Campbell, Glen - Rhinestone Cowboy Lyrics

I've been walkin' these streets so long
Singin' the same old song
I know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of Broadway
Where hustle's the name of the game
And nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain
There's been a load of compromisin'
On the road to my horizon
But I'm gonna be where the lights are shinin' on me

Like a rhinestone cowboy
Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo
Like a rhinestone cowboy
Getting cards and letters from people I don't even know
And offers comin' over the phone

Well, I really don't mind the rain
And a smile can hide all the pain
But you're down when you're ridin' the train
That's takin' the long way
And I dream of the things I'll do
With a subway token and a dollar tucked inside my shoe
There'll be a load of compromisin'
On the road to my horizon
But I'm gonna be where the lights are shinin' on me

Like a rhinestone cowboy
Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo
Rhinestone cowboy
Gettin' cards and letters from people I don't even know
And offers comin' over the phone

Like a rhinestone cowboy
Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo

Like a rhinestone cowboy
Gettin' cards and letters from people I don't even know....

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Campbell, Glen Rhinestone Cowboy Comments
  1. Anthony Mariscal

    Anyone here from high school high😂💀

  2. Jessica Campbell

    He was my dads uncle lol

  3. ThefiveGs

    Oh my good... white people

  4. Dan Nájera

    Glen Campbell is the most talented entertainer of the modern era

  5. Juriah Buang

    Omg he had such a beautiful voice...i just enjoy to listen to this song again n again

  6. Michael Brown

    Road trip in my parents Delta 77 on an 8 track.


    Michael Brown … Was eight track the stupidest format ever? It would jump to another track during aa song.

  7. Billy LoomiS

    nice and easy

  8. Richard Conte

    Diddnt this come out in the 1970s. How is there a music video?

  9. Bud Evans

    There's been a load of compromising on the road to my horizon, my favorite part for some reason 🤙

  10. Patrick Hanel


  11. igame bruv

    Its still hard to belive that me and him are related on his moms side with the last name stone which is my grandpas and mothers last name i adopted my dads lasst name roddy but my mother gave me the middle name stone too honer my grandpa

  12. J J

    Liquid gold. Priceless ❤🤘

  13. Melynda Bott

    This is some funny shit!!!

  14. Levi Rippy

    This was my dad's favorite song now that my dad is gone i listen to it every day it reminds me so much of him.

    jack mayhoffer

    He knows you do. He’s singing it with you. Just listen


    Sorry for your loss, your father is in heaven watching you hear this song that reminds you of him

    Levi Rippy

    @Comrade20 thanks you

  15. Jason Nester

    The gayest song ever

  16. Jorge Okay

    Hey I'm walking here!


    Beautiful song

  18. Amanda P.

    The budget to make this video must have been up in the tens of dollars.

    rich maxwell

    unlike today where they make million dollar videos with singers that aren't worth ten dollars.

  19. EarthToSasha

    Dec 2019


    Born to sing, thanks Glen

  21. Eduardo Sandoval

    I heard this song in a movie called War On Everyone. Never stopped listening since

  22. Jerry Muzak

    They just don't make 'em, like they used to.
    Maybe that's a good thing.
    What do you say?

  23. Joaquim Dsouza

    isn't this arguably the best song of all time ?

    Matt Lombardo

    Not close lol

    Joaquim Dsouza

    @Matt Lombardo well it's subjective . what would you consider the best song of all time.

    Matt Lombardo

    @Joaquim Dsouza hard to say just 1 guess it depends on my mood, but not that i like as my fav, stairway to heaven has every element of a rock song, slow fast etc...its gotta be near the top..

  24. Arturo Gonzalez

    War on everyone brought me here

  25. Lindsey Gatlin

    This horse looks pissed.

  26. Apache Wolf

    Miss those days.

  27. Sketch

    I love the song midnight cowboy 💜💛🖤

  28. Sricharan C

    I love Black Sabbath. I love Steely Dan. I love Miles Davis ... but no one turns my heart to mush like this man. It's not only his singing but also that this was part of my childhood and home and dad.

  29. Elizabeth Girard

    I enjoy this song, this one gets stuck in my head a lot lately

  30. Derrick Parker

    Yasss dis man done made a song before he passed RIP 😕

  31. Christian Cagadas

    Note: Later was translated in Tagalog Filipino language as Ang Kawawang Cowboy by Fred Panopio.

  32. spiros534

    Childhood memories thanks Glen

  33. Seek Truth

    Music from a time when life in America was sane and made some sense.

  34. Scott McCord

    That's not Broadway, though. That's the shoulder of a country road.

  35. King Of Cowards

    Yeehaw im a midnight cowboy

  36. Person

    I’m a midnight cowboy

  37. Keith William MacHendry

    A American Scot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️

  38. Justin Justice

    Released decades before I was born yet strangely familiar.

    A drop-dead GORGEOUS song.

    Glen Campbell, I subbed you and unsubbed Cardi B when I realized how much better you are.

  39. Steve Abitante


  40. Paul Lloyd

    Great song learning it for play

  41. Supersleuth *

    soo love this song ! Thanks Glen for everything

  42. kevin fuentes


  43. Bon Cunanan

    I remember dancing to the tune of this country song way back when I was just around 5!

  44. John Reder

    Does this man also have more soul than a sock with a hole?

  45. Angela Daisy

    RIP glen you were a great friend, Im from delight arkansas and his neice rhalee campbell was my really good friend for the longest time we miss you glen!❤❤❤

  46. Audio Maverick

    Big budget film clip this one... They could have at least picked up the horse shit.

  47. Chris McCurdy

    Here is one of my favorite country music singer of all-time singing one of biggest classic hit song and this is my favorite Glen Campbell song of all-time.

  48. Adam Thorne

    Hes a 5 stone cowboy...

