Cameron, Dove - Waste Lyrics

Well you have me in, in your hands
Like a lit, like a lit cigarette
Now I'm here in your room hitting snooze
On the side of your bed
I should've known it the day we met
That shit is worse than a hit and run

My mom thinks I need therapy
'Cause I sing, only sing about you
But the thing is that she
Doesn't know how you do what you do
But you must do this to everyone
That shit is worse than a hit and run

I wanna waste all my love on you
I wanna waste all my love on you
I wanna waste, yeah-yeah
I wanna waste, yeah-yeah
I wanna waste
My love on you

When you leave my house, leave my car
Walk away from the restaurant
I admit I panic, I can't breathe
I bet you do this to everyone
And it's so cruel but I'm having fun

I wanna waste all my love on you
I wanna waste all my love on you
I wanna waste, yeah-yeah
I wanna waste, yeah-yeah
I wanna waste
My love on you

My love on you
My love on you
My love, I wanna waste

Don't you want somebody who's
Gon' love you like I do
Don't you want somebody who's
Gon' love you like I do

I wanna waste all my love on you
I wanna waste all my love on you
I wanna waste, yeah-yeah
I wanna waste, yeah-yeah
I wanna waste
My love...

I wanna waste all my love on you
I wanna waste all my love on you
I wanna waste, yeah-yeah
I wanna waste, yeah-yeah
I wanna waste
My love on you

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Cameron, Dove Waste Comments
  1. xMooniie

    I was trying to find brockhamptons waste but cool

  2. Ana Cláudia

    A Dove Cameron é sem dúvidas o amor da minha vidaaaa

  3. Vero Star

    Te a
    Te amo
    Te amo
    Te amo d
    Te amo do
    Te amo dov
    Te amo Dove

  4. pastel vibexs

    The amount of haters she has it's so many but the amount of STANS she has (including me) will always support her and blocked the haters. Don't you guys agree

  5. Mariane Silva

    Love dove

  6. Bre Christine

    I’m getting hey violet vibes??? Anyone else?? I love it tho 💕

  7. Sueny B Silva

    Nota💯💯💯💯💯💯💋💋💋💖💖💖💗💗💓💓💞💞💕 e muito linda Dove Cameron linda queria te conhecer você ver vc de pertinho te amo que Deus te abençoe sempre você a artista e cantora adoro suas músicas💕💕💕💞💞💞💓💓💓💗💗

  8. BreakHeart Z

    I love it.

  9. Logan Carson

    I love this song deserve more views 😍🤗

  10. Kathy Myers

    QUEEN FOREVER 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗👸🏼

  11. Steph A

    Okay I keep waiting for her hit the high notes and jam out it but it’s to slow it seems so eh she’s good but she could do more I mean like she’s a goood singer honest to god but like she could bring up her tempo and voice it’s sounds a bit repetitive like lyrics and the beat I’dont wanna bash her but like

  12. Queen Unicorn

    I’m your biggest fan!!!!

  13. Queen Unicorn

    This is the best song ever!!!!

  14. Stephen Cheung

    Nice! I love this one more than another song. The mood is great. Just saying.

  15. Marina Manoela


  16. Raigaldino82 Galdino

    A dove e muito linda

  17. Ana Livia

    I wanted your number more than my life please

  18. Alyssa Woods

    Big nut 😍 I fucking love dovey bear 🥺 this song is so sexy 🥴

  19. Lounnas Safia

    Love you dove

  20. M. Carmen O

    Te quiero 🤵👰🏼 tomas y dove.

  21. Viu, Kafer

    Her voice.... 😍

  22. paola maya calderon


  23. paola maya calderon

    Me encanta esta canción la amo

  24. Ruth & sarah B.E.S.T


  25. Luana Gracini

    Perfect Perfect ❣❣❣❣

  26. Vanessa Santana

    Ok i will be naming the top most beautiful peeps....

    1:dove cameron

    Ok and thats about it have a nice day

  27. Zoe Menendez

    Quiero saber que canción es para cameron, por que ya estoy confundida ✌🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  28. C E B I N F F

    Quem for brasileiro deixa o like, pra os gringo não entender nada

  29. Lara Cecília

    If you dove

  30. Yenedith Sanchez

    You changed my life dove😘

  31. GrandeButeraAllAbout Ariana

    This gives me sabrina carpenter vibes

  32. Aleah Bell

    love it

  33. Leah Bell

    Good voice ❤️

  34. poof

    this song reminds me of Bad by Lennon Stella

  35. kpop Brasil


  36. No Content

    Liv and Maddie season5?

  37. Jairo Guillen

    I loveeeee how she sings ❤❤❤

  38. KeyKey Vega

    I think this is honor of Cameron Boyce.

