Camp, Jeremy - We Cry Out Lyrics

Anthems fill the skies with praise
All Your mighty works display Your glory
They tell of Your glory

We, who called upon Your name
Cannot be silent, we will praise
We will sing it out
We will sing it out

For we have seen the greatness
Of Your glory be revealed
And we have seen all that You've done
And we cannot be still

We will cry out to You
Your loving kindness and Your truth
It has delivered us
You have delivered us

Great is Your glory, Lord
When nations learn of Your ways
They will bow down to You
We will bow down to You

Into all the world we take
The mystery of Your saving grace
Shine the light into the darkness

We will cry out to You
You have delivered us
You have delivered us

Great is Your glory, lord
When nations learn of Your ways
They will bow down to You
We will bow down to You
We will cry out

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Camp, Jeremy We Cry Out Comments
  1. Franklin Cláudio

    Gloria a DEUS por colocar esses louvores lindos na boca do seu servo jeremy camp...

  2. Shepherds Outcry

    When I was suicidal I called for a police to escort me to a hospital. In the back of the cop car I prayed for the 30 minute journey, maybe 25-30 EXACT traits of the “perfect person to help me”, this would be the person to fix all my problems... SHE WAS THERE, MATCHING EVERY RIDICULOUS, STUPIDLY IMPOSSIBLE TRAIT!!! Now, there was one thing that was the exact opposite of my prayer, she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing rather than a sheep. She was the genius I had prayed for but she misled me so long as I was in that hospital.KEEP READING!!!
    During that police car ride I told God at the end of my prayer that if she is not there exactly as I described I would end my life for sure.

    Matthew 4:5-8 King James Version (KJV)

    5 Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple,

    6 And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.

    7 Jesus said unto him, “IT IS WRITTEN AGAIN, THOU SHALT NOT TEMPT THE LORD THY GOD.”!!!!!!!!!

    So you see. I was tempting Father with my very life. He in his perfection did likewise as I did unto him, by his grace, he tempted me.
    Accept this perfect person you asked for, for life in the greatest abundance while in the flesh and denying Christ or rebuke this person, accept the LORD JESUS AND LIVE!

  3. Morne Jacobs

    This artist brings something unique to worship music

  4. Joyce De Beer

    Amen, we cry out and cannot keep still of our wonderful Jesus love for us!

    SLC Orting

    hi my name is larah up to you

  5. SwaggyMemeTV

    One of my favorite song ever !!

  6. Emprzz Joy

    That's a nice song

  7. Coprosid Coprosid, SL

    Brutal. Amazing. Travel to Heaven.

  8. Sam Khalil

    If anyone needs to hear a good sermon.....check out Eric Ludy!

  9. Hananya Naftali

    What a great song!

  10. muggyruggy

    Praise be to Lord Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Gerardo Manriquez

    I LOVE you JESUS God bless you Jeremy Camp!

  12. Mathew Pothan

    Music by Jeremy Camp....

  13. Dena De Gonzales

    Awesome praise and worship music! God bless you brother.

  14. ShadowTenLPs

    Awesome Song! :)

  15. Warren

    ummm nvm about that video, it's gonna be extremely hard to get that oil, but plz look up theliferegenerator on youtube.

    God Bless!

  16. Warren

    Have you guys ever considered the Raw Vegan diet? It helps alot of people with cancer. Look up "Liferegenerator" on YT. His name is Dan Mcdonald. He has lots of free raw vegan recipes, and he also talks about how a Raw vegan diet can help cancer. I hate to use the word "cure" but it has helped alot of people eliminate cancer from their body.

    God Bless and I hope everything works outs, I'll keep your mom in my prayers!

  17. Harry Ward

    Praise the LORD

  18. WunderProjex

    in my prayers.....god bless you

  19. By The Well Band

    I love Jeremy Camp - what a great talent and humble heart! Keep it up brother.

