Cameron, Dove - VK Mashup Lyrics

From the North to the South
From the East to the West
Lost boys, lost girls
You all know you're the best
Hit the streets, it's your day
Turn it up, now's your chance
It's time to get up on your feet and dance!

Anybody wanna be like us?
Everybody wanna be like us!
All the boys from Auradon
And the girls 'cause they know what's up

So I've got some mischief in my blood
Can you blame me? I never got no love

We got all the ways to be
We got all the ways to be

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the baddest of them all?

It's good to be bad
And we're proof of that
Used to be lost, now we're on the map
Used to steal stacks, now we're giving back
Remember that
I'm rotten to the core, core
Rotten to the core
I'm rotten to the core, core
Who could ask for more?
I'm nothing like the kid next, like the kid next door
I'm rotten to the, I'm rotten to the
I'm rotten to the core
With us evil lives on the right side of wrong
There's so many ways to be wicked

I wanna see you all rep your block
I wanna see you all rep your block
Show your pride, let me hear ya shout
We're from the Isle of the Lost!

Call me a schemer
Call me a freak
How can you say that
I'm just unique

It's good to be bad
And we're proof of that
Used to be lost, now we're on the map
Used to steal stacks, now we're giving back
Remember that
It's good to be... Bad
We got all the ways to be
You ain't seen nothing yet
It's good to be... Bad

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Cameron, Dove VK Mashup Comments
  1. Isabella Lee

    R.I.P cameron so sad. What would be descendants without him?

  2. Anna D

    Yes, Ways To Be Rotten To The Bad.

  3. Maria Clara

    Amo descendentes porque tem varias pessoas legais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ler mais

  4. Irmã Do Jimin

    My persons favorite

  5. Anna D

    Descendants 1 songs:
    Rotten To The Core

    Evil Like Me

    Did l Mention

    Be Our Guest

    If Only

    Set It Off

    Descendants 2 songs:

    Ways To Be Wicked

    What's My Name

    Chillin' Like A Villain

    It's Going Down

    Space Between

    You and Me

    Descendants 3 songs:

    Good To Be Bad

    Queen of Mean

    Do What You Gotta Do

    Night Falls

    One Kiss

    My Once Upon A Time

    Break This Down

  6. sofia agreste

    Cada vez más va mejorando el director de descendientes

  7. Gissel Gareca

    Porque. Cameron boyse. Falleció🙅🙉😿😿😿😿😿😿

  8. Paul Stevens


  9. Jordan Foley

    They make evil look so good

  10. Gacha Subway

    R.I?p camrean

  11. 市川いずみ


  12. maria clara


  13. Anna D

    Descendants songs:
    D1: Rotten To The Core
    D2: Ways To Be Wicked
    D3: Good To Be Bad

    D1: Evil Like Me
    D2: What's My Name
    D3: Queen Of Mean

    D1: Did l Mention
    D2: Chillin Like A Villain
    D3: Do What You Gotta Do

    D2: It's Going Down
    D3: Night Falls

    D1: Be Our Guest
    D3: One Kiss

    D1: If Only
    D2: Space Between
    D3: My Once Upon A Time

    D1: Set It Off
    D2: You and Me
    D3: Break This Down

    Deine Blume


    Anna D

    No What's My Name😡

  14. Casabouge agency

    Trop cool je suis trop fanent de vous! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

  15. 堀まこと


  16. Liron Star- Disney

    A good remix of the Descendants

  17. Maggie Wedding

    Vk mashup

  18. Shamima Shompa

    I love you Evel

  19. unicorn girl

    I. Hate. You. Mal. Sent. Me. The. Vido. I. Mam. Hira

  20. Dominik Lipka

    Dab for descendants 3 😁

  21. Leah James

    THIS BE LIT !!!!!❤️❤️😎😎

  22. Katty Aliaga

    which one do yo identify with?

  23. angel nyambio

    I’m guessing this mashup is called Rotten Ways to Be Bad

  24. Kuryama Mirai ;

    Alguem Brasileiro?

  25. Brisa Gia


  26. Ανρικος Α

    😘😍❤👏👍 WOO

  27. Rebecca Ramirez

    Who are you
    1: mal
    2: evie
    3: Carlos
    4: jay
    5: dude
    6: Ben
    7: Audrey
    8: chad
    9: Jane
    10: SHRIMPY ( Uma)
    11: gill
    12: Harry (potter)
    12: evil Audrey
    13: dizzy (hair stylist)
    14: Celia (mad hatter daughter)

    Have fun!

  28. Sophia Fischer

    I love desendints.

