Cam'ron - Get 'Em Daddy (Remix) Lyrics

See the problem is I ain't goin nowhere
Can shoot at me, can stab at me
Take your best shot (this is the remix)
Suck a dick no homo
DipSet, remix, let's go!

[Hell Rell]
My flow is novocaine, my bars is hurricanes (Katrina)
I got hell-a cain, mac in the melon range
Hop out and shells exchange
I wanna see these niggaz die die, make they mom feel hell-a pain
Walk around like I got a broom in my pants
Na that's a fuckin' A-K, heavy tool in my pants, damn
Man these cowards better stay in they lane
And if they ain't getting the picture, it ain't in the frame
VVS's stay in my chain (bling) they in my ring (There they go)
You must of wrote your will already if your sayin our names
Hell Rell, Mr. Ruger Ruger, I'm a shooter shooter
You hung with the girls you double dutch or hoola-hooper
Hop skip and jumpin, block clickin and jumpin
Glock clickin and dumpin, it's the mighty

[J.R. Writer]
Listen I'm quite known, nice chrome, a cyclone niggaz
Ya sight blown, Right-o, my white stones glitter
Left hand bling, the right one shiver
Stallion, medallion, a ice cold picture
The white stone flipper
That white tone, nights home, getting' rid of the weight like lipo mister
This psycho sicker
That ain't crackin' ya pimp, you got a rat as a friend like Mike on Thriller
This ain't nothing to me, a scrapper at its best
No rapper could impress, man I'm crack right out the jets
You rappin indirect
But it's lookin like a movie shoot
How they sendin all these damn actors at the set

[Jim Jones]
It goes get 'em daddy (Goonies)
Soul niggaz they sick and flabby, (they washed up)
Young fly rich and every nigga with me pack heat, (we ballin)
Somebody snappin pictures at me, (watch me)
Plus I know I got the F.B.I. sick of me
The cash the jewels and how we buy exquisite V's
Don't get ya brains fried to a fricassee
My vest and my heater, breath full of reefer
And ya boy stay fly like he was dressin for Easter
The big Pachorte, Capo the heavy
Packin 4-4 court case to drop on expressway
Its DipSet Byrdgang we fly high
And chart the G-4 we get high in the sky

I'm Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund
Paul Akin, ha ha, who they think they car jackin
You dump and a dump, I slumped and I slump
They mad my car's like an elephant, the trunk in the front
See ya dude react, Hud six threw me back, a few they clapped
But I ate those, them shits is Scooby Snacks
I ain't see stars, I'm a G pa
Threw the Lam' in 6th, Drove to the E.R.
Had to make it hot
Feel like Pac I know it's set up
Them old niggaz know I'm bout to take they spot
Ain't no A.B. - I.O.U.
Y.B. That'll get 'em up in I.C.U.
Like I see you at the BP, shot 'em off G.P.
Guns from VA, PA, down to D.C.
D.O.A. if you short up on my P.C.
C-74 switched 'em over to P.C.
Like Chuck D, we the '06 P.E.
Fuck me why, I'm in the '06 G.T.
All about them G's B, we the B.G.
Byrd Gang Dipset, D.I.P. see
Like KRS-One, the great B.D.P.
You wanna join the crew, then you must see me, flee
(Get 'em Daddy) Got 'em mommy, you my Gotham Bonnie
Cause I'm Batman with the pump, Johnny Johnny
(Get 'em Daddy) Honey smile, don't act funny style
In one ear, yeah yeah, 220 thou'

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Cam'ron Get 'Em Daddy (Remix) Comments
  1. The Tech Librarian

    I’m in the crown Victoria

  2. Blessedx3

    Yo this still goes hard 🔥

  3. Jalal Cunningham

    Great times this was last of great dipset after killa season things fell apart miss this era god bless the good ole days of east coast rap

  4. MARSBAR 17

    0:34 why is he twerking?


