Camel - Go West Lyrics

It was the very edge of summer
the air was thin the sky more pale
Dusty roads I remember
Oh so well...

The winds of future blew around us
The owners came to tell their tale,
feelin' like a piece of paper
in a gale.

Go West, go West.
where there's fruit in every place
a smile on every face...
Go West, go West...
Where there's work (so I'm told)

California's never cold,
so Go West...

We sold part' our lives
for 18 dollars...
Bought a Hudson Super-6
Travelled on down the highway
with no rest...

Childhood memories behind us
Grown-up feelings lie ahead,
Asked my Dad why we're going
and he said...

Go West, Go West
Where there's fruit in every place
a smile on every face...
Go West, Go West...
Where there's work (so I'm told)
California's never cold... so,
Go West...

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Camel Go West Comments
  1. Scottish Clansman

    Every time I hear the solos, I pull my strat down off the wall and give it a go....I can't come close.

  2. dan page

    This is so good. You are the man, buddy.

  3. Bo Nessing


  4. Alessandro Paolucci

    Stupenda questa versione live! ❤

  5. Douglas Steven Luna

    WOW!! Sounds great... I've never heard of Camel; sad but true :( *I guess now is as good as time as any especially with a DVD coming out!! \m/

  6. Steve Michel

    This is absolutely amazing. I’ve watched it over and over and discovered Pete Jones and his amazing renditions of early Genesis. What is this song? Who wrote it? Andy? I need to hear more Camel. Please!

  7. Piotr Zawadzki

  8. lunarsea Camel

    Great band!

  9. Rob Haas

    Is the Blue Ray/Dvd available yet ?

  10. Peter Harman

    Absolutely bloody brilliance, a great blend of musicians who feel the music and not just recite it. I loved this track and can't wait for the blue ray. I have a pristine vinyl copy of moonmadness which I still play and get lost in, fookin' brilliant ✌🏻

  11. Jose manuel Lopes salvador


  12. hanten10

    I love to watch the full concert

  13. Joanna Ryczek

    Słuchałam Camel 18 lat temu. Zachwyca do dziś. I te wspomnienia...

  14. carlos salvador aires roxo Roxo

    como se chama esta musica

  15. J Bernardo Pêrez

    Por siempre Latimer!! Majestuoso.

  16. Michael Schillmeier

    great song ... got goosebumps

  17. Gianfranco Ludovisi

    it seems that camel are living a second youth. Camel is really one of the best livng prog in the world, since the earliest times

  18. Amr ADEL

    Greetings from egypt! ❤

  19. Quiescence

    Fantastic band and what a superb place to play a gig out !!

  20. Atakan Gökeer

    Great performance.

  21. Abrar Jahin Nafi

    That voice.

  22. Dimitris T

    You know that moment you hear a song so fine it leaves you gawking? Yeah, it's one of those songs...

  23. Здравствуйте До свидания

    Очень красиво... Люблю Верблюда

  24. Здравствуйте До свидания

    This is genius

  25. Здравствуйте До свидания

    Это - гении)

  26. JOAO BOSCO Panzera

    Simplesmente fantástico!!!!

  27. Polo BEDE

    waouaouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ! ! ! pete jones , quelle voix ! ! !

  28. Ricky Tomato

    ✌HeyNow ! ! ! RightOn 🍻 ! ! ! ✌❤& Rock& Roll 😎

  29. Valentin Lavrinenko


  30. Josè Fonseca

    Who's that singer? Why does Andrew don't sing?

  31. Ton Merkestein

    memorale uitvoering van dit bijna dertig jaar oude nummer.


    excellent CAMEL..forever..!!

  33. Gab DP

    Hermosa música!

  34. Street Art United States

    WOW! Brilliant!!

  35. Brent H

    What musicianship... what a performance, Pete Jones... so talented. Bravo sirs!!


    CAMEL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. hectavex

    These old (but fine!) dudes need a new Palm Desert...with Crazy Horse, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.


    Beautiful ❤️

  39. Markus Setz

    Wonderful Pete Jones.

  40. Gerardo BAEZ DIAZ CONTI

    It's a wonderful version. Thank's Andy. Greetings from Puebla, México.

  41. Rui Calado

    one can only love the original sound of Andrew Latimer...saw the concert last year in Lisbon,and could see it ten more times,can´t wait for the Blu ray.

  42. Lowtech51

    This is excellent in every way - instruments, rhythm, vocals. I cannot wait for the DVD release. Any updates?

  43. gianfranco brandino

    Thanks Andy and friends for your fantastic songs. Your music is a perfect soundtrack for our life... God bless You all


    Sin duda, una de las mejores bandas de rock progresivo... El Señor Latimer historia viva de la música... Gracias....

  45. où est la vérité ?

    dat voice

  46. ceccavara

    sooooo beautifulllllllll

  47. Kari Pikkaŕainen

    I was kissed by the camel on the red sea beach 1980

  48. Ville Hytönen

    Why is Andy not singing anymore? Really miss his voice on this one.

  49. VA2018

    very beautiful!

  50. Comedybuff4000 2

    I only just discovered Camel and I've binged through so many of their songs. I cannot believe they are not more well known! I love how they never lose sight of melody despite how intricate a lot of the composition is, ELP loses me sometimes when they go on their extended jams but this is so lovely to listen to

  51. Naflemac

    What a great find Camel has in Pete Jones! I am quite sure Andrew Colin and Denis is inspired by Pete''s big talent as a musician.

