Campbell, Tevin - Don't Say Goodbye Girl Lyrics

[VERSE 1:]
Baby don't stand there in the doorway
With all your bags ready to go
Baby sit down let's talk it over
Oh I need to know

What do you think you're gonna find?
(A man who treats you sweeter?)
What are you looking for?
(A place where grass grows greener)
The world is cold out there
(I'm the one who really cares)

Don't say goodbye girl
Take a look inside and read my mind girl
Everything I do, I do for you
Don't leave me crying (crying)

[VERSE 2:]
Maybe my crime is caring 'bout you
Wanting you close by my side
Maybe you need some space around you
Some room to fly

Don't ever think I'll hold you back
(My love will lift you higher)

And when you call my name
(I'll be there right beside you)
Together we'll get by
(Give this love another try)


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Campbell, Tevin Don't Say Goodbye Girl Comments
  1. 83arien

    One of my playlist 💕

  2. Kavette Mclaren

    2020...still in love

  3. Tamika Jennings

    It DONT matter what any one says about Tevin Campbell he’s blessed with an amazing 😉 voice 🌹

  4. Jayda Moet

    Jan 2020 anyone😍🥰

  5. Ishi Ishon

    2019 into 2020 anyone

  6. Andrea Foxx

    My wedding song

  7. mundia mutale

    Classic yet underrated Tev your music is magical

  8. alwiya abdula

    My men tevin ur the best who is listening in 2020...come back

  9. Rashonda Oliver

    He is a Legend and We will treat this king as such 💙💙💙💙

  10. Dineo Mokgosi

    2019 and we still here. 🙌🏾💫👌🏾✨❤️

    Love, from South Africa.

  11. Tanaya Mitchell

    December 2019 forever and always

  12. big1boto

    2019 and still jamming

  13. John Grey

    This song still lives💯

  14. Max Velocity

    Still Listening in 2019

  15. Marcus Jacobs

    Miss them dayz!!!!

  16. Steven Clark

    One of his best songs... Especially.. vocally

  17. Toni Toni

    the accents of the beat singing “don’t leave me crying” at the beginning just gets me going

  18. Emaur Emor


  19. ladyofwisdom2

    One of my favorite jams. I love his big, powerful voice. 😍

  20. E MOORE

    648pm 10/21/2019 United States


    This was my favorite song by him. This boy could really sing.

  22. rohan sewsanker

    Love from Saudi Arabia. He's a top artist. Who's listening in 2019???

  23. A. J. Singleton

    Real singing 🎼miss the 90’s music sound🎼🎼

  24. Allison Bennett

    YouTube seriously the adds is killing the vibe when u just need to listen to a song before your Heart explode! Help a woman out💘⚡☔🥃💉💘

  25. Sihle Ntlabati

    anyone still jamming in 2019?

    Leniz Castaneda

    Sihle Ntlabati this is everything

    Andolora Marshall

    He is tour righ now

  26. D C

    He should open the next BET awards with this song and Brown Eyed Girl

  27. Kofi Atakora Afriyie

    2019 and still singing along to it!!

    Andolora Marshall

    He is tour right now

    Kofi Atakora Afriyie

    @Andolora Marshall Awesome!!! are you going to see him perform?

  28. Desi Que

    I love Tevin Campbell FOREVER AND ALWAYS

  29. Quiana Clark

    One of my top 3 favorite songs!!!!!!!!,

  30. Kedra Jones

    TEVIN CAPBELL what else can I say!!!!!! 2019 who else is here?????? ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Andolora Marshall

    Will be in Chicago on November 16 2016

  31. Sean Polo

    You just can't go wrong with 90s R&B the best


    This song makes me cry thinking about my ex wife the way she left me hanging but it's all good my point is never take people for granted or you will be alone

  33. Steven Clark

    This song shows his true ability

  34. Saumeng Peleha

    Tevin is still relevant even today , I went to his concert last night here in Pretoria South Africa....Wow this guy can sing,his voice is still the same.

  35. Holly Hill

    Burt Bacharach...

  36. Rashid Ugradar

    One of many of my fav tracks. I met Tevin many years ago after he performed in concert in London. What an amazing talent. I asked him why he didn't perform this song. His humble answer was how he wished he could still hit those high notes. My message to a brother that can sing the pants off manufactured artists these days is how many could ever sing any of these notes in their whole lifetime? Take a bow Tevy Tev.

  37. ꧁ Orlando Cruz ꧂

    Love when he hits those high notes.

  38. G W

    i was born in 93 but grew up listening to tevin cambell thanks to mom..still listening to this to this day..they just dont make em like they use to..90s was the best era of all music.

  39. Roskin Rhodes

    2019 anyone?

  40. Astepahead

    Wow! I was so into him back then. Had this album of cassette, think I've still got it somewhere. Still sounds fresh n still pulls on the heart strings haha. This is just beautiful. What's he up to these, days?

