Cam'ron - Cookies-N-Apple Juice Lyrics

[Verse 1: Cam'Ron]
I won't kiss her, maybe hug her but I don't even like her
I might get it, hit it, split it but yo I'll never wife her
I'm Rowdy Roddy Piper, (yes) but when she can't decipher (what?)
Love for fucking no fussing, buzzing, she out my Sypher(ahh)
Come thru in a Viper (Viper)
God damn I might white Nike her (yeah)
Yeah she straight, but get it straight, underestimate I might just dyke her (dyke her)
You fight and fuss wanna bite her, (damn)
Lock your girl down just like rikers
I ain't gotta do that once I hit your shit the damn bitch a lifer (forever)
This dude wanna write her (write her?), e-mail, text and type her
He a runner, I'm a gunner, baby girl, a sniper (sniper)
Roll the blunts up, ma I'ma get the lighter
I'll have you squirtin' for certain, yeah bring a diaper
Milk, Lemonade, I'm a fucking renegade
Handguns, hand grenades meet me at the center stage (stage, stage)
Baby boy go hire a squadron
My crib got more poles than the fire department (Ahh)

[Chorus: Skitzo]
Cookies with some apple juice
Cookies with some apple juice (Lady)
I ain't mad at you, cookies with some apple juice (Lady)
I ain't mad at you, (Lady) cookies with some apple juice (Lady)
I ain't mad at you, cookies with some apple juice

[Verse 2: Byrd Lady]
First lady so wavy, lady of the birds, this is the Byrd Lady
Holdin' up you know it gets crazy
No I'm not yo' girl but I could be your baby
Yes baby, I'm sexy, why you itty bitty girls wanna test me?
Cuz I'm fly high floatin' with a jet ski
that's why your man wanna sex me
Yep, he said I'm cute, try to throw me in the loop
Hit me when he hungry, lick my cookies, drink my apple juice
Apple Coupe, zoom-zoom, horse and Porsche, vroom-vroom
zoom-zoom and not poom-poom, smash real fast got up out his room
Classy, yet I get nasty, nasty but never trashy
Bright light, yes bitch I'm flashy, no you will never pass me
Ask me? Ask who, ask you
I'm sick, something like a flu flu
You stink, something like a zoo zoo
Lay low, you know what to do boo
Cuz you don't want no problems, please trust girl
I will solve them
Fo' Fives cats, I revolve 'em, now it's hell up in Harlem
This for midwest, down south, dirty dirty
Bitches catch up, tie your shoes now hurry hurry

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3: Cam'Ron]
I said, cookies and some apple juice
Cherry Jeeps, Apple Coupes
No hassle, hit 'em with a gavel, ask 'em my whole staff will shoot (Shoot, shoot sh-sh-shoot)
What could the bastard do? (nothing)
They run, we run this town, we'll run you down, they'll laugh at you
Damn no, look at mommy shaking her derriere (damn)
Fuck Christmas, you could have a merry year
Where you wanna go, everywhere?
What you wanna do? Let me hear
I'm talkin' Vegas, I don't do them teddy bears (nope, nope, nope)
But I do do the fish nets...
Pre-ejaculation to get my dick wet (No homo..)
But I'm tryna get your lips wet
Doggy-style, facial, huh.. Welcome to Dipset

[Chorus to fade]

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Cam'ron Cookies-N-Apple Juice Comments
  1. Fuego DiBiase

    Man that chick at 00:18 Sheeeeeeesh🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. tommy burns

    Where is the girls verse she really snapped

  3. Money Mason

    Lol 2019


    The real G.O.A.T

  5. Sandiego Chapo

    It's not non sense lol cookies is pussy and the apple juice is squirt or piss sometimes 😂😂😂 I'm sure everyone knows "lemonade lemonade, round the corner fudge is made." #freakyshit 🍆🍩

  6. Polo Rican

    Rip huddy6

  7. Oliver Hernandez

    This song is kinda good like a good beat

  8. Javian Johnson

    This video is terrible lmaoooo

  9. akaSavage

    Lol listening back on this its really trash but Cam is legendary so it dont really sound trash. Like he say some stupid shit but it bumps.

