Cam'ron - Triple Up Lyrics

Dipset, Killa, Street's what it is

[Verse 1]
I done stopped and styled hummers, rock for wild summers
The nerve in me, these courtesy of Crocodile Hunter (that's right)
That mean the croke-adile, see ya'll niggaz chokin' now
Know my style, you know I style, get money poster-child
Crip, piece, I swear you should come over child
Garage, Benz, Lambourgini, Rover fouls
Red, blue, green like the average frog
Don't be mad at dog, Ferrari out the catalogue
Bracelet switched to Bangles, medallions shit just dangle
Chain twist and tangle, you'll get ripped and mangled
Hit from angels, I told you we equipped with angles
Can't find you, your girl tape her wrists and ankles
Show her the click clicker, better yet six figures
Ask her where that nigga bitch, he a bitch nigga
The big picture, get figures, my kicks glitter
Get with her, in the basement longer than Big Tigger

Triple up, trey eight, four nickel tucked
Get some weight on your ass, give them nickels up
This is for my fly ice niggaz
Kilo breast, Chicken wing, fried rice niggaz
Quadruple up, triple five on me you stupid fuck
Take your ass up the block doggy the stoop is us
This is for my Benjamin bitches
You don't need 'em, get money credit scam bitches

[Verse 2]
Ayo your clique is soft, my wrist is frost
I just pick a Porsche, guns we strap 'em on, then we lick 'em off (pap pap pap pap)
Got a sickenin' loft, you know how much the kitchen cost
Your bitch and boss, get 'em crossed, best bet don't piss me off
Listen horse a lot of niggaz I did endorse
Or course makes me nauseous when they call the force
Only force I call is the Holocaust
Holla scholar, bodies drop when the dollars tossed (35 hundred)
Hot stove, jelly jar, baking soda
Hot water, mask, gloves, can't take the odor
But I make the quota, hate cats that faking older
Remember back in the days, man them days is over
Know it might seem I'm sellin' ya'll a pipe dream
Wolf tickets, nope been a legend since nineteen
And that was in the late 1990's
You late, homeboy I kept them 19's shiny
Killa, easy


[Verse 3: 40 Cal.]
I came a long way from getting hanged by a white jury
Look at my neck, all you see hang white jewelry
I triple the chain, triple the wrist
Dice game the same night I through triples and split
I get menage et tua, the triple the chicks
Got 'em on a triple beam takin' trips with the bricks
My clique, the weight watchers, we wait for niggaz with watches
Or watch niggaz with weight with cake in they wallet
Raping they pockets and taking they projects
If you flip like T-Mobile I could make you a sidekick
Shit you see a profit one day off of my flip
You gotta go triple to say that it's my shit
But for now get ya hustle up
How you talk about triple when you still trying to double up
This the bubble music, hoes with the bubble buck
Bubble coke, and they bubble coke to cop that bubble truck


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Cam'ron Triple Up Comments
  1. EchoRhythm.TV

    Remember back in the days?/maaaaan, them days is over

  2. szef szefów

    i know this song since it came out and its still fire

  3. Tevin Long

    Thx! Classic

  4. Princeton Swain

    That second verse by Killa was pure fire! 🔥🔥

  5. szef szefów

    underated song underated 40 cal

  6. Ill will Ill will

    Rich Criminal talk!

  7. floor rez

    Almost 2020 and I still want the coat cam rockin

  8. Jack Elliot

    I came a long way, from gettin hang by a white jury, look at my neck all you see hang white jewelry! 🔥🔥

  9. MrSilksoul

    127 people still can't even double up.

  10. mksv75

    How you talkin about triple when you still trying to double up

  11. Versus

  12. LINC Studios

    Those violins sound kinda like his old joint "That's Me"

  13. Kareem Walters


  14. Ben Madl

    the hook is too sick

  15. mksv75

    Raping theiy pockets and taking they projects

  16. Luis Thon


  17. Riana Anglero

    My favorite album too 🔥💪🏽💯

  18. Riana Anglero

    Get some weight on yo ass 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Russ Tate

    This wat Jay Z was scared of Killa a beast

  20. Joe Jordan #23!

    Hood rap

  21. ZeuS Mecca

    I don't give a fuzk zip xet dip set 415Harlem Killa tha illet next unda Jordan zippa man O Megga Mecca yao Nicgaz fadjxgk"$and az I thank think? All y'all couldn't neva Rap I'll Rock!!!! I'm commin 4head'z b.i.H.cC S s zip4Eva Xk-Xk XFzNy set stop rappin

  22. mksv75

    If you flip like T mobile I can make you a side kick

  23. Dolan Nalod

    kill em!

