Camp, Jeremy - Christ In Me Lyrics

In this obsession with the things this world says make us happy
Can't see the slaves we are in all the searching all the grasping
Like we deserve much more than all these blessing we're holding
So now I'm running free into an ocean of mercy unending

So come and empty me
So that it's you I breathe
I want my life to be
Only Christ in me
So I will fix my eyes
'Cause you're my source of life
I need the world to see
That it's Christ in me
That it's Christ in me

Done with what holds me down the things I once was chasing after
Throw off these heavy chains that I have let become my master
So now I'm running free into an ocean of mercy unending

So come and empty me
So that it's you I breathe
I want my life to be
Only Christ in me
So I will fix my eyes
'Cause you're my source of life
I need the world to see
That it's Christ in me
That it's Christ in me

In this obsession with the things this world says make us happy
Can't see the slaves we are in all the searching all the grasping

So come and empty me
So that it's you I breathe
I want my life to be
Only Christ in me
So I will fix my eyes
'Cause you're my source of life
I need the world to see
Only Christ in me
Only Christ in me
Only Christ in me
Christ in me

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Camp, Jeremy Christ In Me Comments
  1. Veronica Ruffin


  2. monika shrivastava

    It sounds like imagine dragons demons

  3. Morgan Olfursson

    I would definitely get down on my knees for this guy !
    Now isn't using sex to sell religion a sin ?

  4. Tate Martins

    Meu deusss choneiiii....😍

  5. Mary Morales


  6. Kyla Ras

    I seen you at the tobymac concert and I am going to see you at the mercy me concert

  7. all day every day

    Why is this not a bigger song! Amazing video

  8. Riley Howe

    grate song i love it so much i lesson to it almus ever day

  9. Miatna Moto

    Belief in G-d will cure your disease? as if


    You can pray. It's possible. My friends mom had cancer and she prayed hard and somehow went away.

    Elizzybeth kitten

    Believing that God can do anything! I will be praying that you get closer to God! You need him!

  10. Carlos Silva

    that´s words see.

    Only Christ in me.....

    only this need..

    Christ in Me!!!

    Brazil love´s You Jeremy....God bless you .

  11. Angie Reyes

    Christ in me.........
    If that don’t tell anyone that God has a plan for this man we all deaf.......
    God bless y’all......
    He can’t call himself Jesus but he can call himself the AntiChrist since Jesus can’t glorify himself and we are Not to go if he does say he is Jesus........

  12. Fantasy


  13. Fantasy

    Я колокольчик поставил и подписался, так что не подведи кумира своего. Я тут всем говорю какие крутые песни и клипы у тебя.

  14. Fantasy

    я не понял почему нету новых видосов и песен ты так круто поёшь. Давай бери свою жизнь в свои руки и лениться не нужно и чтобы через месяц я увидел новый клип и новую песню. А то приеду с Украины и пилулей выпишу.

  15. Patrick Marins

    música linda

  16. 보머전쁘러빈

    CHRIST In Me🔥👑💜

  17. hellem gonçalves

    Amei vç arasar

  18. Beverly Hand

    Thumbs up! No matter what the situation is just pray to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  19. Antonio Dias

    I love sound. God bless you all. I'm Brazilian and I'm here right now.

  20. On l

  21. Sister Rose

    My favorite Song!

  22. JoeTv


  23. chaun mikuleza

    One of my favorite go-to songs to throw my hands up and just try and let the emotions flow!

  24. Fantasy

    Какие же офигенно крутые песни у Вас. В Украине о Вас практически никто не знает.

  25. James T.J

    Fear used to be the master of my life, fear, condemnation, and worry. I break the evil of these things in the name of Jesus He is my source. I'm no longer a slave to satan!!! PRAISE GOD!!! ❤❤

  26. Edilaine Didy

    Linda música, Cristo em mim sempre 🎶🙏❤️🎶🇺🇸🇧🇷

  27. Jussara Alves

    Essa música é linda demais.

  28. Alexia Oliveira

    Jesus saves *-*

  29. #manu Livera

    Caracaaa mnwwwww que vozzzz😮😮❤

  30. Anumon Anumon

    Coming soon Jesus👍👍💐💐

  31. Youtube EZclipz TTVbtw

    Love this song

  32. AC- 1

    Dude put on some muscle for these shots.

  33. Garrison Hardie

    Please pray for my marriage. My wife and I are separated. I miss her so terribly.

    prince coffi

    Go to see her and say her you love her. Talk to her

  34. Hermin war 87

    Jesus Bless you Jeremy camp and team 🙏🙂

  35. juli suque

    I love Song .brasil!!!!

  36. Jose Hernandez

    Yes and amen. Hallelluja hallelluja hallelluja

  37. MarcosS

    Meu Deus! Sabe quando vc se esquece e nao ouve uma musica ou nao ouve um cantor ou pessoa a muito tempo e do nada ele aparece do nada e vc lembra o nome e vem tudo a sua mente! Muito obrigado youtube por trazer de volta minhas lembranças e junto tempos da minha juventude.

  38. Alaretta Lologo

    Good song

  39. Maikel HB

    I like this song a lot!

  40. 4girlsgramps

    Almost 1 year now and my addiction to pornography and sex chat is gone. Praise God!!!! He is my Savior and paves the way to what were some very dark days in my life. Jeremy Camp's 'Christ In Me' is my story of getting Christ back in my life and putting him first in all I do.