    O.35 mark: nigga was twerking smh

  6. Pablo Sosa

    A few they clapped but I ate those them sh**s was scooby snacks... Damn Cam is something else... Imagine the shooters listening to that line.

  7. Disciple of The Way

    Rappers get problems coming to DC. Not all but a lot. It's just one of those cities.

  8. Scar Vega

    Still one of my favorite videos of all time!

  9. Ayo Flee

    Can’t even look at Rell the same. Pause

    Osman A

    Ayo wat he do


    "The trunks in the front" killa top 5

    Hashirama Senju


  11. Christopher Pixley

    Killa Cam classic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. John gotti

    2019 im here shit fire still

  13. Leon Fontenelle

    Still wavy

  14. JL Cooper

    Get em dadddy


    no lie dipset gave the confidence to wear pink 🔥🔥🔥

  16. Nelkon Nsamba

    The beat is horse shit💩

  17. Henry Hoodrich


  18. Golden Boy

    "If they dont take a picture they aint in the frame" i feel u

  19. Golden Boy

    "Feel like pac i know it a set up"

  20. Golden Boy

    "Make my car like an elephant the trump in the front."


    On Carson movement....... hell rell reminds me of Tony yayo

    Hashirama Senju


  22. E E

    That intro from cam 🙌

  23. MrGoodyMusic

    Bruh why was Jim twerking ass at :35 😂😂

  24. Hashirama Senju


  25. R-Wun718

    Ayo, somebody needs to reupload a better quality of this. 2019

  26. Jean Midi

    Them niggas tried to kill Cam. And, all he had was Dip.

  27. Michael Price

    This beat makes me feel like a boss

    Hashirama Senju

    Makes me wanna BANG a FUCK nigga up tho🤣😂 #BIGFACTS

  28. gerald lewis

    At 0:35 was he focking the air??

  29. TJJohnson

    BRUH I can't tell ya'll how glad I am to know I ain't the only one who was highly confused at my boy @0:34(can't really see who it was),had to read the comment section to make sure I wasn't trippin lmao

    Edit:Just found out people only noticed it because of something Daylyt troll ass said lol

    Hashirama Senju

    That nigga Rell was saggin extra hard lol

  30. deandre harris

    Hel rel twerkin :35 😂😂
    Shoutout daylyt

  31. Rum Ham

    Hell Rell was popping ass

  32. Anthony KImani

    Hell Rell stole the show

  33. MikeGot TheGun

    What the hell cuz doing at :34

  34. Chilluminatii

    So y’all didn’t see that weird shit at 0:30 ? 😂😂

  35. Rasar Amani

    0:34 Daylyt LOL

  36. Terry Palmer

    Anybody 2019?

  37. Babychapom

    “SUCK A DICK NO HOMO”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣gayyyyyyyyyy

  38. Brendan Calvey

    Who wrote this song

  39. PavanKumar Machiraju

    This is the remix always makes me lose my shit laughing

  40. Father Time


  41. Littles1126

    Where can I find this version with the longer Rell verse???

  42. Damien Mcneill

    Memories when rap was rap $$

  43. tochiRTA

    This one of those "Talk your shit, Black man!" joints

  44. slugga 504


  45. Julian Martin

    Dipset boss cam'ron 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Sha'iere Smirnoff

    This track needed Juelz on it ...

  47. Sha'iere Smirnoff

    One of the hardest track Cam dropped ...

  48. King Kari

    confessions of fire ♥️ come home with me ♥️ 90's cam'ron 🔥every generation of the diplomats genius 🔥🔥

  49. IhateMainstreamTrash

    0:33 why is he dancing like that lol

  50. TheCake/Money


  51. Jerwon Echols

    2019! Give me my likes

  52. Jay Ayee

    Boskoe look and rap like Hell Rell 😂😂

  53. Henry Hoodrich

    I don't care what they say bout Ruger" that boy got bars

    Ramsee Muñoz

    Henry Hoodrich Rugers in the trunk🔥

  54. Seti Sabino

    before niggaz false claimed blood lol

  55. A Dro


  56. •Viking Wolf•


  57. O.G. lex

    i remember he got lined up in D.C. than came back with this record .....killa cam a legend

  58. Aundray Mcdonald

    Hell rell kill this shit fa real

  59. Doc Ghost

    A few they clapped but I ate those them shits are Scooby snacks....


