Camp, Jeremy - I Will Follow (You Are With Me) Lyrics

Though the desert be before me
And there's no relief in sight
Though the enemy is breathing
All the lies into my mind

You will always carry me
Until my dying day
What you have for me is worth it
'Cause I'll see you face to face

I will follow, follow you wherever you go
And I will listen, to the very promises I know
You are with me, always with me
Keeper of my soul
I will follow, follow you wherever you go

And the day is coming quickly
When you break open the sky
And the armies all around you
Will be conquering the night

You gather all the children
That are calling out your name
When the troubles are the here and now
I know it's not in vain


You have my heart
I'll follow all the way
I will follow


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Camp, Jeremy I Will Follow (You Are With Me) Comments
  1. Jim Bresee

    Holy cow! He's rockin' now! Hhaha! Right On.

  2. Chin Chin Targaryen

    I might be an atheist but this, this really gives me power!

  3. Lian Silva

    Eu amo essa música!😍🍃 I love this song!

  4. Alfred Ventura

    I think Jeremy cramp is a warrior and the army of God praise the Lord every fight against the enemy just continue to Worship in order to break the strongholds

  5. Mua Oribia

    THIS needs to play on KLOVE and Air1.

  6. Jessie Marchezi

    Super musicão!

  7. Jaime Librado

    nice song.

  8. Cherry Tkty

    Praise God

  9. Allan Augusto

    Beautiful song!
    God continue using you so much, Jesus bless all of you!

  10. Juda Locht

    A very good video!

  11. Flaviane Soares

    A voz desse homem é incrível. ❤

  12. Lucy Young


  13. Ashley Martinez

    k love and other Christian radio stations need to play more songs from this album. They only play He knows and maybe one other song. This whole album is packed with such powerful truth and great music. I'm sure more people would love to hear something different. #theJams

  14. Blaze&And his brother

    Jeremy Camp I will Follow [ You Are With Me ] Is The Best

  15. Kerri Valor

    You have my heart. I will follow.

  16. Canal Do Castro

    #souigrejasouluz me trouxe aqui.

  17. CrowMedicineWoman

    Anyone that dislikes this song does not want to follow Yeshua. Plain and simple.

  18. CrowMedicineWoman

    Thia is an amazing song the more I listen to it the more I see the meaning of it.

  19. Gisel Gonzalez

    jeremy u are amazing i love u music saludos from chile!!!!

  20. CrowMedicineWoman

    This is the first time hearing this song and it reminds me of a book called Hinds Feet on High Places and what we must do to follow Him.

  21. Eva Deak


  22. SPI Studios



    I don't know why but it should be more!!

    Manoj David

    SPI Studios yes bro well said it's one of the best song ..

    Ashley Martinez


  23. Matilde Genia


  24. camila Belen Zalazar

    me podrian pasar la letra en español?

  25. camila Belen Zalazar

    holaaa la verdad q las alabanzas de cualquier tipo q sea para Dios me encanta pero las canciones en español no me atraen tanto como en ingles. Te encontre y me encantan tus canciones. gracias

    Gisel Gonzalez

    hola estamos iguales a mi en español no me yegan tanto como en ingles e aprendido mas ingles a travez de ls canciones!! agregame a face si queres gisele gonzalez campos dios te bendiga

  26. Susan Carter

    love it Thank You

  27. terry hall

    I will follow my GOD to the end of the earth

  28. Yasmin Borges

    #souigrejasouluzmetrouxeaqui ❤❤❤❤

  29. Celia Joefield

    I will follow song is bad

    Daniel Mcmullen

    Your joking, it is awesome

    Daniel Mcmullen

    +creepycreeper099 , it is not the best song he did but it is still great

    Ferdinando Nguyễn

    What do you mean

  30. Ester Duarte

    #souigrejasouluz me trouxe aqui

  31. Camila Rocha

    #souigrejasouluz me trouxe aqui .. amo muito você Jeremy ❤❤

  32. Cassi

    #SouIgrejaSouLuz também me trouxe aqui o/

  33. Kezia Costa

    #souigrejasouluz 👏👊

  34. Dhyessica

    #SouIgrejaSouLuz.. 👋😀

  35. Isah Reis

    #Souigrejasouluz me trouxe aqui😍😍 #Amo_a_música

  36. Matthewraven Birot

    Jeremy camp teach me how to make I follow song Trevor

  37. Thaina Sales

    #souigrejasouluz me trouxe 😍😍

  38. Adna Laís


  39. Gi_Love Animals

    #souigrejasouluz me trouxe aqui! Fiquem na paz!

  40. joao victor paz


  41. Ana Padula

    #Souigrejasouluz me trouxe aqui

  42. Stefanne Eduarda

    #souigrejasouluz me trouxe aqui ♥

    Patricia Cochran

    Stefanne Eduarda m mmm


  43. Júlia 321

    We will see Him face to face! Hallelujah!

  44. Matthew Birot

    best somg


    love this song

  46. The Blue Snowflake

    I love it!!!!!!!!!

  47. Emelie Kreger

    Gets me up when I fell down

  48. Amanda Crochet

    Just saw this live at faith fest


    I got to see him too, but I saw him at Winter Xtream in Gatlinburg Tennessee 2015-2016 it was amazing

  49. Tanya Vargas Craft

    I Love this Album

  50. Meghan Beggs

    This is a great song love it!

  51. dmoldovan06

    How is this song not getting more air-time on Christian radio stations across the nation? So appropriate for the time we're living in. We are truly living in the last days.

