Camel - Lullabye Lyrics

This is just a song
to help you through the night
just like a lullabye.
And if you're not strong
and everything ain't right,
this is my lullabye.

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Camel Lullabye Comments
  1. fahim faysal

    Every time I hear it,
    I feel like I'm crying.

  2. Wile E. Coyote

    My left ear enjoyed this.

  3. Cameragirl803

    Bravo! Short and sweet:) *****

  4. Stelios Stavroulakis

    does anyone have the chords?

  5. milaraven

    Jajajaja,,,si es que eres graciosa,,,en serio.
    Anda que no has liado nada para llegar hasta mi nombre.
    No pasa nada el nombre es lo de menos. Un beso. Ciudad-Ana-keing

  6. milaraven

    Gracias hermosa...
    pero porque me cambias el nombre?
    Un besoteeeeee

  7. milaraven

    Thank you Ace for your commentary.
    You are an artist doing videos !

  8. milaraven

    It´s one of his better works.
    Thanks Alec !

  9. Alec tributes to brilliant music artists & else

    Awesome Mila ... love this song (and the Camel album) !