Calvin Harris - Flashback Lyrics

I'm coming round and now my vision is so clear
If I could change my state of mind, then I would disappear
The love I get from you is something I can't chance
And I could let you slip away, without a second glance

Why can't I realize I'm fighting for my life?
Woaaaah, Woaaaah!
Why can't I realize I'm fighting for my life?
Woaaaah, Woaaaah!

This is like a flashback
This is like a dream
This is like all the things you can fit inside a memory [x2]

This is like a flashback
This is like a flashback

Why can't I realize I'm fighting for my life?
Woaaaah, Woaaaah!
Why can't I realize I'm fighting for my life?
Woaaaah, Woaaaah!

This is like a flashback
This is like a dream
This is like all the things you can fit inside a memory [x2]

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Calvin Harris Flashback Comments
  1. Yasser Uber

    10 anos??? Wow

  2. Ali Khan

    2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥 giving a FLASHBACK of the decade

  3. Mateus Ribeiro

    Algum BR na escuta?🇧🇷2020

  4. Gavin Waterman

    Thailand 2011, nostalgia!

  5. Erendida De Paz

    Who’s listening to this on the first day of 2020 ? 🥳🥳🤩

  6. DNSK

    I love this track.

  7. Leser Van Set


  8. Paulina Morales

    December 2019 ❤🍸

  9. camaranduleo TV

    2020 quien?

  10. Margarita Delgado

    Omg. Nostalgia

  11. Luis García

    Dec 2019 ♥️

  12. Margarita Delgado

    College song. ❤

  13. Alek

    Omg college song.

  14. LGNIKTINA Sad ➊

    Brazil 2020

  15. cc and more

    best of CH, definitely.

  16. Dead Ball Situation

    This comment is the most recent flashback on here right now

  17. Alyshea Allen

    Still a tune

  18. Lee Parker

    "This is like s flashback.
    This is like a Dream.
    This IS like all the things
    You can FIT INSIDE A MEMORY..."

  19. Lee Parker

    Na Zare..."At Dawn."

  20. Narendra

    9 years ago and still one of the great song of calvin

  21. Free Thought

    Back when Calvin Harris was living in London.

  22. Mukesh Solanki

    Here after exactly 9 years this is like a flash back

  23. Renwes 1

    This is Flashback ❤️

  24. Dielmy Gart

    Ooh guys I love this song
    Like! If you are listening this beautiful song!

  25. Shawn Lilo

    10 years ago since I first saw this song😢🙌🏽

  26. Lenin Ramirez

    alguien sabe como se llama la canción original ???????

  27. Alan Colin

    I don't like this song. ever

  28. Franklin Alexander Aponte Cosme

    este es su tema insignia para mi ya que esta canción nunca ha pasado de moda

  29. anto aguirre jarpa

    Best song of ch

  30. Elsker takk

    Memories ❤

  31. Taylor Robinson

    Beautiful, faithful... and wise ;)

  32. Andrea Aguilar

    nostalgia mode on

  33. Mulisa Museri

    It's 2019 and I still love this song 😍😍🎶


    Old is gold and will never faid

  34. Ciaran L1998

    Calvin harris went to shit after 2014 imo

  35. Horsman Wed

    Бля ну делали ж раньше музыку ъъъъъъъ

  36. Kumar

    that baseline can't be topped

  37. Rommel Carrillo

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Calvin harris🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  38. Davi Over

    Pqp, me arrepiei . Puta nostalgia

  39. wayne evans

    Love the music but the video reminds me of Proverbs 7.24-27

  40. goloface

    I wish songs were more like this now

  41. Ricky Gervacio


  42. Fanny Mifthahul

    I was 12 years old when I first heard this song. Tetep enak

  43. jose severini

    15 de noviembre del 2019 y en cualquier fecha de cualquier año q la coloquen va a seguir siendo una de las mejores músicas

  44. Benjamin Hancock

    Sorry for not hearing this sooner Calvin, can't believe this is 2010, damn!

  45. thesloveniaboy123

    It seems like it was yesterday I first heard this song and then I realize it has passed almost 10 years... fuck! time passes so fast...

