Camel - Squigely Fair Lyrics

Come on!

Get your tickets here
There is plenty of room inside
So get your tickets here
Don't delay, step this way
And get your tickets here

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Camel Squigely Fair Comments
  1. Dark Blade

    I can't believe I skipped by this album for so long - it really transports me to a magical place.

  2. Zülal Ergin

    Thank you, Camel!

  3. John Clayson

    A quality band...vastly underrated.....

  4. Ros

    I'm 27 and have just discovered Camel after hearing Nimrodel/The procession/White Rider, being blown away and then Stationary Traveller, everything else I listen to is bliss also, respect to Andy Latimer you are thee dude! :)

  5. Jimmie Usery

    The inventiveness is beyond anything I've ever heard in my life. Truly moving. It's more than that. I'm at a loss - the poverty of words fail my attempt to convey the beauty of this. Words fall to the floor like useless tools. I stand in wonder.

  6. Jose Andrade

    Typical Camel. So similar and yet so fresh. Latimer has a gift. Some guys do!

  7. flykeys

    Beautiful album. RIP to Guy LeBlank, keyboardist on this release.

  8. Miriam Goulart

    Camel is amazing

  9. Space Monkey

    unbelievable! this song is like a play or a novel!

  10. Isac Masís

    I love them! :D

  11. Isac Masís

    Camel! :)

  12. IwanAgung

    this song actually begins in 2.32.
    i will always say 'camel is andy latimer,
    andy latimer is camel'


    wish someone will release these camel songs on you tube.1. simple pleasures2.the miller's tale3.a nod and a wink4,lostand found5. the final encore6sheet rain7, glass elevator

  14. Eder Mojica


  15. Cruz Vidart

    En deuda infinta con Latimer y Camel

  16. Mahmud Biplob

    music of the god! ♥♠

  17. Ashra Tempel

    Amazing album!

  18. andreas

    can you please release this album on 180 gram heavyweight black vinyl again

    King Curry

    I agree. This album is total magic - Rajaz and this were a return to the incredible standards they reached from Mirage to Moonmadness.