Camel - Lies Lyrics

Tell me no lies,
has peace arrived...
Or, is this some kind of joke?

What a surprise,
you don't realise...
There's some things you don't own.

Can you disguise,
can you simplify...
This change you put me through?

Can you revive,
and will I survive...
This life you've brought me to?

Physically and emotionally exhausted, Nude was confined to a
sea-side resort nursing home.
His war had finally begun.

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Camel Lies Comments
  1. Bück Stabü

    Omg that synt solo

    Paul Phillips

    Played by Duncan Mackay

  2. Ian Wilkinson

    perfect in every way,but Camel always is.

  3. cynical ape

    Fucking love this.

  4. blsn wsg


  5. nargoriel4

    Hirō Onoda R.I.P

  6. Blas Navarrete

    temazo por su sonoridad como por su genuina fuerza musical

  7. David Hall

    Latimer is a guitar genius. Plays beautifully

  8. George Koundourakis

    The best solo ever played..