  41. Crystal Clear

    Tevin snapped on this

  42. lilmama291

    Lawd take me back to this era! What happened to THIS kind of RnB?!?!? 😢


    That's all Tevin had to do was either smile and/or sing, and the females would just melt back in the 1991 to 1994 period. This was one of Tevin's better songs of his career and it's my second favorite song on the I'm Ready album.

  44. emele ofanoa


  45. Adebisi Adeyemi

    I am glad I found Tevin again...Very under rated musician...His music is so pure...Thank you for bringing happiness back into my life....

  46. Mike Patel

    My GF has no idea this song means to me and her. I hope she never says goodbye....

  47. Niki Niki

    Bruno Mars took this hook for Armani on the Floor

  48. lovale lovale

    WHEN MUSIC WAS AWESOME THE 90s and the World Trade Center was on this planet

  49. Kamille

    Heard this in a taxi the other day...first time in say 7 years, idk how I even forgot about resonated with me so much for a tough situation & my love for pure r&b slow jams

  50. Cecelo

    One of the best R&B albums from the 90s. Like literally every song on this album was a hit.

  51. Charisma Mitchell

    The early 90s, mid, and late era was the best best for music. Can't even get that flo back.

  52. Erioth Keruma

    I listen to this almost daily. Can't get enough ..What a voice!



  54. warren meltzer

    Tevin campbell... the Male version of whitney houston.

  55. Liwa Ngwexana

    Tevin is still awesome

    Liwa Ngwexana

    Tevins music still lives

  56. Andphel Mwanza

    When music used to talk... Miss them those days

  57. Teresa Daniels

    Still love Tevin in 2019❤


    Ok, Whitney I hear you in there. Also some Chaka Khan,especially @2:41

  59. Ms Makubutu Nonkululeko Kgothalo Lekota

    My favourite Team Campbell song.

  60. Porsha Robinson


  61. OhSoMarvalus

    Raw talent!!! Sad how his innocence was stolen as a young kid in the hands of the industry overseers SMH!!! ❤ Tev....hopefully you're in a good place in your life rn!

  62. The Money Woman

    Come back and redo this song Tevin!

  63. latishathomas500

    Everything i do for you

  64. Stuka msomi

    My Fav song of all times

  65. Kuya_SEB Gaming


  66. Wanda Mclendun

    Your son terry

  67. Elizabeth Jumaa

    Whenever I listen to TC song's I remember all good days when i was in primary school!

  68. melisentia pheiffer

    when innocence loses its essence by way of corruption. No wonder he became an alchoholic. Pity.

    Kimberly Dill

    Where did you hear that from?

  69. Jah Wonders

    Amazing 273 dislikes,smdh!!!This Is 🎶 🎼 🎵 That Can’t Be Touched Nor Stop...

  70. Shannon Perdue

    I need a unsung episode on Tevin Campbell.

  71. Sybrena Wagner

    2k19 anyone

  72. Sweetpie Bown

    I grew up on him I was 16 still love him

  73. Shawnee Lawrence

    2019 listening

  74. melanie gonzalez

    Dioses de la musica

  75. Stuka msomi

    My favourite Song of all times... we miss you Tevin 🤗😍

  76. datastreamful

    this was my jam back in the day at the clubs

  77. lorenzo covington

    Tevin singing is effortless,the way he hits those notes,it's a magical thing.I love you Tev.Keep making amazing music.

  78. Dewayne Ocain

    Wow... the best record from Tevin. Goosebumps

  79. Elisabeth Sauer

    So expressive that it touches...



  81. Ahmadou Bamba M.C. de Souza

    🖤Z.T. send me here to LUV better🖤

  82. andrew hylton

    This guy hit some strong notes and some strong points in a relationship

  83. Jolene Phoshoko

    Happy New Year 2019!! Still listening ♥️♥️♥️

  84. melisentia pheiffer

    so handsome. and his voice is phenomenol. pity about his alcoholism.

    Kimberly Dill

    Where are you getting that from?

  85. Belinda Burney

    This is my jam played this song over and over

  86. James Frederick

    In 2018 & it's on replay

  87. Fred George

    My just showed me a recent video of him he still got it

  88. Malik Jones

    “Nowdayz you aint finding LOVE this Genuine, this how a Man! suppose to FEEL about the Woman he ADORE”

  89. Bianca Starks

    He looks so sexy in this video omg!

  90. Herman Lloyd Lekwane

    I can never outgrow this melodically energized song

  91. Alvin Sebotsa

    The best tervin Campbell

  92. Sandy Merritt


  93. Latiya Adams

    Tevin campbell will always be my husband


    Say what you want about Quincy Jones, don't want to get into the negative but the man was a genius in producing young talent. This young man should have been more decorated as an artist.

  95. Lexi Clarice

    I played this everyday during my first marriage. Lasted 2 years. Love you, Tevin❤💕