Camel - Vopos Lyrics

They woke you in the night
a glare from bright headlights.
Sentry's in a row,
you watched them from a front window.
Through sleepy eyes you saw the scene,
and felt
as if a dream...
had come to life.

Caught by surprise
protection in disguise.
A high barricade,
the price too high to pay.
The late-night dancers filled the street,
and stopped
as if a dream...
had come to life

A wail and a cry,
blue lights flashing by
In shadows of the trees,
a zone runs in between.
The young-boy soldiers filled the streets
and moved
as if a dream...
had come to life.

Can it be a nightmare?
Will you wake and still be there?
So you try to run,
frightened you're the one
left inside.

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Camel Vopos Comments
  1. Randy

    Traveller is my favorite CD!!

  2. Stephane Dajtlich

    brings me 30 years back

  3. Oscar Ayala


  4. Thomas Hartvig

    Why not on Spotify?

    White Steve Harvey

    it and many other great songs from them have been removed from spotify, quite wack

    Thomas Hartvig

    Yes, strange.. Maybe a business decision 🤔


    @Thomas Hartvig whatever the reason, it suuuuuuuuucks :(

  5. Shape Free


  6. mmagnea

    waz iz das? this iz not Camel... just troll z for fool z

  7. Ricardo Çocoletzi

    México 2019

  8. Daniel E. Southard

    Daniel Southard 6th U S Infantry Berlin Brigade 1961.

  9. Jesús Manuel Treviño Prieto

    Es un ex.

  10. Muhammet Emin Nacar

    Bu adamların kafası farklı çalışıyo

  11. Joni Tuoreniemi

    Volkspolizei - Disgusting piece of history.


    Joni Tuoreniemi Wel it is happening again....

  12. Rock Freedom

    A3 Vopos
    Bass – David Paton
    Electronic Drums [Drumulator] – Andy Latimer
    Guitar, Piano, Vocals – Andy Latimer
    Synthesizer [Fairlight] – Haydn Bendall
    Synthesizer [Ppg, Juno 60, Yamaha Cs-80] – Andy Latimer
    Synthesizer [Yamaha Cs-80, Prophet] – Ton Scherpenzeel

    Nima Gorji

    Rock Freedom tnx

    fmtf niuprog

    Dream Synths...

    Fe Kill

    Guest vocal chris rainbow


    Barış Gül'e selamlar