Camel - A Heart's Desire Lyrics

The light is fading
The cause invading
all the hopes that you were building
on tomorrow
Now you must go.

So stretch your wings,
as nature sings
her farewell lullabye to soothe you
through the changes
When you must go.

The gift is knowing
your strength in going
when the time has gone beyond
your heart's desire,
and you must go.

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Camel A Heart's Desire Comments
  1. Chloe Tucker

    Miss you Malcolm

  2. Bahaxeldeen

    I'm really high rn, RIP MAC.

  3. Firstnamelastname

    Uhhh think i can see a fucking halo.....

  4. Ripples guy

    A beautiful end to a hugely underrated album and happy me as it features Anthony Phillips - Selva remains a favourite, but hearing the album in full reminded me of the impact it made on me at the time. Great stuff :-)

    And yes of course, shared as a highly personal tribute to happy family times - really beautiful :-)

  5. Sandblock Bass

    Can't listen to this song w/out feeling sorry for Mac

  6. Faolen Smith

    Rest in peace mac miller

  7. kaito by the sea

    rest in peace easy mac with the cheesy raps.

  8. FM Progg

    1:07 Andy Latimer simple and beautiful guitar solo...!

  9. Kuba W

    Chris Rainbow :)

  10. Cake Martyr

    I think what you've done is very moving. Well done

  11. Space Monkey

    wow! what a montage! the song perfectly match the photos..
    what a beautiful house and wonderful family!

    thanks for sharing this beauty with us

    Sir Edmund

    Camel would be proud of your montage x



  13. JokerTheGr8

    Mac Miller - Red Dot Music

  14. Refrescospepito

    Wonderful photos and such a happy family.
    You are lucky. :)