Campbell, Glen - Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In L.A.) Lyrics

Livin' in the city
Ain't never been my idea of gettin' it on
But the job demands that you make new plans
Before your big chance is gone

You get a house in the hills
You're payin' everyone's bills
And they tell you that you're gonna go far
But in the back of my mind
I hear it time after time
"Is that who you really are"

Country boy, you got your feet in LA
But your mind's on Tennessee
Lookin' back, I can remember the time
When I sang my songs for free
Country boy, you got your feet in LA
Take a look at everything you own
But now and then, my heart keeps goin' home

Talkin' on the telephone
Settin' up another day of people to meet
You've gotta do what's right
You've gotta spend the night
Stayin' in touch with the street
When you're surrounded by friends
They say the fun never ends
But I guess I'll never figure it out
'Cause in the back of my mind
I hear it time after time
"Is this what it's all about"

Country boy, you got your feet in LA
But your mind's on Tennessee
Lookin' back, I can remember the time
When I sang my songs for free
Country boy, you got your feet in LA
Take a look at everything you own
But now and then, my heart keeps goin' home [2x]

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Campbell, Glen Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In L.A.) Comments
  1. Winifred Ogilvie

    Jump out of the box sometimes.

  2. shmuli9

    This is my fave Glenn Campbell song. It isi rather cynical.

  3. Frank Santopadre

    Written by the great Denns Lambert and Brian Potter!

  4. Diane Wilson

    Another great tune he left us with great music we miss him.

  5. John Joyce

    Amazing that we rarely hear his music played or requested because he was really underrated.My father is a big fan


    Other artists recognised his true talent. Watch this:

  6. John Joyce

    Hugely underrated and under appreciated artist.Pity you don't hear much of his music on radio stations


    You don't find too much here on YT either ... a lot of his music is blocked by copyright claimants.

  7. Marcia Tallman

    Came here cause this was playing in wal mart couple days ago ...Great Song !


    I am glad you found it here, Marcia. Have a good day!

    Don Rudolph

    I first heard it on a classic country radio station a couple months ago. I think it may have dethroned Rhinestone Cowboy as my favorite Glen Campbell song!!

  8. benntura

    I heard this song on KCRW.


    Hope it made your day!

  9. David Hugaert

    I love this 1976 Glen Campbell hit, which peaked @ #11 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart!!!

    Bravo, Glen Campbell [R.I.P.] (performer) & Dennis Lambert/Brian Potter (songwriters)!!!

  10. carroll1106

    Glen Campbell.....THE most underrated talent ever. Genius guitar player and pitch perfect vocals, like silk. How does one human being get so much talent and I get none? LOL

  11. rexbpiano

    Saw Glen in concert at the beginning of his last tour. He still had it, even in early stages of Alzheimer’s. R.I.P.

  12. Lesley Maclennan

    The absolute best we got from Glen. RIP 🎶〰💞


    This video is certainly pulling in the views! Thanks for stopping to comment, Lesley.

  13. pomegranateorange

    My dad gave me his cassette when i was drowning in black metal grunge and trash metal. Back in 1995. He said " this is much better. You will feel better." HE WAS RIGHT. HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT.


    Good comment ... thank you!


    sunryse111 you are welcome. Love and greetings from Turkey

    Eric Veritas Blair

    @pomegranateorange Good music soothes the soul, other music drags you down.


    Dad's are always right!


    Didn't you know dads are always right? :-)

  14. Philip Halpenny

    So many of his great songs have that yearning quality. Wonderful , sweeping cinematic feel owing to faultless string arranging.


    A performer sadly missed, Philip!

    Philip Halpenny

    Thank you, sunryse111, for your kindly correspondence. The sadness of his passing is eased only by the timelessness of his legacy.

  15. Richard Tattersall

    Don't realise how talented glen was ,watched a documentary about him.


    Are you in the UK? I noticed that there were one or two documentaries listed for Glen - but I'm not a TV watcher so I saw none of them. But yes, he was extremely talented - a brilliant guitarist and vocalist. Thanks for your visit. Glen will be long remembered ....

  16. Andrew Bradford

    I remember it was a crisp cold day in December when I was delivering Mail for the service, and I heard this on the radio. I was thinking WOW, what a sound...Classic. Golden..


    Great personal comment, Andrew - thanks!

  17. Kevin Houghton

    Great song, great singer.

  18. T. Dwyer

    A favorite!!


    One of my favourites, too.

  19. Rachel S

    The best of the best! 🙌🌹
    #restinpeace #love 🙏❤


    Thanks for stopping by, Rachel. Best wishes for the new month ahead.

  20. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #11 on the pop charts in 1976!!!


    Yes .... thank you - I have already pointed that out in the description above.

  21. Matilda Bond

    Country boy,you got your feet in SC ,but your minds in London.....(:


    Haha! True!

    Matilda Bond

    It is lol (:

    Matilda Bond

    He just needs to know it!!!

  22. Matilda Bond

    His voice is just pure silk (:


    ... and never to be forgotten.

  23. Get a Gun



    Thank you, my friend.

