Cam'ron - Do Ya Thing (Remix) Lyrics

[Cam'Ron: Intro]
This is a remix (remix, remix)
DIPSET! KILLA CAM! DUKE DA GOD! (remix, remix)

[Cam'Ron: Verse 1]
I make cheddar that's cheddar, you gotta say bravo
Ma mess with me, I'm better than lotto
Got more than a million, fuck a dollar and a dream
You don't even need a dollar, holla at the team
Chicken, cornbread, collared on your greens
Mansions, cars, Prada on your jeans
Hell in Harlem, I'm poppin' up in Queens
Brooklyn, the Bronx, hoppin' on the scene
And you're not from the regime, and I'm popular with fiends
No gossip they cop it, crotched up in a lean
Cars I cop it, crotched up and I lean
Seventy five, dropped it on a Beam
And you love the way I'm bouncin' it, weed I roll a pound of it
Ya'll niggaz are counterfeit, money I stay countin' it
Throw a punch and I counter quick, down to flip
Beef I love the sound of it, your crib'll be surround in it

DO YA THING, DO YA THING, DO IT [4x] (this is the remix)
More killing killing, more killing killing, for Killa Killa [4x]

[Cam'Ron: Verse 2]
Yes honey got money, yea my money is right
But my wrist so bright, look like 'Sunny Delight'
Twenty K times twenty, times twenty the price
You don't do math, eight million in ice
And yea, I got more to tell must be bored as hell
Electronic jewelry, I need a 'Duracell'
Battery triple A, where the icicles lay
And beat you with a wiffle bat, all over a nickel play
Girlfriend, my girlfriend got the nickel plate
Right in the bra, it tickle her little nipples hey!(Hey!)
Juelz got the whistle AY! (AY!)
Me, I got the whistle that whistle right through the pistol K!
And this is the chronicles of Killa (That's Killa)
And don't smoke cuz the chronic it'll kill ya
I'm a monster and gorilla, that'll conquer for the scrilla
You will get an invoice you vomit in the villa

DO YA THING, DO YA THING, DO IT [8x] (this is the remix)
More killing killing, more killing killing, for Killa Killa [4x]

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Cam'ron Do Ya Thing (Remix) Comments
  1. Sealy

    This was the best vesrsion

  2. Outlawlink Ware

    "Collard on your greens"

  3. Josh S

    I been looking for this ! That EWF sample is too fuckin epic . Can’t wait for Purple haze 2 .. 2019 the real here

  4. Charles Johnson

    I'm trying to find the instrumental to this . Anyone ?

  5. A C

    Such a gem from this dude

  6. Noke Life

    This song so underrated

  7. Ramsey Soussi

    so soo good


    I always like how smooth this song is

  9. Shalom Oharra

    This my shit straight up. crotched up and i lean

  10. blaqceeza

    Gotta love that EWF sample!

  11. Craig Mack

    This is nowhere near as good as the original to me..

  12. Oliver Hernandez

    This version I like it better than the first one

  13. Sealy

    Love this version!!

  14. Circle 25

    this has to be the most relaxing song ever.

  15. Lawrence Blue

    We all live in hell I can't emfosize enough.

  16. Nola Jordan

    KILLA 🔥

  17. Brandon Ford

    it's a go 123

  18. Santana H

    About to be 2018 in 2 day yo thang do yo thang do it!!! -King H. #Chitown in Mia


    About to be 2019 in 2 day ya thang, King H.

  19. Demonz. Day

    Don't know why I came here thinking it was Gorillaz

  20. Bundy


  21. 1lifestyle

    so player…gotta 2step

  22. Oliver Hernandez

    The original sounded better than this

    jonny davis

    I disagree

  23. Aaron Lumberger

    great freakin song! great freakin sample!

  24. Carter Sosa

    One of my favorite cam'ron songs

  25. Danny Roll

    my old ringtone!

    irap PrettyGood

    Danny Roll me too

  26. Mike Bibby

    more killing killing more killing killing for Killa Killa

  27. José Rivera

    i like this one more than thee original.

    jonny davis

    José Rivera me too. The beat has that early morning timeless illmatic sound to it

  28. Call JG Wentworth 877 Cash Now

    The original version is the shit I clicked on the wrong version

  29. Calli Wirth

    repeat all day

  30. Josh S

    camron a living legend forreal; that ewf sample is too dope

  31. TheJofrica

    Love that 1970's organ sample, reminds me of some old-school Sesame Street music

  32. MrHardy946

    2hrs to hunt this song down!!

    black super sayain

    it took me a year to hunt this album.

    Aye Won

    MrHardy946 I’m glad you found your way.

    Omega Man

    keep doin your thing

  33. zollie4



    the original was way better should of put that one on the album

    Alexander Smith

    WTH IZTHISTV it was trash

    Chris Reid

    WTH IZTHISTV you're an idiot this is way better the other one is shit

    Chris Reid

    Alexander Smith I hear you this one is so much better

    Dank Dank

    The original sounds like a Purple Haze type wouldn't fit the feel of Killa Season

    jonny davis

    Shouldve put both

  35. beevsta

    it 's lit


    Heron flow.

  37. Marquis Lamb

    The sample was Earth Wind & Fire - The Way Of The World.

    Drew Love

    We know

  38. fast money

    was the instrumental to this

  39. Pack man

    Although I'm not a huge fan of Cam'ron, I gotta say this is one of his best! Probably my favorite song from him.

  40. MrLOgan1314

    @Rhymefluid and you love the way i'm bouncin it weed i roll a pound of it yall niggas are counterfit money i stay countin it throw a punch and i counter quick down to flip you'll crib will be surronded kid.......see drake and liil wayne bust that shit

  41. MrLOgan1314

    ive showed people this who hate cam and then they say...okay i got respect...haha

    then i hit them with love my is a real dude like nickatina and too short

  42. Torian Staples

    killa cam u a genuis fo this one

  43. mellman89

    this is toooooo dope!!!!

  44. BLooDYBLOOD95

    raww sonn