Camel - Cloak And Dagger Man Lyrics

Stepping outside,
there's no turning back.
Looking behind,
there's no turning back.
Nowhere to hide
watch out for the man in drag;
she's got you tagged!

Checking all around,
there's no turning back.
Listen for a sound,
there's no turning back.
Keep your head down
watch out for the go-between!

The Cloak and Dagger Man
Run undercover and
trust in no one you know.

Watch what you say,
there's no turning back.
Lover's will betray!
Watch out for the promise of...

[repeat chorus]

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Camel Cloak And Dagger Man Comments
  1. misran pasaribu

    This song throws me back to the 80's when i was teenager

  2. Andrzej Brauer

    Camel, one of the best groups in the world, generations show it, they are great and will be, every song they make is wonderful, the one who wrote this music and lyrics had to be an outstanding artist and a wonderful man ...


    Almost 2020 and this song still rocks!

  4. Kamaran Cola MusiCola

    great track, first time i hear this, but which cam first "Cloak and Dagger" by Nik Kurshaw or this,

  5. Marinela

    I love it, great. I agree, one of the most underrated..

  6. Muhammad Yassir

    Chris Rainbow on Vocal. RIP

  7. Antonio Monaco


  8. Space Monkey

    each album of camel seems to reflect it's decade, the 80's vibes are obvious here, fantastic song!

  9. Antonio Monaco


  10. Thiago Fernando Silva


  11. Tatomexus


  12. TimeToGo Productions

    Most underrated band!

  13. Kuba W

    Chris Rainbow vocal! Great!


    I agree Kuba. Like Camel, Chris Rainbow never achieved the success his talent deserved. His 1977 album "Looking Over My Shoulder" is still one of my favourite albums of all time.

    Gabriel Mansilla

    Nice data. I

    Kuba W

    @Johnny If you like Chris' music too, you can join to the Facebook Chris Rainbow Fans group.

  14. Vlastimil Vašíček

    One of my very favorite. Super keys and guitar. Greetings from the Czech republic


    One of the greatest keyboard solos ever!

  15. Claudio Pagano

    Esta Álbum está Completisimo,un Tema mejor que Otro

  16. Вячеслав Яненко

    Напряженно и.четко

  17. Onur Koca

    wonderfull !!

  18. 제행무상

    언제나 들어도 진짜 명반!

  19. helena martins ferreira Ferreira

    Essa banda é demais!!!