Camel - No Easy Answer Lyrics

No easy answers
come to me
that i can see

No easy answers
were close at hand
when i began
to ask the questions one by one
so all the loose ends stay undone

An easy answer
could help me out
relieve my doubt

Is there an answer
or will i be
never to see
the light that shines at jorney's end
or will i just go around again

You know it's always easy to say
you've gotta take it day by day
but sometimes it can be hard...

You know the answer's undefined
It's only ever in your mind.

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Camel No Easy Answer Comments

    My favorite Camel song from my favorite Camel album!

  2. jamie wesson

    not the best camel album but still worthwhile so its pop but its good pop

  3. rroig09

    You have no idea how long I've been looking for this song.

  4. Jake

    Thanks for the vid. I can't believe how many people who hear my collection and love it but never heard of Camel