Campbell, Glen - The Last Time I Saw Her Lyrics

The last time I saw her face her eyes were bathed in starlight and her hair hung long
The last time she spoke to me
Her lips were like the scented flowers inside a rain-drenched forest
But that was so long ago that I can scarcely feel the way I felt before
And if time could heal the wounds
I would tear the threads away that I might bleed some more
The last time I walked with her her laughter was the steeple bells
That ring to greet the morning sun a voice that called to everyone
To love the ground we walked upon those were good days


The last time I held her hand her touch was autumn spring and summer and winter too
The last time I let go of her she walked a way into the night
I lost her in the misty streets a thousand months a thousand years
When other lips will kiss her eyes a million miles beyond the moon that's where she is
The last time I saw her face her eyes were bathed in starlight and she walked alone
The last time she kissed my cheek her lips were like the wilted leaves
Upon the autumn covered hills resting on the frozen ground
The seeds of love lie cold and still beneath a battered marking stone it lies forgotten

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Campbell, Glen The Last Time I Saw Her Comments
  1. Brody Droppleman

    All hail Gordon Lightfoot who wrote this song and so many others as good as this one

  2. Goof E. Washington

    I’d give anything to find a version of this with just Glen Campbell’s voice and an acoustic guitar, without all the orchestration and strings.

    IMO, at this point in Campbell’s career, his voice was at its peak. Forget the hair, the rhinestones and the rest- Glen Campbell could really, really sing.

  3. Becky Tenasarim

    The last time I saw my mother's face was early this month before she's gone to heaven and left me alone.

  4. Lou Ann Watt

    Maybe Norwood.

  5. Thomas Hoffmann 1

    For A.S.!!!!!!!

  6. Lou Ann Watt

    Was this the B side to True Grit?

    Shirley Strand

    Lou Ann Watt I loved true Grit. I can’t remember if it was . This may have earlier than True Grit. Guess we will have to google. It’s an earlier song on Gordon,s album, but released on single by Glenn.

    Shirley Strand

    Lou Ann Watt B side was , Hava Nagila.

  7. alice primack

    Love this

  8. Leonna Graca

    Gordon Lightfoot was an amazing song writer he should be much more acknowledged in UK. This song is Shakespearian in its quality of lyrics and I challenge anyone to give a reason as to why it isnt

    Shirley Strand

    Leonna Graca Are you from England, Leonna? Yes, Gordon lived there for a while, when composing This song, maybe, in that time frame. . Also the Scottish heritage of his parents, may have played a role.

  9. MrGreystone59

    This is a great Gordon Lightfoot song, of you didn’t know..

  10. tiredlawdog

    When on the police department, I had a partner that I loved like a younger sister. This song reminds me so much of her. The last time I spoke with her on the phone, when closing out I told her something I had never told her. I told her to be careful and that I loved her. She knew exactly how I meant it too.Four days later she was killed in a one car accident. I don't think I'll ever get over that. Rest in peace my little sister, I do love you always.

    J D

    I’m so sorry. Real love never dies but stays with you always. Never wasted and you are better for it. Take care and stay safe.

  11. Leonna Graca

    Probably one of the greatest songs that has ever been written in popular history

    Shirley Strand

    Leonna Graca Composed By Gordon Lightfoot. ‘Beautiful,’ by
    Gordon is also incredible, and ‘Your Loves Return.’ Both On utube, to enjoy 😊

  12. Val Nauffts

    So beautifully sung ,by Glen the master !

    Shirley Strand

    Val Nauffts AGREE!! perfection, Of Gordon’s, composition.

  13. Wayne Sanchez

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU for publishing this and, what appears to be, a remastered version. Written by the masterful Gordon Lightfoot, as he so often did, Glen took this song to its ultimate levels of beauty, artistry. Yet, this remains one of his lesser known masterpieces. Ridiculous, but true. I fell hopelessly under its spell, with first hearing it, on the radio, MANY moons ago. Never forgot it, will carry it in my soul and heart, til my last thought. Again, thank you.

  14. Steven Maginnis

    Written and originally recorded by Gordon Lightfoot.

  15. Dick Buelow

    Love this song by Glen Campbell,,sure brings back memories of my first wife who died from melanoma at the age of only 24...I am lucky,,remarried and I love her also.,,,,Still my first wife I will always miss immensely,,,,she didn't deserve that to happen at her young age. She will always be a flower in my memory at the top of the mountain.

    Yafuker Sheldon

    Never a good answer for why this happens.