Campbell, Glen - It's Only Make Believe Lyrics

People see us everywhere
They think you really care
But myself I can't deceive
I know it's only make believe

My one and only prayer
Is that some day you'll care
My hopes, my dreams come true
My one and only you

No one will ever know
How much I love you so
My only prayer will be
Someday you'll care for me
But it's only make believe

My hopes, my dreams come true
My life, I'd give for you
My heart, a wedding ring
My all, my everything

My heart, I can't control
You rule my very soul
My plans, my hopes, my schemes
Girl, you are my every dream
But it's only make believe

My one and only prayer
Girl, is that some day you'll care
My hopes, my dreams come true
You're my one and only you

And no one will ever know
Just how much I love you so
And my only prayer will be
That someday you'll care for me
But it's only make believe
It's make believe

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Campbell, Glen It's Only Make Believe Comments

    Brilliant, the man, his music & his soul lives forever.

  2. Angela Fuentes

    My 5 yo self to my mom (1974): momma, I want to marry him one day...❤

  3. Long Bone

    I never told you Alison and now i will always burn

  4. Fiona Wynne

    Anyone listening Nov 2019?


    Many are, Fiona!!!!

  5. Tony Nesbit

    I love this version,Glen Campbell was brilliant.

  6. Odilon da Silva Rocha

    wonderful, fabulous singer, in a great 50s song. Excelente, grande cantor numa canção marcante dos anos 50.

  7. Glynis Mcgourlick

    My sister bought all his albums, I would listen to them when she was in work.

  8. Graham Leadbeatter

    Along with Karen Carpenter and Judith Durham (The Seekers) Glen was a "one take" specialist. He'd get half an album recorded before lunch.


    A true musician!

  9. Wolfsky9

    Al De Lory's gorgeous arrangement & orchestration, helped make this a classic remake. ------------------Wolfsky9, 72 y/o

    rusty DUFFY

    De Lory was the grand master of arrangers during those years.

  10. Verl Logsdon

    The only bad thing I can say concerning Glen is that his character was killed in True Grit. I must disagree with most who have left a comment about this song. Conway Twitty's version is the absolute best there ever was. Glen did an excellent job but he just doesn't have the growl in the song that all the ladies adore. Check out the 1990 version on You Tube at the 3:00 mark and I think that is proof enough. Cheers!

  11. Connie Woodburn

    No one can top this one! Love it and listen to Glen's songs regularly!


    Thanks, Connie - a lovely comment.

  12. Jeff Stewart

    Conway was great, but Glen's version rips out your soul.

  13. Jane Ewart

    Sadly missed Glen x

  14. Val Nauffts

    All I can say is wow ,wow ,blew my mind !!!


    Yeah, knockout stuff, eh Val?

  15. John Devlin

    RIP Glen,from John D in 1 of you favourite countries,bonnie SCOTLAND.

  16. Chuck Lowry


  17. Stewart Mcclymont

    best cover by a mile


    I agree!

  18. Lightning Lass

    This is so intense 🥰 I love this so much ❤️

  19. hinge berr

    Amazing, that's all I can say, amazing!!!!!!

  20. Mary Raymond

    Boy, I don't think I've ever heard this version by Campbell before. I like it! I love this song and it brings out his voice to its best advantage. RIP, Glen.

  21. Barry Gray

    Excellent version from Glen he really nails this beautiful song.

  22. jockadoobee

    What a voice.

  23. Thomas A. Bradley

    Nobody does it like Glen!

  24. Bruce T

    Stunning rendition of this song..the best

  25. Robert Tecau

    The absolute definitive version of this song, hands down.


    D Lowe

    This one by Conway in his later years killing it is pretty impressive

    D Lowe

    They both are killin it though. The orchestra makes it awesome in Glenn's version

    T Crew

    Glen always brings the best version out of every song.

    Leo Van Vliet


    Paul Kania

    Yes, the very best! 😊

  26. Kevin Willis

    I think Glen Campbell set the standard for this song, it just fits his voice, cant deny the musical arrangement, the orchestral sound definitely made this a more powerful version.

  27. Snowgoose66

    Brilliant version. Best one yet


    Very true!

  28. colette s

    i never knew he did this song, excellent


    True! Thanks for calling by ....

  29. Troy W

    Best job by far!! Wow


    Couldn't agree more.

  30. Leo Van Vliet

    Best version of a great song !


    Glad you enjoyed this one, Leo.

  31. Bill Murray

    Bet Elvis could have nailed this as well! This version is as good or better than the original. That's something usually only the King of Rock N Roll could do.


    Much of Elvis's material is strictly protected by copyright owners - you won't find much of it on this channel.

    Lightning Lass

    Bill Murray yes! Totally agree!!! X

  32. Timothy Abraham

    Rest in Peace Glen

  33. spartacusvikinga

    Wow, better by far for me then the original. RIP big guy...your talent may never be seen again. You were one in a billion. Many thanks from Sandy, Beds, in England.......All the best to the great Americans.


    Nice comment, Sandy. Thank you.

  34. Owen Geebung

    when your mum gave you life the mould broke now you leave alot of broken hearts too rip mate


    Great comment, Owen - thank you.

  35. Joanw100

    R I P Glen.

  36. djpaul146

    Video not available why that


    It may be blocked in your country. Sorry about that. It is available in most places.


    sunryse111 I just put my phone on desktop mode on YouTube and it plays


    great! good thinking!

  37. Scorp

    A legend is gone.

  38. Pete Garcia

    1st 45 my parents ever bought from Glen. RIP

  39. John LaStrada

    RIP Glen. This was one of your greatest vocals. Stirring and powerful.


    Nice comment, my friend. Thank you.

    John LaStrada

    You're welcome sunryse111. It's the truth. This version of this great song by Glen always makes me stop what I'm doing to listen quietly.

  40. Saul Davis

    Rest In Peace, Dear Glen. Thank you for all the great music. xox


    Yes, sad news today ....

  41. Timothy Abraham

    nailed it...


    ... as only he could!

  42. Roselyn West

    Love this version with Glenn Campbell. Thank you for posting!


    My pleasure, Roselyn. Enjoy your day.

  43. Casper Kittae

    One of the best singers of his generation and this song was done perfectly.


    Well said. Thank you for your comment.

  44. evimlck

    Such a great version!!!!!


    Thank you for your comment - appreciated.

  45. Rob B

    love this version he puts so much heart and soul in this song didnt roy orbison do a version of this too


    Yes he did - I have probably posted it on my channel. If not, it will be in the pipeline.

  46. volleygolfguy

    I like Glen's version better than Conway's version. Both are good, but Glen's is's more intense.


    I tend to agree. A case of a cover version improving on the original.


    Exactly. You rarely find a remake to be better than the original.

    rusty DUFFY

    That's how Glen did a song, had to be better than someone elses version,a true perfectionist when it came to recording.

    Dean Godin

    It's a finely timed, whollopping crescendo.

    rusty DUFFY

    Way,way better, his heart is in it ,Glen always put in 110% to any song.

  47. Rick Bruni

    Best cover ever!


    +Rick Bruni I have to agree with you.  Conway Twitty was a hard act to follow - and quite a few tried.  But Glen Campbell nailed it!   Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave a comment, Rick.


    Another couple of artists that were hard to follow Johnny Cash and Elvis.

    Allan Wilson

    Best by a mile