Cam'ron - American Greed Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Cam'ron:]
God bless the kid, left the crib
Extra jig, 20 L's
No movie but I bought out that 2012
"Hey girl" she ignored me, I'm like "Honey, hell"
What up money? I'm Cam, but I know money well
Sniff me, that money smell, cologne juke
Chrome coupe, before towns Killa had his own stoops
Now I'm shaving coke on an amazing boat
Fuck you, suck dick
I don't know what to say to folks..
Sick chain, from the 6 train
Took the 5th lane, where I get brain
Yeah, get brain, shit mane
I blow past em
Can't hear y'all niggas
Closed caption
Been places, spent faces
Y'all big babies, blame Davis
You ain't that one team
So come dream, Bruce Leroy glow
Y'all need sunscreen

[Hook - Vado:]
American greed shit'll turn you
Into the worst type
Lock like Madoff, die like Kirk Wright
You'll get more dirty when
Your collar and shirt white
Carry our dreams, Rose wishes
The thirst life
I'm fire, you burn
Backstreet Boy *NSYNC like Lou Perlman
I'm the 6th member as long as the crew earn
Half the crew earnings, I take my break

[Verse 2 - Vado:]
Sosa wars I'm feeling like Big, Harlem we back son
On stage, boxers and Timbs
Holding my plaque up
Beat knocking, red put that track up
Move 8-balls, play pool? Well nigga rack up
Hit the white with all soda
Terrorizing the streets in the Viper or Cobra
New Louis Vuitton sneaks with spikes all over
Crib on some kid shit, my Nikes all over
Small purchase, next time I'll re-bigger
Fitted low dark shades like I don't see niggas
Getting dough like I don't need niggas
Didn't know that crime pays?
Well look at Flea nigga!
Fortune 500, we read niggas
Wall Street Journals and several
American Greed niggas
Lot of dough to be made, shit
I agree, nigga
Summertime, True Religion jeans
Is capris nigga

[Hook - Vado]

[Verse 3 - Vado:]
Julius Earving whip her: I'm a 6er
Rucker Park mixer, with the rock I fix ya
Ball at Bar Mitzvahs, miss is off the Richter
Ricky Ricardo laugh at ya
Get your chicks up
Chips up, I got a full house
Ferrari, Porsche, I leave chicks
With a full mouth. Ouch
Cage open: who let the bull out?
I'm good out, violence and drugs
I'm what the hood about

Vado got a vision that's so raw
Say no more. Rewind: he remind me of me in '04
Maybe it's our habitat, maddest clap
Rat-tat-tat, I had to trap, imagine that
Lenox Ave graduate in fact
And if you seen me in the Louis
With the crew blowing Oowee
Right hand should salute me
Look here, you Sam Bowie
Scram, Scoobie
Tan Gucci, play your part
Scary Movie

[Hook - Vado]

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