  29. Verónica Lucas

    I miss Camerón Boyce with my heart

  30. Paola Quevedo

    Cameron boyce te amo nunca te olvidaremos Cameron boyce ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. Divya Pradhan

    This is the best

  32. Galactic Wolf

    They should also do:
    Set It Off+You And Me+Break This Down,

    Evil Like Me+Whats my name+Queen Of Mean,

    If Only+Space Between+My My Once Upon A Time,

    Its Going Down+Night Falls,

    And Evil Like Me+Do What You Gotta Do.

  33. Laura Cortez

    Son los mejores descendientes

  34. Luciola Rodrigues

    Amo Descendentes❤️❤️

  35. Ariana Ruiz

    DisneyMusicVEVO R . I . P . Cameron Boyce ! ?

  36. Paula F M Medeiros

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ legal

  37. Thunder Lightning

    Dude if mal hade a brother I wish I could be her brother but stronger and more powerful than our parents

  38. emanuele renzi

    I love Cameron Boyce

  39. emanuele renzi

    I love this film

  40. Saúl Salvador Lara Flores

    Etiolñl. Dalo 👍🚖32

  41. Fluffy Llama

    this is the best descendants thing I have ever seen on youtube

  42. Victor Arancibia

    that my girl dove

  43. Tu Nguyen

    0:03 R.I.P Cameron Boyce 😭❤️💔❣️🥀 1999-2019

  44. Sherli Moreno Méndez

    Que masiso😁😁👌👌👌

  45. Paola Muñoz

    Este video es mas real que los te amo de mi novio

  46. Aba claudia Vilas boas


  47. Rade Markovic

    Mals fool of secret book is so cool ful of secrets

  48. Rade Markovic

    Cool song

  49. Priscila Alves

    Loveeeeeeeeee ameiiiii

  50. blog da ana

    0:21 Cameron Boyce 😢

  51. Muad Mohamed

    Love nqq Gwynedd ❤❤❤❤❤💗💗

  52. Maria Eduarda Souza Ribeiro

    I love you,Cameron Boyce,you is the my idol!!!

  53. Maria Eduarda Souza Ribeiro

    Wow!!!I love descendants!I love it music!!!

  54. Valentina García Urbina

    Pueden venir a mi casa los amo

  55. Paulos Nik


  56. Ann Amara

    You guys are always the best ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💜💜💜💜🙂🙂💜🙂😍😍😁

  57. Fahmida Akter

    Please give a reply of your favourite vk or anything you like.

  58. Aicha Giulia Ibrahim

    Yo Amo Descendants   3  rip Cameron  Io Amo Descendants  3  rip Cameron

  59. Merari Roa

    I love Ben Evie Mal

  60. Amita Sanghvi

    When you can't decide which descendants song to watch

  61. Margaret Lawrence

    mal like me

  62. Mary Lopez

    Mi cameron descance en paz

  63. Luísa Gomes da Silva

    I love Descendents💜

  64. Dhirajlal Madhaparia


  65. valen invector


  66. rebeca duran valadez

    me encantan sus videos

  67. gloria daniela

    Like si te encantan todas las canciones de los dependientes

  68. Maria Luisa Andaluz Salaverry

    I love decsendents 1 2 3🥰🦄🍎🏆🥇🏅

  69. Gaming With Sweaty?!

    What up

  70. Alejandra Abadía

    I'm love Sofia Carson/Ivie,Dove Cameron/Mal

  71. Margarita Molina

    It's 6 Months ago without you Cameron Boyce❤Legacy passed away 😥 😥 sad😥😥😭😭😕😟😥😭😥😭😕😟😕😟😥😭😕😟🙏🙏🌹Rest In Peace🌹🌷🙏🙏Cameron.M. Boyce
    In Memory of Cameron Boyce❤
    Fly High Angel😇🙏in heaven with God bless you Cameron Boyce❤

  72. Mariana Freire Araújo


  73. cinthia veliz tume

    The música Is beatifull

  74. Janyla Clay

    I love the movies descendants

  75. Mischa Budiman

    Long live Cameron

  76. Luciana Valeria Vargas

    Mix VK 💜💙💛❤

  77. Maria Luciana


  78. Thanh Do Trung

    I love it

  79. Raphael Tanure

    Eu amo decedants

  80. Bonessa Kelly

    I know this is on point

  81. luis rodriguez romero

    Bonito la cancion

  82. Valerie Kawaii

    me dio pena cuando vi a Cameron Boyce😥😥╯︿╰

  83. სალომე tv

    1 meli 2 ogri

  84. სალომე tv

    მაგარია მიყვარხართ ძალიან

  85. nicolled3 zonato

    Is good to be bad

  86. Afra The Cat Girl


  87. gabriel gam3s

    Amo Carlos adeus😢😢😢

  88. sandra hernández

    woooo love descendientes

  89. Sarah Kesraoui