  46. Raul Vega

    Alguien sabe el nombre de la modelo principal? La que entra a la pista de baile

  47. Edward Lewis

    best calvin song easily

  48. Francisco Ayala

    I love this song so much but it makes me sad at the same time 😭💔💔 so many memories come to my head when I listen to this, nostalgic forsure 🥺🥺🥺

  49. Will Wisdom

    old school!

  50. Edgardo Gregorini

    Ibiza nostalgia. La respuesta electro-house a "Being Boring" de Pet Shop Boys en lo conceptual. Cuando el material de CH aún no estaba corrompido por la producción de las discográficas

  51. Brahms Lime

    This is actually better than recent EDM ...

  52. Keben Lawrence

    LMFAO- We Came Here Yo Party!

  53. Bryan Vega


  54. Scott Llewellyn

    So many memory’s while listening to this song, literary a flashback

  55. Deep Exploration


  56. John Decker

    This was playing when I was in high school 👍

  57. Angel Gambino

    I want him to remaster this song with enhanced beat like he did with im not alone

  58. Lincoln Pazmiño

    Pensaba que era el único
    Que Recuerdos vayan época!

  59. Tawfeq Elhozayel

    Its been like 11 years it's a flashback

  60. Maria Fernanda Laurente

    baby Calvin

  61. Peter Truong


  62. Faceless Beanie

    2010 was one helluva year. Good times.

  63. Eliahnis Lewis

    I’m in Tampa Florida born and raised Haines city fl tho - anyhow who’s trynna go to the club with me 7276434774

  64. SoUnD ZeRo

    Calvin the shit boa

  65. Shelling Vega

    Calvin Harris eres un Dj prodigio pero tu voz no cae para nada :" v
    saludos desde Perú.

  66. donna hookem

    Make it stop !

  67. Hudebiya Sanam

    This is like a flashback
    This is like a dream
    This is like all the things u could fit inside a memory

  68. Andre Alvarez

    me in 2013:jeez why is this song called flashback out of all the names

    calvin harris in 2013:you'll see

    me right now: 🤯now it all makes sense

  69. oscar kumul

    Me hubiera gustado escuchar esta canción en su época, de las mas infravaloradas se Calvin Harris

  70. Vnss Bn

    Si pudiera resumir toda mi vida en una sola canción, siempre será esta.

  71. Chey Barnfather

    09' bro I was so stoned then at 17. I can't believe I got full time job now. No smoke lol

  72. Esteban Casco

    Cuando hacias buenas canciones con tu voz :( sentimiento de nostalgia...

  73. Marco Valdés rojas

    Temazo nunca la olvide!!!

  74. Ivan Recha

    apesar de ser antigua apenas la descubri y ahora no dejo de escucharla !!!!

  75. Penguin :D


  76. EggSimulator

    i wish it was 2010 again...

  77. victor camaño

    Septiembre 2019 ??

  78. Estela Maciel

    Mi amor Calvin Harris nunca voy a superar esta musica

  79. Paloma Lobaton


  80. PauLu moTa

    2019. 👏🏼👏🏼

  81. Rudy Barrios

    I love how Calvin Harris follows Ayah Marar throughout the video

  82. Gabriel Rangel


  83. Silvio Odilon

    Da hora


    We Miss Old Calvin Harris.. ❤️❤️❤️

  85. Luis Pedro

    Who in sept 2019 ?

  86. marco tomeo

    Eivissa ♥️

  87. david sandwich

    i’m going through hard stuff rn and here i am listening to make me feel better, anyways i’m hoping for the best. have a good day everyone

  88. Dr Phot

    2010 til enternity!

  89. Rolando Mota

    Que buen rollon sep 2019

  90. WhereAmI22

    September 2019!

  91. donna hookem

    It's hard!

  92. Carrie Allison Tejol Larson

    Ride or die ❤

  93. Carrie Allison Tejol Larson

    I loved you since Music Choice House Music showed me who you were. 😍

  94. Joseph Daval


  95. CalvinHarrisVEVO

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