  10. James Burrus

    i do not promote terrorism☺😑

  11. Ashan PrinceofPower

    That combination will have you on the toilet cookie & apple juic3e Diarrhea stomach bubbling!

  12. Kaylum Calla

    1:32 that dance tho 😂😂💪👍👏👌

  13. NuggRunner

    Is this in Aruba?

    Athanasius e

    NuggRunner no its in Arabia

  14. rollin thirtys

    never realized vado was in this video

  15. dsetgetatme

    Cookies & Apple juice song made my day. "I'm talkin... cookies and apple, cherry jeeps Apple coupes" lol 😆😆😂

    Johnny Truelove

    dsetgetatme read this as the line was said lol

  16. dsetgetatme

    the 2nd song that played... name of the sample?

    Athanasius e

    dsetgetatme Silky


    the original was King Floyd Groove me Baby. but Silk by Cam was cool too. hanks for the info


    " Silky "

  17. Samson Manase

    This was the jam

  18. Tiffany Tatum

    When Cam left Dipset he became a grown ass pimp lml 👑😘💋🍏🍒🍑🍹🏆💋😍😅

    dame dash

    Tiffany Tatum he never left bby he is dipset boo......hes the c.e.o

  19. young blood

    ʀɨք ɮɨɢ ɮɛʟʟʏ ɖɛʟɨ aҡa Mʊʀքɦ

  20. MikeyMicBeats

    2:26 fucked up the lyrics

  21. Mickey Valenz

    cookies with some apple JEWS

  22. kien spicer

    cam do the world a favor stop making music you 40 now talk about your kids not make rhymes like one please stfu

    Athanasius e

    kien spicer u mad bro?

    kien spicer

    @Cs Go yes your wife didnt swallow

    Athanasius e

    kien spicer you made this comment a year ago and you still reply within an hour LOL. i would think you are fucked up on somthing but nope. you still mad bro

    kien spicer

    @Cs Go nope you just a cam ron stan who needs to stfu

    Raphael Paz

    kien spicer Dipset u dipshits, u wasn't there, once upon a time., lean.. All 🔥 tracks

  23. mike

    wats the name of the second song?

    Kush Haze

    +Michael Hatoum silky (No Homo) if you haven't found it yet

  24. Hector Rivera

    Dipset boss cam'ron

  25. TrifeLife92

    Damn I hated this when it came out lol. Shit catchy now

  26. DoughnationCreative

    I think Dipset was the first east coast movement to really connect with the south. No doubt they were influenced by D-block, but I'm just saying this not the first time Cam-Ron's music had a southern flavor. It's still hot even tho he just talkin a bunch of bullshit lol

  27. masha misha

    Sasha ti Russkiy?:) Molodec ya toje ego lublu:)

    suxha bleen

    suka Edy nahuy hahahaxaxaxa

  28. Keith Witcher

    [email protected] title hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I wonder if this video was filmed in Miami because it looks like it.


    Virginia Beach

  29. BeastModeJelly

    "My house got more poles than a fire department" XD LOL

    Samantha Michelle

    lol love it

  30. Ack_Badt

    And yet, they say southern rap is simple & wack?

  31. Landen Farmer

    Yo no neyo

  32. g jackson

    are you serious king cam whack delete your life

  33. erikaslt

    Ya do realize he use to roll with big L? They grew up as kids. They had a crew called " children of the corn ", killa has skills and is funny as shit.

  34. Penal-T

    I Think Cam'ron Is The Most-Talented Wack Rapper Of All Time... He's Got Syllables & A Good Wordplay, But All He Talks About Is Nonsense...

  35. sk8barber

    My nigga vado chillin in the cut polo down

  36. Nick Monaco

    My dude Cam is a beast.

  37. Skom Brady

    RIP HUD 6

  38. finessin thekid

    This shit hard



  40. Blurred News

    LOL this song is fresh diarrhea. xD


    i can only see two things that top a fully shaped woman, God and personal health.


    ROFL haha

  43. TripleRp

    I love this joint, it's so simple, but I love it.