  60. DJ Rashad Hayes

    Absolutely Perfect Video. Wish Jimmy had a verse on this too but otherwise pure perfection.

  61. ShaY StaR

    bass killer music

  62. Mohammed-Bashir Adewale

    Hip hop so soft now we nigas like 21 running the game. This instrumental is that white

  63. Bmore410

    “They made my car like a elephant, the trunk in the front” 🔥🔥

  64. Trevor Arlee

    Zoinks man ( shaggy voice )

  65. King County


    One love

  66. Versace Broccoli


  67. charlie

    New York was so fucking live in those days

  68. LPenzel

    Dipset had some of the hardest beats period!!

    Hashirama Senju

    I FUX with that #AndThatsFacts

  69. Ko Ko

    Who TF is that dancing like that 🤔

  70. Darrell Madison

    Pain Love?

  71. Sheldon Duval

    When dipset ran NY

  72. Charlita Brown

    That old school hip hop I so love it..Keep putting stuff like this in rotation😋

  73. Chico Roma

    Still my shit

  74. I c u Landlord

    This that real dipset music then need to get tell an jr back everybody else wack but cam Jim julez freaky tell an jr an unkasa

  75. Edgarson Romeus

    They mad my car's like an elephant, the trunk in the front...sick !!!

  76. Tressie Moses


  77. Joe Jordan #23!

    The chicks always tell me Get em Daddy

  78. vanwinklestein

    "Byrd Gang Dipset, D.I.P.
    see like KRS-One, the great B.D.P
    You wanna join the crew, then you must see me, flee:"🔥 🔥 🔥

  79. Juan Rolon

    Why Cam had to mention 2Pac spot if this was a Diss to Jay Z 🤔

  80. bep 2

    lambo 6th gear my bad

  81. bep 2

    lambo 7th gear

  82. Rich Senyor

    Threw the lamb in 6 drove to the ER

  83. Tia Stee

    so sexy Cam'ron.

  84. Keith Beast

    Woahhhh Jim Jones 00:35 wyd boiiiiii

  85. Tay Dibiase

    I think the album version shits on this

  86. Jevon Williams

    Im glad their they are back

  87. RoadToHollywoodTv

    This was so legendary


    RoadToHollywoodTv cocaine is a hell of a drug😂

    Hashirama Senju

    Back in 06 #BIGFACTS

  88. dubb815

    I listened to this EVERYDAY before I left for elementary school lmaoo don’t ask me why I was listening to this as a youngin

  89. belize Gz

    Still here 2018. Miss these days

  90. TheChicago Assasin

    This is what you play while entering church

    Hashirama Senju


  91. hustler Khan

    2004 was when I saw this. So much pussy that year. Now I’m fat and ugly

    Serge Sean mison

    Get back to the old you brother

  92. Infamoso 91

    does anyone else prefer the version where Hell Rell starts off the verse? "my flow is novacane my bars is hurricane"

  93. Hip 2 Da Game

    Ain't no A/aye, B, I O/owe U/you.. Y/why, B? That'll get em up in ICU..

    Phillip Watts, Jr.

    "That's the alphabet!"🤣

  94. Gallie Trelvesant

    Lmfao why was jones twerkin

  95. steven abram

    I know it's set up them old niggas know I'm bouta take they spot

  96. Denelle San Nicolas

    I gotta say no homo after every time I type this title in the search bar

    Russell Lopez

    Denelle San Nicolas 😂😂😂😂😂

  97. Slimm Flocochanto

    Dipset @forever

    Slimm Flocochanto

    My 2nd son name Cam,

  98. Tyki Mikk804

    They killed this track