Cam'ron - Me Killa Lyrics

[Hook: Shy Boogs]
Killah, k-killah, k-killah
Drug dealer, skanless nigga
'Less nigga, 'less nigga
Come again, me say me

[Verse 1: Cam'ron]
Yo, I don't know what you heard, but I'm cool with the drama
Couple people still alive cause I'm cool with their mama
Niggas thinking I'm with JuJu cause I'm in love
She ain't black, man, she Cuban, I'm over the plug
I can make cocaine
Crack too, baking soda, propane
No halves or quarters, I do the whole thing
Take a sniff you'll be on that soulplane, oh mane
Money makers linked up because we feel each ther
Last name Giles, but run it like the Felix brothers
Wanna bet? Then let's deal, it gets real
Over that juice I play Bishop and press steel


[Verse 2: Cam'Ron]
Yo, any beef, man, I muzzle it, go
In the middle of the summer I be shoveling snow
What fight? What fight you had? Man, you tussle with hoes
Before I met Terrence Howard, Cam hustled and flowed
Be in meetings in my pajamas
Turn decimals into commas
You get it like I get it then meet me in the Bahamas
Island, in Nassau I'm building a Benihanas
Still in the hood, though waiting on any drama
Or the projects parked waiting on your mama
Or the park in the projects to bating with piranhas
Call this an Apartheid, baby, I'm from the far side
Trafficking, nah, it's just a car ride


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Cam'ron Me Killa Comments
  1. Stone cold Rillahhh

    See how influencial Bone has been, even other goats(Greats) take notes frm my niggahs. Killa cam been doin his thing since the golden era of hip hop. Take notes n pay homage young 1s.

  2. Roger Mills

    2019 and this song still go hard

  3. Hardstyler981

    Sorta sounds like eazy wtf??

  4. Red hood

    Cam went in

  5. Dale Sowards

    Woah wtf Cam, I knew Jimmy liked Bone but you too?? Lol I like it. 😈

  6. manasseh dawkins

    Bone thugs would be proud

  7. Matt Bradley


  8. Tobes Anthony Brown

    This goes in. Feeing the BONE sample..