  24. kksd2

    This song came out when I was heading West, and ended up in L.A.!


    Warm, treasured memories, huh? Thanks for your visit here, my friend.

  25. Terry Tucker

    Rest in peace Mr. Glen Campbell you touched so many people with your music. I've learned that music has no color. If it touches your soul and feels right then it must be all good. This is coming from a black man who loves good music.


    Wonderful comment, my friend. Thank you.

    Teddy Lockhart

    Terry Tucker I feel the same. Charley Pride is one of favorite singers.
    Music has a way bringing people together.

  26. seventiesmusicisbest

    Came here because this is my favourite Glen Campbell song though Galveston runs it really close. Said it before on other tracks, great singer of real authority,  sadly gone just today but here with us forever through his great songs.


    His music will stay around for a long, long time ....

  27. Martin Camp

    Rest in Peace, Glen.


    He will be greatly missed

  28. Charles Davis

    RIP. Your music won't be forgotten.

  29. Grendachan

    Goodbye Glen....your music will live on. Rest friend. :(


    He will never be forgotten.

  30. Emma Bluecaboose

    Vale Glen. Remembered always. Thanks


    Thank you for your comment, Emma. A sad day.

  31. anne mott

    I love this one. another of his great songs is The Hand that Rocks the Cradle with Steve Wariner.

  32. Matt Beeman

    RIP Glen Campbell you were an American treasure.  God gifted singer and guitarist.  Another of the greats gone.


    I had the pleasure (just once) of seeing him in concert. An amazing evening! Thanks for your comment.

    Matt Beeman

    What a treat.  He's joined the rest of Gods choir.

  33. Dale Hammons

    R.I.P..Great song from 1976


    Thank you for your sincere comment.

  34. Baron Von Chevrolet

    Quite a Legend, RIP Glen Campbell


    Yes - sad news just now.

  35. Kevin Webb

    A super country singer. Beautiful ballad.

  36. hoserman100

    the UK are NOT country/western people


    That's a rather broad generalisation, my friend. A lot of British people are very keen C&W fans and radio stations that run Country programmes over here are well supported by the fans. This channel (UK based) regularly posts C&W material.

  37. Lorraine Barry

    i wasonley youngwhen he came out but gosh he had some great songs go glen


    He did indeed. Thank you for your lovely comment.

    Lorraine Barry

    your most welcome

  38. danbodyman

    Some of the nicest music ever made.


    True - thank you for your comment.

  39. Shane Hasty

    Great song, reminds me of my childhood, thx for sharing....

  40. Snerdly Fackle

    Bitter, are you? Guilty, maybe? You've gotta be some kind of messed up to need to rain on everybody else's parade, and bring them down, in a place like this.Go hustle some Prozac, huh?

  41. ted norton

    Lambert and Potter at the very peak of their game.


    +ted norton Absolutely! they certainly helped revive Glen Campbell's career!

  42. Robert Frost

    One of Glen Campbell's albums was a regular played vinyl as I grew up in my household. He is one of my favourite artists of all time, his guitar skills are as good as anyone else. I'm so sad to see the way his health has diminished over recent years, but this guy will always be a shining light to all aspiring guitar players....not to mention his smooth clear voice.


    +Robert Frost An excellent comment, Robert.  All you say is true.

  43. Sabine Grella

    My dad was a huge Glen Campbell fan growing up. His songs bring back ️happy memories ❤️


    +Sabine Grella I am glad that you have happy memories of your father.  Not all of us do ...

  44. SRCVintage Electronics

    When did his song come out?


    +SRCVintage Electronics released October 1975.

    Motor City Man

    It was on his RHINESTONE COWBOY LP.

  45. William McLellan

    Love this Tune :-)


    @William McLellan You have excellent taste!

  46. cruyeda

    One of my favorite Glenn Campbell songs.


    @cruyeda I once saw him in concert.  Great entertainer.   Thanks for stopping by to comment.


    This is probably my fave...

  47. Terry Keith

    Wanted to tell urban that I luv glen campbell as well....I actually got to meet him.on.a personal basis 2 yrs. Ago. .. I work for a moving company and I got to go pack his house in Malibu up....I got goose bumps when I met him... him and his wife Kim were so nice to everyone on our crew. . He moved to Nashville and a few months later we all got a written hand letter from.them for a wonderful job we did...memories I never fotget...


    @Terry Keith Thank you for your comment and personal reminiscences.  Appreciated.

  48. Urban Åkerlund

    Such a great song, by Glen, It's a message song! The message is, apart from the obvious, (he loves her and she doesn't know,) that happiness doesn't come from fame and money only! That's good to have, but  you also need love. I love all Glen Campbells' songs, I love singing them, and I  know most of them  by heart,  just as I know every word to every song Elvis ever sang.  I love Glen Campbell, and I love Elvis even more! Doesn't  that make me happy? Yes it I think it does! These two great entertainers and singers have brought me joy and happiness and they'll do just as long as I live!


    @Urban Åkerlund Thank you for your comment.  Upbeat and encouraging!  Have a good weekend.