  39. queen of kitties and puppies

    This song reminds me of my uncle James......he asks my mom for money so he can buy cigarettes and alcohol (he's addicted)

  40. Rosa María Martínez Rodríguez

    Mal oh purple decendants 3

  41. Rosa María Martínez Rodríguez

    You so beautiful you Hart big the love

  42. Rehana Adnan

    Are there any chances of desandants 4
    Plz answer

  43. Amanda Needhami

    I can not stop playing this song

  44. mlp secrets

    Finally taking her place as a Disney successer! She's finally moved on to something new! I hope you don't have to go through all the hardships that the other Singers went through good luck to you!

  45. 강현서

    she has beautiful voice,and she is attrative. so l can't hate her. she is perfect!!♥

  46. Lovely Liz _rblx

    I hope you had a very belated birthday and your voice is a such a angel

  47. Kyrene May Redhead

    Happy birthday Dove Cameron 🥳💞 have a nice day ♥️❤️

  48. Maylin Ludeña

    i love you

  49. Lucy Cantú

    Happy birthday Dove🎂🎉🎁🎊🎈 I love you ❤️😘💕 so much, you are my favorite actress

  50. Lara Carvalho

    Happy birthday Dove ❤️ I love you
    (I'm Portuguese)

  51. Love Descendants

    Happy Birthday Dove 😊😘

  52. Annie and fam

    I really want it to happen! It would make my life xx

  53. Annie and fam

    Hey! I would like a party where all of the descendants cast come! My mum said no bc we dont have 1 million cash :( 😭😭😭😭

  54. Izabela bela

    Happy burtday Dove Cameron

  55. Karla Franca

    Stay strong

  56. Karla Franca


  57. kitten kitten

    I wish i could meet booboo Stewart Sofia Carson and dove Cameron and i wish i could meet Carmen

  58. kitten kitten

    I wanna waste all my thoughts on finding my biological father .wish i could could meet dove Cameron i watched all of her show , liv and Maddy. Cloud 9 descendents and more...

  59. Andrew Knowles

    🍏Not 🍎bad.🍏

  60. Asim Rabbani

    Happy belated birthday dove cameron

  61. bts army

    I love you,my queen❕😍💕💜

  62. giuli p

    Creep suena parecido

  63. xvicky _

    I love you dove ❤❤❤❤

  64. Naah Guerra


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    Love dove🕊️

  66. iiSqnna Gacha

    When is the next music video?😕🥴

  67. iiSqnna Gacha

    My beautifull queen😭😍

  68. Holistic Gay Life

    wow wow wow

  69. Felicia Perez

    I like this song it coms me down😊😍

  70. gaming 35

    I love you dove cameron

  71. stacie tejada

    I love me some Dove Cameron she's so awesome

  72. Roberto Lima

    Happy birthday

  73. Flor Mejia

    Please break up with your stupid boyfriend And go back to Thomas

    Happy Duck

    Thomas *is* her boyfriend….

  74. Lari Luz

    Minha rainha. My queen 🇧🇷💙💛

  75. 美月

    I sent a message to Dove♡♡
    I wish she check my message!

  76. 김 미구엘

    Like si venistes por la canción de RedVelvet PSYCHO:V 💕😅

    julisa gutierrez

    Porque?,me perdi

    Cecy Hami

    @julisa gutierrez dicen que es plagio

    julisa gutierrez

    @Cecy Hami ooh gracias:)

  77. Hailey Neckles

    Who's here in 2020? 😍

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    I love you dove

  79. Laura Sanchez

    you do not speak Spanish

  80. Rebecca Cotecchia Grinberg

    So cutie

  81. Antonia Svensson

    I wish she could tour in Sweden

  82. bruna Fernandes plena

    Plenissima ❤️

  83. Giana Rose

    Why isn’t this the intro song for the Netflix show You? the chorus is perfect for it

    Milagros Cabrera

    that show's about a serial killer, this song might be too cute for it

  84. clisenchxntecl

    i love the mood of this song, i feel like im in a dream and i love every effects in it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  85. Brookelyn Jeppsen

    this is so beautiful. i literally put this on repeat and danced to it all night.

  86. We Are Venom

    And I think that U did this song for Cameron Boyce I'm just saying cuz it reminds me of him and that I wanna cry cuz of his passing three days after my seizure

  87. We Are Venom

    I LOVE this song and U Dove Cameron

  88. Sophia Cardoso


  89. Carol Weeks

    Your amazing

  90. Love Beautiful

    I have a question are you going to have descendants 4? 😕 can you please do a descendants4🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭Justin replace Carlos I really like your videos I know that Carlos die

  91. Travis Butler

    dove cameron is my favorite actress

  92. DescendantsFanpage

    my little girl i love your music <3

  93. Xareni N C T W I C E X O O N A

    It looks like Red Velvet's "psycho."

    Maria an her youtube life

    I love red velvet a huge reveluv

    Amira M.

    it sound like it also!! especially the begining

  94. Historias de Texto ]

    In her for Snapchat 😜

  95. carol onetto

    Y love dove

  96. User_bms_0715_anak22

    Cool Song. I Subscribed

  97. Márcia Miranda

    Dove Cameron apesar de a minha lingua seja diferente continuo te amando ja sonhei com você mas en todos os sonhos você me rejeitava 🙄🙄🙄