  52. Tor Vetti

    The best in my music ; fantastisk

  53. Gert Visscher

    I can't stop playing this over and over!! So beautiful! Thanks folks! Great instrumental and vocal quality!! Waiting for the DVD...

  54. B E

    I just smashed the like button 500 times. I will own this.

  55. Carlos Monje

    thanks for music very thanks @@@@@@

  56. sentinelle11

    Splendide, merveilleux, je l'écoute en boucle on voudrait que ça ne s'arrête pas........

  57. Jake Stanger

    I was there! For those who don't know, the keyboard player (slash vocalist slash saxophone player) is blind. Truly incredible!

  58. Joao Felix

    Amazing!!! Please come back to Portugal. Great Voice!

  59. Amara Hamitouche

    Une musique qui vien du cœur

  60. Danilo Alves dos Santos

    Like!!!!! 👏👏👏.

    Im from Brazil ✌️.

    Sensacional essa banda. Parabéns a todos os envolvidos pelo vídeo 👍

  61. cynical ape

    Can you write the song's name please?

  62. richards9407

    I was really into these when I was 16 (1981) Thanks to technology I can listen to them all over again after all these years. Makes me a bit sad though, I miss those days so much. There's nobody quite like them, they had a unique sound. Very underrated musicians IMO.

  63. Steve Trowell

    Been a fan since 1976 and went to a Rain Dance concert in Norfolk. I have so very many dvds of them and cant wait for the blue ray at RAH. Sadly I doubt if they will come to New Zealand, but I live in dreams. Thanks Andy for all your great music.

  64. mikkemus82

    The quality of music is superb! Latimer crying with that guitar. Look at his eyes

  65. Giumorin-Giuliano Colzani

    Beauty <3 Love Camel !!!

  66. TheHumbuckerboy

    Good to hear someone who can actually sing and a group that possesses such accomplished musicianship.

  67. Martin Kilner

    I wish i could have been there, but thanks to this bluray i may experience just a little of the magic of my fave band for the last 40 years! 😌👏🏻🎼🌟🎸

  68. Geo Guitar


  69. Hugo Hernández Cruz

    Maravilloso grupo.
    Sensibilidad exquisita
    Virtuosismo en la ejecución
    Extraordinario Camel

  70. René van der Zalm

    One of the best bands i have seen.

  71. Francisco Alvarez

    Anybody knows if they played something of the Rajaz album?
    So great to see healthy master Latimer!

  72. Steve Edwards

    A very polished performance!!

  73. Ricky Tomato

    🤘HeyNow ! ! ! RightOn ! ! ! ✌❤& Rock&Roll 😎

  74. chris bradshaw

    What a superb singer/keyboard player!!!!

  75. Sean O'Brien

    Class at its Best

  76. Pablo Profetto

    Andrew you changed my life since the first time I listened you in 2011. Since then, my soul is not the same. I always remember the day when, listening to a solo, i felt that I knew you since always, and that i had the conviction you would go through your illness... Come to Argentina! I will be there.

  77. Mat Melkert

    I love it !!!!!!!!!!

  78. Elke Lange

    CAMEL, I love you. You're my all time favorite band for many decades now, and that will never change!

  79. Jack Elmshouse

    Always happy to hear thank you Camel :-)greetings Jack Elmshause

  80. Peter Ben

    Stunning, there's genius in simplicity.

  81. Mick Nordström

    Is the singer/keyboard player blind? He is amazing!

  82. Jim Thyne

    A lovely Mark 1 Wal Bass Guitar!

  83. Amir Amirie

    What a voice!🌹🌹♥️♥️

  84. Bernie Brio'con

    Nice tone 🎸

  85. DylanG0125

    Is the singer pianist blind? Dont know the guy, but hes awesome, just looks like he's blind. Sorry dude if you're not, mean no disrespect

  86. Billy McMonagle

    Guys sings like Paul Carrick, really good voice, first saw Camel live in Glasgow 1977-78 awesome, teased us with Snowgoose , they were on the Breathless album tour , great band still have Virage on vinyl

  87. Alexandros Prometheus

    undoubtedly one of the greatest band ever ! and unfortunately one of the most underrated one too ! they were nothing less than Pink Floyd !

  88. yeoldcap

    Pitch perfect from Pete Jones! And you could see Andrew Latimer's approval in his face. fantastic!

  89. The Overlooked Songwriter

    Nicely done.

  90. Gusdogbrownlab

    Just found this...Excellent. Vocals remind me a little of Paul Carrack. Great bass and drum groove and Les Paul solo also. Will have to find out some more of this band.

  91. Pit Pride

    I'm glad I found this and the people that love Camel.

  92. Faro Producciones

    Fantastic perfomance. Great Camel. Thank you for coming to Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) during the Moonmadness Tour.

  93. Jason Lee

    INCREDIBLY underrated band...

  94. Mafs. Ms

    Fantástico 👏🏻

  95. Morten Kalland

    Dette var vakkert

  96. Lilac and Gooseberries

    I'm automatically buying the DVD to enjoy it with my father the moment it comes out. His favorite group since I have memory, and melodies I grew up listening to. I remember being rocked to sleep to the tunes of Camel, Yes and Genesis. Lucky all of you who got to see this live!

    Lilac and Gooseberries

    By the way, did they play ''Sahara'' in this concert?

  97. Rhino Gaming

    Colin looks so badazz!

    The new vocalist is ok but... it's not gonna be anything like Andrew's vocals.

  98. Gilmour3

    ..and this is how you play real music folks...eternal respect to Andy Latimer

  99. massimo bramato

    thanks Camel!