  20. Jordan Wilson

    Cry out, "save us, God our Savior; gather us from the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name, and glory in your praise."
    -1 Chronicles 16:35

  21. Rayssa Gabrielle

    @JeremyCampMusic perfect,beautiful,i love you song...

  22. 10thStormClad

    @brokenwindowspchelp Amen, and thank you.

  23. brokenwindowspchelp

    @10thStormClad I will pray for you and just keep having faith, God has everything under control and works out everything out in His own time. :) There is a reason for it all. God Bless You. :)

  24. 10thStormClad

    I personally understand your situation and empathize with you. My family has been struggling for years to get a suit against a company through the courts. They badly mistreated my father, and thought they could get away with it. To top it all off, my father and mother learned around a week ago that the lawyer handling the case had been lying to us, and his firm. However, my family has not given in to despair. We pray together, and know that our God loves us. Glory to God!

  25. alyssa cal

    I LOVE the words to this song:) Jeremy camp is AMAZING!!!!! I love him and his songs, his songs are just so amazing

  26. Cindy Castillo

    me too im in love with this song. :P

  27. Zach Waters

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. MJx14

    @KesslersCross awww! your story has touched my heart! i will pray for you that hopefuly your mom will be healed. God can always chage things at the very last second. i will keep you in my heart <3 hope your mom will be better! if God can help her through lung cancer He CAN get rid of this cancer. :]

  29. Willow Stone

    I hope you mum gets better! You have amazing amazing fatih. Surely God will reward you for it ;)

  30. Stefanny Lensang


  31. Ashley Mishler

    His voice is jsut so calming and makes me feel safe <3

  32. jmvergis20

    The presidents, prime ministers, political leaders, religious leaders, great icons, pop stars, called to the world, saying, "Now is a time of great urgency. In a great call of arms, we ask every man, woman, child,of every household, to take the world by storm, and spread the great word of God. The entire world is under attack, and we won't take this without fighting back. And so, we repeat, with a great sense of urgency,we ask you now,to take up arms, in an uphill,slippery battle for victory."

  33. Jorge Paulo Martins

    Muito bom mesmo !!! #Brasil 100% Jesus

  34. Noble Kristo

    PRAIE THE LORD Oh my soul and all that is within me... I am so grateful to God for the gift God Almighty, He has place in his life and being obedient in righteousness with it>>> the SOUND of heaven and God's reveal WORD "Truth" in songs, music, hymn, spiritual songs, & melody unto the Lord..keep Jeremy, his family , ministry & the team be at all time in safe refuge under God's safety ,all for the glory of God. Amen

  35. Guilherme Rodryguez

    Mto boooom...Gosto demais do Jeremy Camp!!!

  36. Don Hager

    Jeremy is blessed with a great musical gift. I for one am glad that he has chosen to let us listen as he worships our mighty God.

  37. crafytyh

    This song is so good!!! I love Jeremy Camp. My daughter Kari had him has one of her favorites! She is in heaven now with Jesus!

  38. crafytyh

    Luv this song and the words to it. My daughter Kari loved his songs. She is in heaven now!

  39. crafytyh

    Luv this song and the words to it.

  40. torchytorchic

    l love this song! Great job singing and worshiping the Lord!

  41. Travelling Tramps

    Jeremy rock's!!!

  42. Deymilichaba

    I <3 this!

  43. danielh95

    Even with my physical disability i will always try to cry out for God

  44. jercubsfan

    he is changing the world. i'm proud to have him as my namesake. (sorta)

  45. ReV_ChEwY

    That's because Jeremy understands the concept of leading people into worship. If you use difficult melodies how do you expect your congregation to catch on without playing the song 5 Sundays in a row? Simplicity is key when you are selecting music to use in a real worship setting. If your just singing to people I guess it doesn't matter. But if you are singing to the Lord and trying to get others to join you then it does.

  46. lady si

    Hi! I looved this part about nations have to follow the way of lord!II looved this song too,soo we cry out now ,for Jesus!!