  44. ILikeHipHop93

    It doesn't matter what it means. Its still a dumb ass song with poor lyricism. I can make a song and call it " fruity pebbles soda pop" and say that shit stands for Icy chains and cocaine it will still sound retarded

  45. NikoLetsGoBowling

    My fucking IQ just dropped 2 points after watching 28 seconds of this retarded bullshit called "rap"..YEAAOOO YEAAOO COOKIESS WIT SUUNN APPEAALLL JEEOOUUIICCEEE

  46. Juew Thube

    Yea we all know he doesn't mean it literally but it would sound a lot more better with "liquor and some pussy juice"

  47. Cam Baxley

    Shit was recorded on a damn Nokia or some bullshit, still a good song tho.

  48. Adamsiuuu7

    like a german productions ;)

  49. steelakejake

    this is lower than low budget

  50. gNarLy cEe

    Directed by Cousin Bang... need i say more ?!?

  51. gNarLy cEe

    you're a corn ball Cam...but you gotta love it mane

  52. Jimmy Robinson


  53. JustDeath562

    dl link anyone??? message me

  54. Alyah Hudson


  55. Scott Maurer

    Where all the white folk?

  56. Ani -


  57. Nisar A

    this is the crappiest song ive ever heard, and this video is a piece of shit.

  58. eddie may

    pharoah brought me

  59. jonnieboy321

    1:26<------- Why is Lil B in the video???#RARE

  60. 666sicklife

    @djjeff12836 fuck you moeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  61. SmoothyBlueCinque

    This nigga rapping about food! lmao

  62. Sal Fazzino

    @:59 Roll the blunts up ma, ima get the lighter. And have you squirtin for certain, yeah, bring a diaper! hahaha love cam

  63. SandoTrini


  64. Rockteen1010


  65. CJ Rhodes

    this video is artistic masterpiece!

  66. Tyler Dean Design

    hahaha 1:33

  67. kevsrapmusic


    Just like killa season..Best Low budget Movie i ever Seen Lmao.. Killa is A LEGEND!!!

  68. wr513

    How could you hate this? lol ha ha

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    @djjeff12836 they spend all money in cookies and apple juice

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    @iAmKupid kid knows whats up. your not just a regular youtube browser. word

  71. Fishscale 2008

    da ass is crazy in dis video....

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  73. bubbakush1212

    @chantals44 dont hate when you dont understand whats he mean with cookies and apple juice

  74. Rushane Mclean

    cookies and apple juice

  75. artsykilla

    @EyesSaggin420Low Yeah right that foos wack , he cant even rhyme

  76. SUHMANTHA Leigh

    first lady, so wavy..lady of the birds, this is the Byrd Lady!?!?!?!? i dont even care about the video quality, that video is entertainment... but where the fuck is Byrd Lady? bitches catch up tie your shoes now hurry hurry!

  77. djjeff12836

    @HaymakerProductions aow

  78. Marc Distel

    he was at a tough time in his career in this video... haha

  79. FleetwoodTheFool

    lol...sardines and kool-aid

  80. HaymakerProductions

    that hood shit

  81. Cheyenne Chessa


  82. tom riddle

    say what you guys want about the video but ill still fuck most of these bitches in the video and so would ya'll lmfao

  83. RasXcellent1

    this song iz hard kidd, crime pays most slept on cd of '09!!!

  84. kevsrapmusic

    Cam know dam well the video could of been way better.. come on cam this song was too hard for a low budget video man

  85. djjeff12836

    @lucsho1 low budget video

  86. Ongenette Thames

    cam my nigga, but a bitch can be the ugliest eva, as long as she got a phat ass, he'll holla...yuck!!....cmon cam get u a pretty bitch.....

  87. stk931

    @slim62492 silky by killa cam!

  88. jay 1

    this is kinda official ,,the video was excellent in its simplicity and wild bad bitches in it ..not just standing by an expensive car rapping/singing like these other dudes are doin his lyrics werent even bad wasnt deep and thoughtful but think about it the nigga rapping about cunt !!!!

  89. diditonem

    @chantals44 rice and beans?!

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    if ths wht killa cam turned in to !!!
    tz official ths niggaz extinct Adiós fucker!!

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    @11xForces because hes high =)

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    @11xForces you teabagger