  52. Patrick Mazza

    Jeremy is one of my favorite Christian artists

    Abril Rodriguez

    enserio? igual yo!! mi infancia esta llena de sus canciones!!!

  53. Grey Mouse

    I saw him today live at water of life @ 25..this was the first song he performed!! he's so awesome..

    terry hall

    NICE, his next concert is in MI

  54. Smith Family

    Me and my dad always listen to Jeremy Camp's songs, They're our favorite :))

  55. Smith Family

    The beginning is very catchy, I love it :)

  56. Smith Family

    I love this song, Its amazing! :D <3

  57. sherri bartz

    you want love you gotta show it and give it your doing neither your too busy playing around just let me do my job and give me my money since you dont or know how to treat me . i deserve better than what your able to give . iwill get what god wants me to have and that is love .not what your doing.

  58. sherri bartz

    telling them to walk around naked and calling them nicknames  and flirting and its all bull then tell me crap  and to be where i am i cant get over it u ntil you stop doing itand wearing your colors there is no need too.unless your getting with them then you need to give me my money and let me go .

  59. sherri bartz

    your still carring it around i was about to walk out of here  your lucky

  60. Furman Henderson


  61. Robert Cornish

    I have your album I will follow to I am on gods and Jesus side not the Devils side I love this new song love and I love he knows

  62. sherri bartz

    he sounds like chad in nickle back in this

  63. Josué Ferreira

    i love this songs ;)

  64. sherri bartz

    in the bible the promises for following him .

  65. sherri bartz

    i dont relate to any of the songs ur sending cant relate

  66. Israel Riley

    Okay I'm just gonna say for all those haters about Jeremy's new album. He rocks at sharing the message. It's not about how the song sounds like, but it's the message plus lyrics. This is probably Jeremy's best album yet! And I think it sounds awesome! I love this song! So stop saying Jeremy isn't writing good songs anyone. Because he is, and like I said, Jeremy has never strayed away from the message. So thanks Jeremy! Your doing a fantastic Job!!

  67. Suzann white

    Very good this song!


    This one is really great! :)

  69. Maria Montoya

    Can't stop lessoning to this song he's songs are so wonderful ones that praise the lord and the ones who make you want to get up and do a lot more for Jesus Christ.

  70. Maria Montoya

    Such a great song I love it so much I can't keep playing it.

  71. Robert Ribeiro

    Muito linda esta música.

  72. Gerrick's Salon Los Angeles Ca

    Great song his word comes loud and clear thank you (:

  73. Staci Dillon

    Love this song so much. I hate that the advertisement before it played was for Fifty Shades of Grey though :(

    #50dollarsnot50shades #50shadesisabuse

  74. Sandra Dawson

    Awesome rock song. :)

  75. Tina Lucas

    I love this one!

  76. Magdalene Burt

    Love this song! The strong rock beat seems to make the words stand out all the more to me, like they emphasise the determination in him to really mean every one of those words with all his heart. I want to sing the words with the same determination and conviction! 

  77. Kieranfozz

    I didn't know sounded likes this its alright

  78. Impractical Artist

    Whoa... Don't know what to say xD It sounds like a light rock kind of song.
    But hey, still good!

  79. TheBiologyLab

    How long u gonna live on this God u don't even understand?....Christians are so WRONG in so many ways....and right in many ways....Can u see the truth from the lies?

  80. Debbie Carpenter

    I like this new song you can count on Jeremy camp to always have good songs

  81. Jordan Burch

    It's awesome! I Can't believe this is Jeremy Camp!

  82. Josh Storey

    Jeremy's old stuff was the best. He was one of the top Christian artists at the time. Since then, he has not been as good. This is a good song though.

    Josh Storey

    yea probably Jeremy's best album.

    Fashion Agony

    I love Jeremy Camp!!!

  83. Sara ScAfter

    Wow, absolutely great!!! I think Jeremy is still getting better and better :D


    Sara ScAfter A lot of these Christian artists are stepping up their game! Casting Crowns, for instance!

  84. mommy22alyns


  85. Gregorio Aramgo

    Do you guy as trust in god cuz i do and that why he makes good song about god

  86. Bruiser 14

    so cant wait to see you sunday at the TWC Arena for Winter Jam! i could careless about skillet or FF5.

    Fashion Agony

    Me too! FF5 sucks!!!

  87. Karla C.S

    buenísima :)

  88. lucky

    heaven is gonna be fun! Love Jeremy's voice!!!

  89. Kennedy Odife

    Too rocky! Loosing interest in Jeremy Camp songs!

    J F*ckingWAR

    yeah every one are same to God

    Maria Jayson

    @Jonathan Halfen yas that's what I was telling big al

    J F*ckingWAR

    @Maria Jayson yes nice to meet you

    Maria Jayson

    Nice to meet you to

    Fashion Agony

    Jeremy Camp is BAE!!!

  90. Andrea Fuenmayor

    Your music is amazing! God bless you from venezuela

  91. Seneca Guillen

    Love the song! Can't wait for the album! 

  92. Tammy Elsey

    I Love this song- I will follow!

  93. margalen P.Gomez

    love it so much fallin in love wiht the music

    margalen P.Gomez

    love it

  94. Diego Queiroz

    AWESOME!!!!!! GReat music, interpretation, lyric!! Congratulations

  95. Jesse Carson

    Love this..sounds rocking..PRAISE GOD