Camp, Jeremy - Finally Home Lyrics

I will be dancing free
Unashamed before my King
When I am finally home
Won’t need no bed to sleep
I have too much to see
Just staring at Your throne

Eyes will fill with tears of joy
Your fullness, I will know

I will be forever running free
Moving to all Heaven’s melodies
Colors that I’ve never seen
Bigger than my wildest dreams
We’ll be together
When I’m finally home

Head first into Your love
I’ll never get enough of
What You have to show
And that’s just the beginning
In Your river I’ll be swimming
And the waters never cold

Every tribe and every nation
Shouting out Your name

You and I will be together
With a love that lasts forever
And I know there’s nothing better

We will be forever running free

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Camp, Jeremy Finally Home Comments
  1. Corris Linden


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  5. Corris Linden


  6. Joshua 1:9

    Oh this song!! Fills my heart with joy 🙏😇😇🙏😇🙏

  7. Brenda Caceres

    Beautiful song...!!!! Love it! Inspirantional...👏🙌🌼

  8. Joelson Souza

    Love music 💖😍

  9. Sibillbe SIBillbe

    He is a good singer and my favorite

  10. Emily

    So in love it👑❤😍

  11. Mckenna Smallwood

    Love you Jeremy camp thank you for loving god and god loves you and me

  12. Samantha Wells

    Do you know how do you have harmless sharks

  13. Stinger389 DylanLong

    I will be forever running free!!!

  14. Maria Yauri Santos

    Que Dios te bendiga

  15. Quezia lessa

    I'm Brazilian. And this song is wonderful

  16. Kenna Nichols

    I love this song! Reminds me of my step grandfather! He passed in December of 2016 and I can only imagine what he is doing now that he's with God! He suffered physically the last years of his life because he was in Vietnam! I miss him everyday but he's in a much better place than any of us are!

  17. Brandon Lane

    We played this at my grandfather's funeral and it touched me so much still makes me cry when ever I hear it but I know my grandfather is walking with the lord

    Theresa Patnaude

    Brandon Lane I played this at my husbands funeral. He would have loved how it lightened the mood.

  18. Joshua Vargas

    I went to the harvest and when I heard his voice I really loved and when I heard that his wife died that was truly sad😭

  19. Susan Black

    one of the best songs ever written

  20. Natalia Arriagada Solis

    me encantan sus canciones! las pongo siempre cuando trabajo

  21. greaterlove

    Visita mi canal si quieres la traducción de esta y otras canciones cristianas🙆🏻💕

  22. kristian wiles

    Amen. I can't wait😀 Even so come Lord Jesus, come! Glory to His Name Forevermore.

  23. Cindy Paola Roldán

    Me Encanta ❤

  24. Belinda Asante

    Ameeen Finally home 🙏🏾😄😀😁😁💯🔥❤️️

  25. Israel Baltazar

    cool song

  26. Susan Carter

    thank you

  27. The Ultimate Kid

    i love this song alot

  28. Alicia Chapa

    I love this song...❤ good job Jeremy camp!!!

  29. anderson bronze

    linda musica

  30. Kevin Moore

    Are one of the band members singing this?

  31. bobo pineapple

    am I the only one who thinks he sounds like Phillip Phillips?


    finally home is my best song

  33. Maddie Wood

    i love this song!! it is for my grandma who had cancer and went to heaven! #flyhighnanny

    Daniel Mcmullen

    I feel sorry for your loss :(

    The 208Angler

    Maddie Wood fly high nanny😎 I love that. God bless!

  34. Allison Paregien

    this song👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
    my fav!!!

  35. Abril Rodriguez

    esta cancion me recuerda a "best day of my life"

  36. Karla Orea

    A beautiful song!! I listen all the time this song! I love it❤👏 congrats Jeremy!

  37. Jason David

    1000th like!!!

  38. Tanya Vargas Craft

    !!!Brilliant!!! ❤ 👌 ☝ 🙌 😉 God Bless You Jeremy

  39. Paul blart

    love this soooooong!!!!!!

  40. Peter M

    Am I the only one who thinks this song is better at 1.25x speed?

  41. anahi castro

    Heard this song on the radio. Didn't even know who sang it, but yeeei I found it now!

  42. Jesus is God! The Second Person of the Trinity!!!

    Love this bro!

  43. GeeMan ZA

    Such a tune.

  44. Amy Walsh

    He speaks about exactly what I think about Heaven. Finally feeling completely home. Not moving from one place to another, searching for belonging. I belong with God in His Kingdom forever.. I just pray that my family comes too

    Incognito User

    Amen can't wait to go to heaven

  45. Mistweaver

    Did he use autotune?

  46. Jonathan Steele

    Brings tears to my eyes heaven will be so great

  47. Justin Carter

    Amen! When I heard the beat, I started laughing. There was something freeing about it.

  48. Robert Cornish

    Love this song

  49. Hi I lIke Sounds


  50. janaina Miranda

    I love this music!!!!

  51. Andrew Paquin

    i thought jesus was so-so... until i heard this

  52. sherri bartz

    little red wagon is dumb and girl crush im not gay and some girl that wants everything she got and whos that

  53. Felipe Satelli

    This song is amazing, my family and I loved it, we can't wait to hear this music live in Brazil, Jeremy Brazil wants to hear you...

  54. elilovestrains

    Jeremy Camp you are AWESOME AND I LOVE YOUR MUSIC

  55. elilovestrains

    I saw Jeremy Camp at winter jam 2015

  56. Mercy †ube

    i am from  ethiopia i cant quit of listening this new album i love all songs especially "he knows" GBU jeremy 

  57. Noel b


  58. Miilka K

    This song sounds very similar to TobyMac´s style ;)

    ana milena nieto carrillo


  59. Christian Raygoza

    I love this song

    Cynthia Kectic

    me to I listen to it every day sometimes all day.

  60. Carolyn Davidson

    Thank you Jeremy for loving Jesus!  And for that, we love you  :-)

  61. Makayla Younger

    I love the new sounds that Jeremy is putting out there. It's different but it's so good!! Great Christian artist 😊❤️

  62. Kylie Poole

    Aw... you know his daughters got to sing at the end with him! <3 + Awesome song!!

  63. Sherry何宣萱

    love it

  64. Ailen Pedrotti

    I LOVE THIS SONG !! Im from Argentina and I'm in love with these !!! I want listen more of u !! 💕💕 good luck ! U are amazing 💕👌💪😻

  65. Ricardo Junior

    Perfect :)

  66. Gianna Marie

    I can't wait to listen to this whole album!! :D I know that I heard a few of his new songs at Winter Jam!! :)

    Gianna Marie

    Yup! I know! But I'm planning on buying the album anyway! :)

    Danillo Rodrigues da Silva

    @alex navarezz they aren t all on youtube bro...

  67. Juan Isaías

    Hola a todos les invito a visitar mi canal, suscriban y compartan ...gracias y bendiciones :)

  68. Amanda Carolina

    Música linda!