  41. Stacey Knight

    I love the lord

  42. Anumon Anumon

    Beautiful song👍👍💐💐👏👏

  43. douglas hogan

    I heard this song live in chico California for a franklin graham siminar

  44. pedro Aparecido


  45. liesse ey

    So deep, my heart wasn't ready ❤

  46. Ron Wilcox

    Much love brother! God is using you such powerful ways!🙏

  47. amosr ryngkshia

    Love yu jeremy and team

  48. Diablo Demon

    Jeremy hasn't aged a bit since the Christian Concert in OKC many years ago one of the best memories for my sister and I

  49. Lily Of The Valley

    I love you and your rockin band. Wonderful songs and lyrics!

  50. Boho Alyx


  51. Jet Kurlz

    The song has helped me so much 2 years ago, I went through the hardest times EVER💔. Today, is a better day, I'm alive, I have a new home, I am closer to GOD, and I am getting married in December. I cannot tell you guys, how much I am grateful and blessed I am to be here. I could have died along time ago, but GOD❤ he kept me here. 😢 And I thank God that this song and other gospel songs for keeping me going. 💐

  52. Säd Bøy

    Alguém em 2019? Brasil!💙

  53. Tianna Ness

    Absolutely love this song!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. hades403fearful

    when I listen to this I have it stuck in my head for days!! But I don't mind, because I love this song

  55. Lets Go

    Play 1.25


    Inscrito. Retribui?

  57. BenJammin aloha style

    You know your music sucks when you have to ramp it up with computers.

  58. future trench queen malek mazzello hardy lee arthur

    Celebration my five years of not cutting myself cause christ in me lives deep in my heart also.soul. going to church tomorrow yeah .

  59. Megan Elsa2

    ♥️⭐ Favorite Favorite !!!! ⭐♥️

  60. Nicolas Escobedo

    I want my life to be only Christ in me.❤️

  61. Andrew Blanton

    I went to wild a detuned they did a cosert

  62. Fitmacher

    Christus ist nicht in mir sondern wir sollten das Wort Gottes die Bibel Lesen und danach handel ich muss sagen oft erschrecken mich diese falschen Texte die führen nicht zu Christus sonder in Verckerte Richtung schöne Grüße an Jermy Camp 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  63. Kelley Kilburn

    Kelley kilburn from Merino Colorado I watch your videos all the time.they make cry

  64. Lisa Fanucchi

    Jeremy looking Jacked 💪🏻💪🏻

  65. Lisa Fanucchi

    LOVE this mans voice!!! How are there any thumbs down!!!!! They need hearing aids 🤣

  66. Haley Streeter

    Thank God I have people in my life who are here for me and I'm still alive

  67. Blessed Mrs V

    "Like we deserve much more than all these blessings we're holding." So true. Smh 😭😭😭😭 Self entitled world man but we don't even deserve what we have yet we continually keep trying to get more and complain when we don't get it

  68. Beatriz Daniels

    Super I love it😍


    Wow i cant believe 1.4k people gave this a thumbs down.. i hope 7 years from now they find this same song and give God praise.


    Name of the movie please

  71. Mayguerra

    Brazil present💓

  72. 모과

    볼 때마다 정말 감동이에요. 주로 인해 숨을 쉴 수 있는 매일이라 기뻐요.

  73. Gilbercleide Williams

    Eu quero que o mundo vejam somente Cristo em mim yes amen!👩‍🎤

  74. Sandor Peci

    God Only Holy Holy Hloy yeah yeah believe lord Jesus Joy Joy coming back

  75. Sandor Peci

    Lovely song voice music Christian 100% blessed family Jeremy Camp

  76. Eric Tiago McKnighit

    Beautiful song

  77. Dejair jose da silva filho Filho

    Senhor maravilhoso..2019👍

  78. Dack Nunes

    Olá. sou brasileira, amo os louvores ao Senhor Jesus. também te amo em Cristo Jeremy Camp.


    God bless us!
    Big love from Indonesia!! 🙏🙏😇😇

  80. Bailey Matney

    I love jesus, he's my lord and savior... I will continue to walk with him no matter how hard it gets


    Quem é do Brasil da um joinha👍💜

  82. Raquel Js

    Alguém 2019

  83. Bryan Smith

    You inspired me to start singing I got picked to be in my talent show because of my vocal

  84. Bryan Smith

    I'm a die hard fan I listened to you since I was born

  85. Kingdra

    Dang someone's been in the gym

  86. Roseli Felizardo

    Gos bless you, your voice is beautifull!!!

  87. Rj Custer

    Good song like it I have him on my spotify

  88. Esequiel Junior

    só eu que achei essa musica igualzinha a DEMONS de Imagine Dragons?

  89. george hazzard


  90. Lagrone Land

    Beautiful song & voice! 🔥 #Glory

  91. Tiffany Armstrong

    Omg, I heard the song a while back but I'm just now seeing the video. I LOVE it! Deep!!! 💌

  92. MaCjDkEn Cwikla

    Jesus is the answer! Thank You Jesus!

  93. Tim Johnson

    I want my life to be only Christ in me

  94. justin of christ

    Christ in me is more greater then he who is in the world. Amen

  95. Megan Elsa2

    🙏🙌 Best Song Ever!!! 🙌🙏