  49. Kurt Eiman

    This is country music at it's very best. Wow. What a great song.


    RIP Glen Campbell

  51. Garth Hamp-Adams

    50 but 7


    I won't bother mentioning a year. I'm civilized.

  53. Damien Millett

    Damn this is a great song and a great singer , what's happened to the music industry , there are some good songs but an awful lot of crap these days

  54. Sandy Bristow

    Its 5am and I woke up thinking of this song...

  55. L V


  56. S W

    Anyone watching this in late 2019?

    Johann Plössnig


    Daniel Baldwin

    Listening right now! He was a great guitar picker too.

    Dan Nájera

    Generic comment

  57. Rose Christina Dawson Orquillas

    He's dead? Check out his last and final song, It makes you cry

  58. The Starman

    The best one

  59. Michael Knapp

    Love this song!!!

  60. Grant Robinson

    listening in 2019 and will continue

  61. The Big Family and Friends Show

    This song was in daddy daycare when the man was singing to the kids.

    Bud Evans

    Was just singing it to my stepson tonight then seen your comment

  62. Dingo Roberts

    I was trying to decide if this video sounded like it was recorded through an overstuffed down feather pillow or through a 50 pound grain sack full of horse feed. I decided that it sounds like it was recorded through an overstuffed down feather pillow AND a 50 pound grain sack full of horse feed.

  63. S L

    This song sounds very similar to Greatest American Hero

  64. Summer Tillson

    Older the vialen the sweeter the music

  65. David Iverson

    My favorite Glen Campbell song. I was living in Scottsdale AZ when I first heard this song. Great memories. Real classic.

  66. tallkeithatl

    Great song, but the video could have been better, I was chuckling during it

  67. Grimreaper420ful

    2052 anyone still listening?

  68. DavidMarfe

    Who cares what year who listening to it. I’m gonna listen to it every year I’m around until I get to hang out with Glen


    Bro he died 3 years ago rip


    @Cerberus_051612 I don’t think you understand the comment hang with glen it means when I’m gone.


    @DavidMarfe ok sorry 🤦‍♂️

  69. Ramona Reyes

    one of my favorite songs

  70. DIAMONDZ&SPARKL2020 Krusty-Krispy-Dershowitz


  71. Si Hong Chow

    Preciosa música. Me remonta a mi adolescencia. Cuando NUNCA creí que mi juventud sería una Fantasía. Gracias Glenn.~

  72. Finn

    anyone remembers that linkin park Interview where chester said, mike sings this under the shower when he's feeling sensual?😂

  73. I'llEatThat

    I’m here because of a crossword clue

  74. Gus M

    Rocking the Bandit clothes

  75. Darin j6789

    There will be a lot of compromising ,,,on the road to my horizon . One sentence summarises life . 👍

  76. shaider1982

    Dislikes? Why?

  77. Nala The Pitbull

    Who else is here because of that 70s show?


    The Best 👍👍👍👍👍

  79. MATTHEW Presland

    Loved this song in the 70's I was in to all music, this one had a special place... thanks to his lovely vocals, rest in peace cowboy

  80. Carlos Wulff

    I first heard it in 1978 (in my hometown Frankfurt am Main, Germany) on my fellow's tape recorder and was electrified immediately. Thank you, Glen for all your beautiful music, which will last forever. Thank you, Ashley for having supported him. You both are exceptional super talents. Best regards.

  81. T Olsen

    What the f*ck is a rhinestone cowboy?

  82. Lars Himler

    Vemodig vakkert!👍👍👍

  83. Ryan Friesen

    the song is good but the music is outdated needs a new theme :)

  84. MrRoztoc

    I didn't know that song before 2016 or 17 I think. European here. But I really understand why it was not only a country smash hit, but a huge pop hit also. Great voice, catchy tunes, wonderful song!

  85. Luther Williams

    This song was big when I was in the 5th grade. I remember all the kids singing it all the time.

  86. GrumpyOldMan

    1:32 that car was definitely speeding

  87. Mauricio Ayala

    High school high brought me here

  88. The - Record - Collector !

    Translated Chinese Version be like:

    Just like a CHINESE cowboy, (That ‘oughta be cookin’ dog on the star spangled tv show)

    Yeah I know, stupid joke ‘yall. Good song anyway.

    Yue Yu

    Hmm, that's actually not bad. 🤧

  89. QualityContentEveryday

    Got more soul than a sock with a hole

  90. Adi Resuello

    When I thought Fred Panopio's song was an original.. :(

  91. Edgar Acevedo

    How can someone dislike this?? they weren’t raised right

  92. Chicken Bone

    Every time I come listen to an old song, the comments are always “2019 anyone?”. So annoying


    You both are so right!

    errol kim

    When was this? Was it in 2019? Anyone?


    2020 anyone ? I'm also queing it up for 2021...

    Geoff Krikorian

    That is a cheap way to get "hits". I never do thumbs up when I see "who is listening?"

    errol kim

    @dm9542 I hear 2025 is all sold out

  93. Isaias Hernandez

    High school high brought me here

  94. Roger Bowen

    Glenn Campbell one heck of a nice guy give a thumbs up for him

  95. Annalaw

    Good old, mellow, sweet seventies...On the backside of the turbulent sixties. Wonderful time, will always love Glen, his sense of pure innocence as he expresses this thoughts in this song!!!!

  96. Peter Pimmelmann

    this is the most cheesy shit ive ever seen and i kinda love it

  97. Neutral Artist

    Who remembers the movie high school high?

  98. mistofoles

    Ah, the 70s fashion....crotch-crushing pants with billowing leg cuffs and a belt buckle the size of a house brick !

  99. Channel 69 WSNO

    Like a Rhinestone Cowboy
    Touched for the very first tiiiiiiiiime