  24. Nick's Arcade

    Dip Set

  25. Anton Zorin

    " Listen Horse " LMAO

  26. Floating Egg YT

    Cam a beast

  27. Mr. Beasley

    Bruh yall dont know him much Atlanta fuck with dipset back then during this time 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. Riana Anglero

    Get some weight on ya ass

  29. E P

    40 was so slept on , same with J.R Writer.

  30. Joshua Bell

    Fuck you Jay z this is the only place you can find this album 😒 lol

  31. Quantel Unique my #freestyle

  32. Frank Green

    63 people can suck a dick -nohomo

  33. oliverrando

    this song is ok

  34. buck

    The production on this album is great miss this cam

  35. Keon Banner

    This that deck of cards , 4 people sitting at the table eatting Chinese music lmao. I think I’m crazy smh lol

  36. Sean Rose

    Waiting for killa season 2

  37. Rico D'Lupo

    I miss the Dipset days. Cams one of the hardest dudes from NY

  38. Tu Maldita Madre

    40 Cal was the nicest spitter in Dipset

  39. Will Doe

    checkout willdoe on YouTube and

  40. Ifeanyi Okwara

    the beat is powered.

  41. Charles Bailey

    40 cal fuck it up too!

  42. Charles Bailey

    Fire! Rover files. Red, blue, green like your average frog.don't be mad at dog Ferrari out the catalog. Whaaaaaaa!

  43. Sam Samsung


  44. Meez Olsen

    Been slappin this since '06 in the same jeep gutta man drove Nino in

  45. Brandon Byng

    straight heat...💯

  46. Deedoc

    Cam was speaking that shit on this joint

  47. Big Steve

    "Hate Cats That are Fake and Older, Remember back in the Days ? MAN Them days is Over !! "

  48. Calli Wirth

    remember back in days man them days is over cam that dude

  49. Consuela Anglero

    Killa season my favorite album! remember back in the day man them days are over lmao

    Derrick Cooper

    Yes Consuelo the old heads that reminisce on amazing stories, lol

  50. dingleberry187

    Top 5 camron songs ever

  51. james908

    ya click is wrist is frost..i just pick a porsche...guns we strap em on..then just lick em off

  52. Fabio De La Cruz

    I hate that this song is not on Apple Music smh

  53. Fabio De La Cruz

    Hot stove, jelly jar, baking soda, hot water, mask, gloves, can't take the odor, but I make the quota, hate cats that's fake and older, "remember back in them days", maaannn them days is over.

    I am hip hop anime lover

    Fab 212 killed it bro


    We heard him

  54. Michael Tait

    Yo my man said he crock when I dial wow all these years later and I got what he just said legend of no style some Harlem shit people know that's the real magic city



    Michael Hoffman

    @yankee rojas You right, I also forgot A-Mafia, though I'm actually not sure he's Dipset affiliated.

    yankee rojas

    Michael Hoffman I'm dipset head bro lol I'm 25 years old but I been a dipset fan since grade school.


    WORD. IM 19 and i feel like shit not giving them a chance.

    Chance Yuknis

    how you not like jim jones 😔

  56. DrewTube1212 SkyWalker

    classic dipset shit, this beat still knock in the whip in 2016 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 that 40 verse still cold 😲😲😲

  57. TheMayor Esco


  58. Trapper man Rutty

    killa cam family

  59. Prod. by MiB.

    Hate cats that faking older. "Remember back in the days?" Man, them days is over.

