound like a toni braxton song

  88. Edward89

    I always think of Christmas Time with this song.... Very talented guy

  89. Sheena Greene

    Dec 2019 still love this

  90. Warcraft Hero

    Powerline - Eye to Eye

  91. Ayeshah Harmon

    haven't heard this song for a while...

  92. Vanessa Dawn

    This song always makes me want to cry.

  93. Marie-Jo Nahounou

    Bons souvenirs...doux souvenirs... Tevin Campbell avait une voix unique à cette époque! Que de doux souvenirs oh là la...!

  94. Makaveli Thadon

    This is my jam,but let's be real,Tevin's got some sugar in his tank.