  60. K. P.

    Omg why is this so fucking 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Ant Meh

    K. P. 12

  61. badboybootz8

    That was in the late 1990s , you late, homeboy I kept them 19s shiney lol

  62. That Nigga Freeze

    lol my g

  63. Adolph Jamison


  64. Janea West

    harlem stuntin 4 real

  65. JERU

    He killed Jay wit that I been a legend since 19 and that was in the late 1990s

  66. Tu Maldita Madre

    When that instrumental starts it just makes me want to flood my hood with that Killa and with crack. I watched Killa Season too many times.



    Calli Wirth

    Baltimore Luciano chicken wing,fried rice nigga


    them toms when the beat drop is like god damn

    Anthony Marchesano

    +Calli Wirth real

    Prince Luke

    NO such thing as watching Killa Season too many times bro lol

  67. Houston Joe

    this is AMAZING!!!

  68. william miko

    remember back in them days? nope, them days is over

  69. SweetieLaughAlot

    da beginning kinda sounds like headlines

    Drink Champagne

    SweetieLaughAlot you mean the beginning of headlines sounds like this song.

  70. SweetieLaughAlot

    da beginning kinda sounds like headlines

    Drink Champagne

    You mean headlines sounds like the beginning of this song

  71. KapoNYC

    summer of 06


    Summer of 36

    Ant Meh


    Ant Meh

    kapo2012fb POS,

    Kevin Jonsonn

    bro the summer of 2006 was the shit.

    Anthony Marchesano

    +Ant Meh 555

  72. James Dunn

    Dis shit hits

  73. Nite Vision

    My dude killa

  74. David Garnett

    beat hard as hell

  75. Mike Pineda

    dammn i forgot how hard this album was. TOO FIYAH!

    Dank Dank

    Full Killa Season album on my channel!!

    I am hip hop anime lover

    Mike Pineda yes it was classic underrated

  76. Chris Baker

    I'm a die hard facemob fan face should of been on this track with cam my God murdah shit

  77. Kasun Madhusanka

    My clique the weight watchers we wait for niggaz with watches
    Or watch niggaz with weight with cake in they wallet

    Damn son!

  78. Yani White

    He a bitch nigga

  79. jamaal holland

    "U my style u kno I style...GET MONEY POSTER CHILD"💯💯💯

  80. Teff

    red,blue,green like your average frog

    Janea West

    "dont b mad at dog Ferrari out da catalog"

  81. Brendan Murphy

    I love the album cover- he's dressed like a Space Marine

    Dana Kenton

    +Brendan Murphy lol dkm

  82. Lawrence Chancellor

    crack dat was in the late 1990S HOMEBOY KEPT THE 19 SHINY


    Lawrence Chancellor my favorite part haha

  83. KingRunite OG

    Cam fucking SNAPPED on this.

  84. Mike Roberts

    came a long way from gettin hanged by a white jury / look at my neck all you see hang: white jewelry

    william miko

    40 Cal was that dude

    Ant Meh

    Mike Roberts iva


    Hard *pause*

  85. deeflores !

    u know my style u know I style

    Ant Meh

    deeflores !📵


    Get money posterchild

  86. David Tronsgard

    Remember bumping this senior year of hs, listenin to cam always pumped my swagger up

  87. Anthony Prowm

    KILLA !

  88. DipSetNY

    Rapin they pockets or takin they projects if you flip like T Mobile I can make you a sidekick shit! 40.Cal with them punchlines! Harlem, New York!

  89. Murda Marv

    40 cal was nasty with punchlines

  90. Seven Thomas

    This my fav rapper and I graduate in 2017 HS

    roddyveli !

    Seven Thomas facts

    jonny davis

    Dank Dank LL Cool J is the GOAT

    El Guapo

    @ Seven Thomas.. he’ll ya, since back in the day mine favorite to.


    dear lord thank u

    Rich Porter

    That’s wassup bro lol I graduated in 09 and this was my shit back then 💯💯

  91. Ayatollah Khomeini

    Yeeah son!

  92. Sam Rothstein

    " ask her .. where that nigga bitch ? he a bitch nigga "

    - good ol cam

  93. Dewayne Davis

    Still crazy

  94. raphael nunez

    Classic joint

  95. snowman504504

    Oh my god...